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France" Smurfs in Stone - 2
Translated from the French by Taral Wayne. Taral’s notes on the dialogue:

I’ve taken a few small liberties with the script, to liven it up. For instance, I livened
up the speculations of the stone smurfs on the table. All they really thought was--
“This is awful, what’s [happened] to us!” “What are we going to [do]?”
“We can’t even shout out! Only think! Aaaugh! Azrael!”
Similarly, I made the potions Gargamel needed a bit more interesting.

Leem: Taral needn’t feel bad about embellishing the dialogue. I suspect the official translators may occasionally do the same - it’s certainly happened with other French-language works like Asterix.

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Smurfs in Stone 2
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