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Taral Wayne
King Midas’ Other Daughter
Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Taral Wayne - King Midas' Other Daughter
Note by Leem: Taral sent me this picture in two sizes. I’ve posted the smaller version on this page so it’ll load quicker, but if the text is a bit hard to make out at this resolution don’t fret. The 500k full-size version is just a click away.

Also posted on the Scraps section of Taral’s FurAffinity site (login to view Mature Content), with a fairly substantial note:

This is a fairly old piece, done around 2000 I think, quickly coloured. Rather than leave it as it is, I wrote the mini-story to the right. It’s a little longer than most of these “stories” but not long enough, really, to do it justice.

As for Aurelia’s age... I dunno. She’s that mythical age that’s young as you’d like, but old enough to avoid trouble. About 20 minutes over the legal age, whatever that is, wherever you are, and mature enough to have boobies. What that age is, *you* decide.

As for where Aurelia ended up, it’s hard to say. King Midas (who might have been a real king in Phrygia) would have lived around 700 BC. So Aurelia got her wish around 2,700 years ago. That’s plenty of time to end up minted as several tens of thousands of little gold coins. (Which is what usually happens to gold knick knacks like this -- the barbarians will invade and think the epitome of female beauty is a ring in her nose, filed teeth, or tatooed buttocks, but in any case see no particular reason not to melt civilization’s treasures down into bullion.) But I like to think that after standing in the royal garden a few decades, then being being lost for some centuries, she finally turned up in an obscure museum somewhere... in Budapest maybe, St. Petersburg, or Istanbul... and likely to be posing for the tourist’s cameras for another 2,700 years at least. It’s probably better if she has no awareness of any of this.

I can’t help wondering, if this were possible in real life, if anyone (male or female) would really choose to be immortalised as a statue. I suspect that there would be a few who would make that choice.

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