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Taral Wayne
Hobby Horse
Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below image
Taral Wayne - Hobby Horse
Note by Leem: Nothing he can do but keep on rocking... Originally posted in the Scraps section of Taral’s Furaffinity site, with an adult content rating for the depiction of wooden genitalia. Taral comments on that page:

Never promise a little witche a toy unless you really mean it. If you forget... she may have her toy anyway.

It’s just a quick sketch, actually. I was waiting for something or other to happen on the computer and grew impatient. Since I can’t hurry up the computer, I doodled instead. A few minues on Photoshop tweaked it enough for presentation.

The toy TF sounds like just the kind of thing a certain Sorceress is fond of...
except that she’d have turned the guy into a rocking mare.

And I could quibble about the title... strictly speaking a hobby-horse is a wooden horse’s head on a pole, sometimes with a wheel at the other end, as opposed to the traditional rocking horse depicted here.

See also My Little Pony and Not by Choice for other guys in similar kinds of spots.

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