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Pleasure Trap
by Leem

Unsolicited Putdown

This is a story I originally posted on several Yahoo Clubs and Message Boards. The challenge I set myself was to make the story less than a thousand words long, but when I checked again I realised I was just over. I also had to make the narrative a bit choppy to keep the length down. I’ve now revised it slightly so that it’s exactly a thousand words.

The basic plot is similar [read: virtually identical] to Flotsam. (I don’t know why I keep writing stories about people who end up experiencing more ecstasy than they can stand, but it does seem to be a bit of an obsession with me.)

Composed using Word 2000 (then painstakingly converted back to vanilla HTML...thanks a bundle, Microsoft!), October 1999.

New logo added January 2002, then shrunk into the corner in February 2003.

Converted to CSS and revised to exactly 1,000 words in July 2004.

Amanda stared at the control panel. Two hours ago her skimmer had been drawn off course and landed on this uncharted planet, and now, despite the ship’s insistence that all systems were functioning normally she couldn’t take off again. Worse still, the hyperwave had also gone out, which meant she couldn’t tell anyone where she was or what had happened.

At least she had landed safely, and the planet was clearly inhabitable. In fact it was teeming with life. Flocks of brightly-coloured birds swept past, weaving through tall trees with silver trunks and lush blue foliage, while on the ground large grey herbivores crowned with impressive horned crests lumbered majestically past in herds of up to a hundred, trampling the blue and green foliage as they went.

It was almost like paradise.

This place would make a great tourist resort, she thought, Hey, I could make a fortune if I claimed real estate rights! That is, if only I could tell anybody about it. Guess I’ll have to check for external damage.

The computer told her the planet’s atmosphere was safe to breathe, but that didn’t prepare her for how clean and fresh the air tasted. It was exhilarating, even intoxicating. She felt like running naked through the forest.

In fact, why not?

She had already stripped when she became aware of a pair of eyes watching her.

She turned. The eyes were large, golden and slanted and set in a heart-shaped face. They belonged to a pretty little humanoid female, little more than 150 centimetres tall, naked except for fine brown and gold striped fur, who had emerged from the forest only a few metres from the ship. Wow, thought Amanda, she’s gorgeous! Wonder if she’s up for a little “inter-species diplomacy”?

As if in answer to Amanda’s thought, the little alien purred a greeting, stepped forward and placed a hand on Amanda’s breast. She was startled at first, but then realised it was probably a common greeting among the creature’s people, and returned it. “Hello,” she said, smiling.

In reply, the alien took Amanda by the hand and led her into the forest. Within minutes she found herself in a pleasant glade, carpeted with a soft mossy plant. It was looking very much as if the alien wanted....

Sure enough, the creature sat cross-legged upon the moss and gently pulled Amanda after it, then reached forward, kissed her and placed its tongue in her mouth.

Oh, boy, thought Amanda, and on our first date, too.

Embracing the alien, she began to caress its soft fur. The day was warm, and the two females moved languidly and unhurriedly in each other’s arms. Though they were from different worlds, there was one language they both understood perfectly.

When at last her orgasms had faded, Amanda lay back on the springy moss feeling calm and euphoric. The alien purred something at her, then gestured for her to wait before leaping up and running into the forest. A few minutes later she returned with a gift. It was an intricately-worked gold chain from which depended a glowing blue jewel. The glow was almost hypnotic....

Ohh, that’s a beautiful pendant, thought Amanda. I wonder where she got it?

Purring sweetly, the alien girl slipped the pendant over Amanda’s head. The jewel produced a warm tingling sensation between her breasts.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t,” said Amanda, reaching for the chain. “It’s far too beautiful - ”

But the alien gently restrained Amanda, kissed her once more and began to make love to her again. But this time something was different. Her sensations were becoming more intense. The tingling in her breasts was spreading to the rest of her body. She was becoming hypersensitized to the alien’s touch. Her pleasure increased until it was almost too intense to bear. And then she screamed as her body erupted into violent spasms of ecstasy, each more powerful than the last. “NOOOOOO,” she screamed, “IT’S TOO MUCH! IT’S TOO MUCH! I CAN’T STAND IT! MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE MAKE IT STOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!”

But nothing would make it stop. The alien girl, seemingly deaf to Amanda’s cries, continued to caress her convulsing body. Finally, when Amanda thought she would go mad from the intensity of her sensations, her orgasm faded, delivering her into the blessed arms of sleep.

Amanda dreamed.

The furred ones were dying out. For years their sex drive had been mysteriously fading. If they did not act soon their numbers would decline disastrously. But then, as if by a miracle, the first human ships ventured into the sector. The furred ones’ greatest scientists analysed the humans from afar and found they possessed huge quantities of sexual energy. All they had to do was find some way to harness that energy and they would be saved. And so they had devised a method of luring human ships to their planet, and of entrapping human beings using the blue crystals. Used properly, a single human could be kept alive to supply sexual energy for millions of years, and to date they had captured hundreds.

Amanda woke. No, she thought, it can’t be true. It was just a nightmare.

She reached for the gold chain.......

She tried to reach for the gold chain. Nothing happened.

She couldn’t move her arms.

She couldn’t move her legs.

She couldn’t move at all.

The blue crystal was paralysing her muscles.

Soon more furred hands were stroking her body.

This time there were two alien females at once, and more would follow, taking it in turns to sample her sexuality.

This time she came violently as soon as they touched her, and every few seconds after that. And this time she couldn’t resist. She couldn’t move a muscle. She couldn’t even scream.

As inhumanly powerful orgasms continued to lance through her helpless body, day and night, month after month, year after year, she could only console herself with the thought that it couldn’t go on forever. It couldn’t last forever. It couldn’t!

But it did.

Unsolicited Putdown

From Becky Gentry on 9 June 2004:

This is the dumbest thing I have ever read!

And it sounds like sex with animals is your "pleasure".

[My reply:]

Thanks for your opinion. And no, sex with animals is not my pleasure. Humanoid aliens maybe, but not animals.

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