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Taral Wayne
Hot Casting
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Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Taral Wayne - Hot Casting
Note by Leem:
The sequel to
Casting Call.

The original version of this picture (smaller and with darker colouring) was posted on the Furry Perils Yahoo! Group, with Taral’s note: “Tonight is the night. She turns the key and slips in. There’s the sound of automated molds and hot pouring metal. What will the day shift find in the morning, when it breaks open the plaster block?”

I imagine this could be quite painful and probably not survivable, although her expression is one of cute surprise rather than fear or pain.

Then again, this is fantasy and you can draw your own conclusions. In the unlikely event that I was called upon to flesh out the story of this picture I’d base it on the assumption that she was somehow protected from heat and asphyxiation, and is still alive inside her metal shell.

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