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The Story of the Film
by Leem

You’d think that after all this time I’d be bored with sex, but I guess it won’t let me. If any of us could get bored it would defeat the object of its programming. So for the millionth time I’m coming, and coming, and coming, long and hot and hard.

It’s every bit as sustained, as painfully intense, as exciting and as humiliating as the first time was... and the thousandth, and the hundred-thousandth were... and the ten-millionth and the hundred-millionth and the hundred-billionth will be.

Before I can count to twenty the stimulation begins again, and I find myself hoping and praying that whoever designed this trap also fell victim to it themselves. I can think of no more fitting punishment for them.

Some time beforehand...

The colonial government said the old ruins were off-limits. “Nothing to see there,” the spokespeople told us. “Just a few rock formations. Nothing very interesting unless you happen to be planetary geologists, which apparently you’re not.”

Rock formations my arse, I thought. I’d seen them with my own eyes as the shuttle approached the town. They were buildings. I might not have been a geologist, or an anthropologist for that matter, but they looked as if they were thousands of years old.

And the human colony on this planet was only established nineteen years ago.

Those ruins were proof that the planet was once inhabited, and the government was suppressing the knowledge. I didn’t know why but I intended to find out.

With my background in security it wasn’t hard to sneak out of the colony one night, offering a prayer of gratitude to the homeworld government for not issuing the latest forcefield technology to “mere” colonies.

Between the city and the ruins were several kilocubits of sparse woodland. I was wearing thick clothing that would offer some protection against thorns, and I wasn’t too worried about the local fauna. There were no large predators, although some of the small ones might give me a pretty vicious bite if I were to startle them.

I was quite surprised at how easy it was. I’d have expected the government to erect more obstacles along the way, or post guards, or at least place a few holocameras between the town and the ruins, but my scanner didn’t detect anything. Unless the government really did have more advanced equipment that I didn’t know about, they were either being unusually lax or placing excessive faith in public obedience. Which in my case was completely misplaced.

By morning, having avoided any serious bites or scratches, I reached the edge of the woods and stood at the base of the hill on which the ruins stood. From a distance they could certainly have been mistaken for rock formations, but to the trained eye they were too regular to be anything but man-made. Or rather, I supposed, alien- made.

I approached the ruins warily. There was a small possibility that they might be guarded by alien weaponry, though it didn’t seem likely that any weapons would still be working after several millennia. It was more likely that animals might be using the ruins for shelter.

Once I reached the nearest ruin it was obvious that it was artificial. The wall was perfectly straight, and appeared to have been constructed from rectangular stone blocks. The local equivalent of moss was growing profusely in the cracks. Some of the mossy growths were coated with a sticky, transparent substance that might have been some kind of insect webbing, or possibly plant spores or pollen. A little of it stuck to my glove as I reached forward to inspect it, but I paid it no mind.

Further along there was a doorway, wide enough for two men. A few small animals scampered away as I entered, but nothing tried to bite me.

I found myself in a large enclosed space. There was no roof, but the walls had survived to a height of ten to twelve cubits. Outside the walls were featureless and grey, but inside...

The images on the interior walls reminded me of some ancient holos I’d seen of a temple on a long-abandoned planet.

The walls were covered with paintings of nude humanoid figures. The detail of the images was exquisite, and the colours were astonishingly vivid despite millennia of exposure to the elements.

The humanoid figures were depicted having sex in every imaginable position and combination, including quite a few that I hadn’t imagined up until then.

If you were generous you might call it a sex education manual, but I suspected it was just the local flavour of pornography. If you define pornography as something that’s sexually arousing, it was certainly working for me. Dear God, if only my partners had been half as flexible as that...

Did the pictures have anything to do with the cover-up, though? I could imagine why the government might want to censor them, but surely that alone could not possibly justify suppressing the knowledge that the planet was once home to an alien civilisation.

I couldn’t help wondering what had happened to the original inhabitants. Had there been a war? If so there didn’t seem to be any lasting radiation or biological hazards. Maybe it was some sort of ecological disaster, but there was no sign of that today. Would a few thousand years be long enough to wipe out all signs of an ecollapse of that magnitude? I suspected that it wouldn’t.

For a while I was distracted from such thoughts by the painted orgy that passed before my eyes as I moved along the inner wall. As well as being aroused by the images I felt a deep sense of regret at not being able to meet the race that had painted and posed for them. If they were this similar to humans, both physically and sexually, then surely we could have lived and worked and played together. We humans just arrived a few thousand years too late, a mere millionth of the age of the universe.

It was a curious sensation, being horny and maudlin at the same time, but as I continued to stare at the pictures, I soon forgot about being maudlin.

I was painfully aroused, and if I didn’t do something about it soon I was going to go mad. After all, it wasn’t as if there was anybody around to see me... was it?

A quick, almost surreptitious glance, at my security scanner told me there were no hidden cameras anywhere nearby, and no humans either beside myself. Unless the government had some really sensitive satellites orbiting overhead, nobody was going to see.

So I put down the scanner and reached for my glove... and saw something that momentarily distracted me from my erotic preoccupation.

The glove had a very prominent hole in one finger that hadn’t been there when I set out. How had that happened? The glove was made of flexible but very tough material. Anything that could have torn a hole in it would have slashed my finger as well, and I certainly would have felt that.

Taking the glove off, I inspected my hand. It was perfectly fine, no cuts or grazes at all, but there was something there... something shiny, clinging to one of my fingers.

It looked like the filmy webbing that had been clinging to the moss outside. But how had it got onto my hand? I hadn’t touched the moss with my bare hand, only the glove...

And the glove now had a hole in it, and the position of the hole precisely matched the position of the film that was now sticking to my finger.

Had the webbing somehow burnt through the glove to get to my hand? No, that was a crazy idea. To do that, it would have had to have been so powerfully corrosive that it would have burnt my finger off as well.

But then I felt a cool draft on my leg and saw that there was also a hole in my trousers. And then I found other holes in my sleeves, the back of my jacket, even the soles of my boots...

And every piece of skin that was exposed by one of the holes had a piece of film clinging to it.

No, it wasn’t acid. I was beginning to realise that it was something far more subtle, and potentially far more dangerous. I hadn’t noticed it, but the film must have been on the trees and the grass as well as the moss. Walking through the forest and up the hill, I couldn’t have avoided coming into contact with it.

I tugged at the film on my finger, but it wouldn’t come away. It seemed to be stuck tight. It had wrapped itself completely around the finger, and even as I watched it began spreading across my hand like a second skin.

It was as if it were alive. And even as it grew, so did the holes in my clothing.

Of course. If it was alive, it would need to feed...

By now it had spread across my entire hand and was slowly creeping up my wrist. It felt like a very thin plastic glove, or even a condom, and the skin beneath it was tingling in a not unpleasant way. The same thing was happening to my arms and back. Sooner or later the patches of film were going to join up and cover my entire body, and then what?

If it was going to eat me it would have started digesting me already. Besides, its appetite only seemed to run to clothes, judging by the rate at which my own were disappearing.

No, it wasn’t alive in an organic sense. It didn’t need to eat to survive, only to obtain raw material. I was beginning to understand. It was programmed, directed, as if it were some kind of machine.

Whatever it was programmed to do, I was convinced it wasn’t going to kill me. More likely it was going to change me, transform me, and I wasn’t going to have any say in the matter.

I had asked myself if the aliens had been wiped out by war or disaster. Suppose the clinging film was some kind of weapon, or an experiment gone wrong?

If it had got loose from a laboratory and taken over the entire population before anyone could stop it, then their civilisation would have ended overnight. And since then it had just lain in wait for the day when another intelligent civilisation would discover the planet...

That would explain a lot. The only thing I didn’t understand was, what was it going to do to me?

I wouldn’t have long to find out. I was naked now except for a few lingering scraps of cloth. The film covered me from my toes to my neck, like a full-body condom, causing my skin to tingle pleasantly all over.

I wished I’d brought a phone in case of emergencies. There was no way to tell anyone where I was and what was happening to me. Unless...

I remembered that the scanner had a built-in emergency beacon. But when I looked for it on the ground I couldn’t see it. The film must have dissolved it for raw material as well as my clothes.

The film had dissolved all my body hair, leaving me smooth as a doll. I found the idea so arousing that I could no longer resist masturbating furiously. The film was so thin it didn’t much impede my sense of touch, and the tingling felt so sensuous...

The film crawled up my neck and over my face. I had a moment of panic as it covered my mouth and nose, but it quickly uncovered my nostrils again leaving me free to breathe.

Then the film covered my eyes, moulding itself precisely to the shape of my corneas. I could see through it perfectly well, in fact my vision seemed even sharper than before, if that were possible.

I felt a small weight lifting from my head as my hair dissolved. I was stark naked, bald, coated in what looked like plastic, and half way to orgasm.

Belatedly I wondered if I could make it back to civilisation before anything else happened to me. Attempting to walk (while still masturbating), I immediately discovered that the answer was no. Looking down, I saw that the soles of my feet were attached to what looked like a rectangular pedestal formed from the transparent film. Try as I might I couldn’t pull them free, and the more I tried the less my leg muscles responded.

At the same time the tingling sensation was changing, becoming even more ecstatic. It began to feel as if hands were stroking me from head to foot. Male hands, female hands... feeling similar to human hands, but subtly different in shape and texture...

My own hands wouldn’t obey me any more. My arms fell to my sides, my legs and back straightened, and I lost all power over my muscles.

The film wasn’t just coating my body any more. Part of it was now inside me, controlling me. I couldn’t move any more. I couldn’t even twitch.

Somehow I knew with absolute, irrefutable certainty that I was never, ever, going to move again of my own free will. I was a plastic doll, a statue, a mannequin, on a plastic pedestal.

I was helpless. I was going to remain helpless forever.

And the more I thought about my helplessness... the hornier I got.

I couldn’t masturbate any more, but that didn’t matter because the film was doing it for me, squeezing and stroking my shaft, sliding my foreskin back and forth, running invisible fingers across my naked balls, while I got hornier and hornier and couldn’t move and got hornier still...

It seemed to last for hours, while I couldn’t do anything except stare at the erotic paintings. And then, finally... I came.

Oh, dear God, I came.

Unless you are also a prisoner of the film you can not begin to imagine the wild, blissful, exhilarating, terrifying, helpless, overpowering eruption of sexual energy that I experienced, that first day of my new life. It was too much, far too much, and yet I couldn’t get enough of it.

I came.

Finally the release arrived, bursting out of me in an endless series of white-hot eruptions. I did not spill my seed upon the ground. My semen was instantly absorbed by the film and transformed into more raw material for itself.

Once I finally finished coming I felt peaceful and euphoric. I was able to think clearly for the moment.

I had solved the mystery of what happened to the planet’s original inhabitants, even if I couldn’t tell anyone. I didn’t know whether the film had originally been designed for this purpose, nor whether its deployment had been deliberate or accidental. All I knew was that somehow the original population had been exposed to it and become trapped in the same kind of sexual bondage that I was now under.

It was a bizarre thought. An entire civilisation, millions or even billions of people, suddenly finding themselves naked and paralysed, incapable of doing anything but come, and come, and come, for the rest of their lives.

And now it was my turn. My penis stayed erect, and after a little while the invisible fingers began working on it again. Only this time there was something else as well.

The film was doing something to my mouth. First I felt my lips being gently eased apart, and then something slid inside, slowly lengthening and thickening until it felt like...

Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding, I thought. But it wasn’t.

The plastic penis spent some time slowly caressing my tongue. It was hot and heavy, and it tasted like some exotic alien fruit. And then, without warning, it suddenly got even bigger and began furiously thrusting halfway down my throat.

Fortunately I didn’t seem to have a gag reflex any more. Of course not - my mouth was no longer for eating with. As far as the film was concerned it was just a sexual orifice.

The film continued to rape my throat until eventually I felt a sudden surge of pleasure building just below my Adam’s apple. I vaguely remembered reading about a nerve in the throat that could be stimulated pleasurably, but I never realised it could be this intense. It was as if my throat and upper chest were having an orgasm of their own.

A moment later I had a real orgasm as well, and the sensations combined to produce an even more intense and ecstatic experience than before.

If this was how the aliens’ civilisation ended, then what a way to go...!

While the film had been using my body there was nothing I could do but stare with my newly-enhanced vision at the erotic paintings on the walls. Because of all my erotic distractions, it took me a little while to realise that I wasn’t staring at the same images that were in front of me when I was originally frozen. Slowly but surely, the pedestal on which I stood was moving. Where was it taking me?

I didn’t have much time to speculate before my erotic distractions began again. The invisible fingers began hugging my chest tightly, while others squeezed and tugged at my erection almost painfully. Meanwhile the dildo in my mouth reshaped itself into a tongue and gently teased my own. I wasn’t able to tease it back, even if I wanted to, because I couldn’t so much as move my tongue any more. Down below I could feel the film shaping another part of itself into a long, thick rod, and there was nothing I could do to prevent it ramming into my arse, blissfully and agonisingly, over and over and over again.

The afternoon passed in a daze of orgasms. The moving pedestal carried me past the wall (bye-bye, alien porn) down the hill and into another part of the sparse forest.

A bit later I heard a faint humming, and a flitter hove into view. Apparently someone had finally noticed I was missing and decided to come looking for me.

The flitter approached to within abut thirty cubits and then stopped, hovering five cubits above the ground and keeping pace with my slowly-moving pedestal. There were a couple of military types on board, and they were studying me through zoom goggles. I’d have been horribly embarrassed to be seen in this condition, if I hadn’t been too busy coming.

As my orgasm finished I could hear the military guys talking. They were inside the cockpit and the engines were humming loudly, but I could still hear them perfectly. It seemed that my hearing had been enhanced as well as my vision.

“Looks like we’ve found him, sir. Just like the others.”

Others? I thought. I’m not the first? Or even the second? And they covered up their disappearances as well.

...Which I guess means these guys aren’t a rescue mission.

My erection throbbed as the anal dildo began gently buffeting my prostate.

“Good Lord, look at the size of that thing,” said the officer. “Are they all like that?”

“The men, yes, sir. As for the women - well, obviously we couldn’t make a close inspection of their genitalia, but it’s reasonable to assume...”

“Quite. And there’s absolutely no voluntary response to external stimuli?”

“No, sir. Total paralysis, just like this poor bastard.”

“Incredible. What kind of warped mind could come up with such a fiendish nanoweapon?”

“Well, sir, I suppose having fifty orgasms a day might be some kind of compensation for being permanently locked in.”

“I suppose that depends on their state of mind. No way we can tell what any of them are really thinking or feeling. Anyway, there’s nothing we can do for any of them now. This is way beyond our medical science. We can’t even euthanise the poor beggars - projectiles and lasers can’t seem to penetrate that outer film.”

“We could try high explosives, I suppose.”

“Out of the question. Far too messy, and anyway even if it did work it would probably spread the nanos over a wider area.”

He took one last look at me through the goggles - I could feel myself becoming aroused by his attention - then shook his head and lowered them.

“I tell you one thing, sergeant - it’s certainly not the kind of immortality I’d choose for myself, permanent hard-on or no permanent hard-on.”

“I... suppose you’re right sir,” said the sergeant. Something in his voice told me he wasn’t quite sure, though.

“Well, there’s nothing more to see here,” said the officer. “Nothing for us to do but step up security on the perimeter fence and try to find better ways to discourage amateur explorers.”

The flitter turned and began moving away, but I could still hear their voices until it was almost invisible in the distance.

“But will that be enough, sir? I heard rumours that the stuff is spreading toward the colony, and sooner or later...”

“Don’t pay attention to rumours, sergeant,” insisted the officer. “We can’t afford to create a panic, not when the next batch of colony ships is about to arrive. The government’s going to have enough on its plate with another quarter-million citizens to govern. There’s no point alarming them with idle gossip as well.”

“But sir, the Science Bureau’s report - shouldn’t we at least delay the...”

And then they were gone. Meanwhile the film was buggering me furiously with its infinitely flexible and expandable dildo, while at the same time making me feel as if an invisible mouth was licking and sucking on my erection.

A few days later the moving pedestal carried me into a denser patch of woodland, where the ground would be hidden from overhead view by the dense canopy, and a little further in, standing in endless rows between the trees... were people. A forest of humanoid beings, all naked and bald and coated in shiny film like me. There were hundreds of them, thousands... for all I knew there could be millions, reaching back for countless thousands of cubits.

As the pedestal propelled itself forward I could see that several of the nearest figures were human. They must have been the ones the troopers in the flitter had been talking about, the ones who disappeared before me. The rest I recognised from the paintings I had seen at the ruins. They were the planet’s original inhabitants.

They had disappeared thousands of years ago... and they were still alive.

The pedestal slowed as it approached the line, then turned around and slotted into place at the end of the front row. I would have said hello to my new neighbours if I could.

The notion of an entire civilisation being trapped in sexual bondage had been incredible in itself, but I could never have imagined this.

They were immortal. They were doomed to remain in this state forever... and so was I.

As the realisation consumed me my body exploded into orgasm once more, and now that my film had joined up with all the others through their pedestals I could feel a million other orgasms exploding through a million other bodies simultaneously.

Our government can’t stop this, I realised. It’s impossible. Even the people who invented it couldn’t put the genie back in the bottle.

And that meant only one thing.

Very soon we would be saying hello to a quarter of a million new paralysed neighbours.

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