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Taral Wayne
Kensington Gardens Statue
Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below image
Taral Wayne - Kensington Gardens Statue
Note by Leem: When Taral first sent me this picture of a female but androgynous character I commented that her colouring looked more like chocolate than bronze. Mmm... chocolate... Taral replied, “You were right -- I gave up a little too early on the Kensington Gardens piece, and it looks more like chocolate. How’s this? I decided it needed not only to be more darkly patinated, but that the highlights would be yellowish.”

About the picture in general, Taral notes:

Why Kensington Gardens? Well, there’s a famous bronze statue of Peter Pan there, in England. But there’s also a lesser known copy of it here in a small park in Toronto, that I saw so long ago I think I was just a kid. While this statue is neither Peter nor Tinkerbell, it grew out of the influence of both, and might be thought of as a fictional character who is both or neither.

Taral also sent me the photo of the Peter Pan statue in Toronto, while I found the link to the more familiar copy in London. Apparently there are lots of other copies around the world if you know where to look for them. The sculptor was George Frampton.


Taral sent me this along with Job Security. “You”ll work out the relationship between these pretty quick, I predict... : )”, he tells me (yep), “But one was actually drawn a couple of years ago, and the other adapted only recently.”

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