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Taral Wayne
Gold Skunk (colour by Ezalias)
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
See note below picture

Taral Wayne - Gold Skunk (colour by Ezalias)

Note by Leem: Posted on Taral’s Furaffinity site as “Silence”,
and on his Deviantart site under the current title.

Taral writes:
Ezalias has not enough to do, apparently, but it is our gain that he had coloured
these drawings of mine. The gold was particularly well done. And I couldn’t agree more.

Ezalias describes his technique in the following terms:
Most of what I've colored lately uses a tool specifically for pictures like this. Red & green gradients get replaced with pixels from an image of a sphere. I can fiddle with the shape alone, then apply shading or shine at the very end. When it works, it's fantastic, and when it doesn't, it hurts.

Later adding: My talents are mostly code and stubbornness. Coming at this problem sideways was easier than dissecting why gold looks like gold - that's why most of the jewelry I've colored looks less shiny than some of your [Taral’s] black-on-white inks. The upside is, if you've got a metal ball and a room to photograph it in, I can put one of your statues there.

The figure is based on Stop Motion.
A mirrored nude version of this pose was the basis for Stone Angel.

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