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Jaskri and the Maiden
(the Definitve Edition) 
by Gil Lamont

The Casque of Lamont T. Yado,
by Victor Milan

by Margaret St.CLair
On Display  (updated) Pleasure Trap  
F L O T S A M [male remix v2] The Sculptor's Model
F L O T S A M (version 3) Jaskri's Child Teacher's Pet
The Chosen Ketrin 1 Terrorvision: One of a Kind  (transcript) 
Jaskri's Vacation in the Park The Boy who Stood Still Ketrin 2
Endymion Flotsam: The Beginning Ketrin 3
Graces Jaskri: Silent Witness - The Arrival Flotsam: General Paralysis
MIST in Stone Jaskri and the Flotsam Sondra and Veyy
The Here and Now Flotsam: The New Goddess Ketrin - Part Four
Ketrin - Part Five The Enchanted Grove The Singer
Suspended The Shepherd The Treasure of the Ancients
Gillian in Bronze Cendriller Shalvi
Valley of the Domes Soulsnight Chola and Seki (Parts 1 and 2)
The Fountain Horny Goddess
Flora and Fauna The Encounter One Perfect Moment
The Agency Niche Occupation
(from Pygmalion Syndrome)
Interlude in Bronze (new)
The Last Rose (new) Museum Peace (new)  
Barbara Stevens Graybeal The Goddess Who Dreamed of Pomegranates
Ms. Plastic 
Wonderful Games
Mikhail Koshenko 
Second Chance 
M. Dinorben Griffith 
Heavyworld Gina's Long Second
Merged with MRC  
Gilda the Golden Genie The Touch: Lyssa
The Offer
Corporate Takeover 
The Games We Play
Captain Blood 
Jaye Stregyr 
The Secret Studio 
Part Time Work 
Lenny 5 
Here’s one for the ladies (sort of)
I Stand Alone 
Sex Doll Sex Doll 1 (revised)
Dr. Robo 
"The Ladies' Man" "The Ladies' Man" Part2  "DTA: Don't Trust Anyone" 
Student-Teacher Relationship Never Talk to Strangers Transformation of a Superheroine
Hotel Robotica The Robot Teacher  
Soft Dragons 
The First day of the rest of my life....
Clearing House
The Commute Gorgon Golf, part 2 Immortality for Julia
The Valerian Invasion 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Epilogue (Aug'00) The Imp's Day Out
(with ArgoForg, Cobalt Jade, JMD)
The Peace Within
The Trial
(submitted to Magnus69's Challenge)
Mannequin Fun 1, 2 (& refreshed from Medusa Realm stories archive) The Hidden Masterpiece - Chapter 1
Sharon's Touch (with JMD)
(crossposted from BEA addventure)
Wicked Tongue   The Hidden Masterpiece -- Maid For Punishment: script previous
Robotic wish. Girlfriend
Charlie's Second-Hand Angel
Pushing Candy's Buttons Amy, The PerfectGirl
Sour Candy  The Magi and The Harem
How LuckyCan You Get?
Crystal Jo 
Rachel's Birthday
Mr. Freeze 
The Vial
Viewpoint - Part 2
Silvergirl by the Sea
New Bank Security Howie Meets his Robot Governess What Happens when Boys play with Dolls...
Sara - Schoolgirl Secrets Sara - Female Sex Robot Sara II - Sexual Mechanics
Sara - New Year's Eve
ROBOT SLAVE - Ep. 1 Julie's Gifts
Mr. T 
The Board Game
Anson Mezenberg 
The Rock Garden
Various Authors (shared) 
The Golden Paradise  
Boxed-In (ch.1)  Boxed-Out (ch.2)  Broken Box (ch.3) 
Paul G. Jutras 
Teddy 'Bot Wind-Up Robin A Christmas Wish
Turnabout Mannequin pt.1 Turnabout Mannequin pt.2 Turnabout Mannequin pt.3,4
Biker Babe Satan's Cheerleaders Porcelain Nails
Missy The Curse The Curse 2
House Across the Lake Toy Soldier Working Stiff
Mannequins from Mars Paul and the Yellow-Eyed Monster Adventures of American-man:  Dreamworld
Mannequins from Mars 2 Jenny's Last Day If the Shoe Fits 1
It's a Doll's Life for Me LivingMannequin.Com Trophy Wife (Apr'00)
Miss Southern Belle Office Mannequin Made for Love
Honey, I'm a Robot Satan's Hands Mannequins in Love
The Grass is Greener Sister, Sister
Eternal Sleep Martian Dolls SRU: Sheer Slavery pt.2
Comic Strip Replacement Mannequin Jungle Hunt
Play the Hand Dealt to 'Ya Paul's Bikini Beach 9-Month Mannequin
Spells R' US Tales of Terror 1 A True Living Mannequin
Paul the Slave Girl Friday the 14th #1 The Woman Makes the Clothes
Friday The 14th #2- A New Transformation Spells R'US 2: Spells Again Tales of Terror 2(updated)
If the Shoe Fits 2(updated) The Bottle and the Wish Mannequins from Mars 3
If the Shoe Fits 3
(with Heather St.C)  (jul'00)
Spells 'R US 3 If the Shoe Fits 4  (with Heather St.C)
Modeled to Perfection (with Heather St.Claire) Mine! Replacement Mannequin 2
Tales of Terror 3 Spells 'R Us 4: Time for Change The Image
Replacement Mannequin 3 (with Heather St.Claire) Mannequins from Mars 4 Dust on the Mind 1
Spells R' Us 5: More Slavery Entranced (with H. St.Claire) Dust on the Mind 3 
New Girl on the Block Ghost School Dust on the Mind 2
A Day at the Beach Sensational Swimwear 1 Sensational Swimwear 2
Dust on the Mind 4 Dust on the Mind 5 Sensational Swimwear 3
Sensational Swimwear 4 Sensational Swimwear 5 Sensational Swimwear 6
Tales of Terror 4 Wind-up Robin 2
House Across the Lake 3 Spells 'R Us - Dolly Dearest Sensational Swimwear 7
Sensational Swimwear 10 Sensational Swimwear 11 Sensational Swimwear 12
A Day at the Beach 3 Tales of Terror 5 Pokemon Adventures
The Making of Paula Replacement Mannequin 4 Tales of Terror 6
Tales of Terror 7 Tales of Terror 8 Tales of Terror 9
Replacment Mannequin 5 Witch Season Where No Man Has Gone...
A New Body Off the Rack From Wearing to Worn New Body Gallery
The Shreader - Off the Rack 2 From Wearing to Worn 2 New Body Gallery 2
TG Calendar 2002 The Clinic 2
Body Gallery - Next Generation 1 Beach Toy Pool Toy 2
New Body Gallery 4 Body Gallery - Next Generation 2 From Wearing to Worn 3
Free Sample SRU: Secretary's Day A TS Fantasy
Mannequins from Mars 5 Feel Like a Natural Woman The Piper
Wind-up Robin 3 House Across the Lake 4 Dolls
An Exchange Student Galaxy Champion 3
Little Again The Good Witch Free 15-Minute Makeover - pt 5
Still Life 2a Mannequins from Mars 6 Unhappy Halloween
Another Type of Makeover An Exchange Student 2 Galaxy Champion 4
Upgrade SRU: Bodystocking The Great Shift
Roberta's Christmas Wish Mannequins from Mars 7 Best Man: Sensational Swimwear
Robin's Last Stand Business Date The Nutcracker's Princess
Mannequins from Mars 8 New Year Maiden Mannequins from Mars 9
Valentine Surprise Easter Mannequins on Mars 1 Twisted Terror
Comic List Comic List 2 Harem Mannequin
New Fantasy Be All the Pokemon You Can Be New Years Dolls
Harem Mannequin 2 Casino Dolls SRU: Beauty Wash 2
The New Start Harem Mannequin - 3 The New Fantasy 2
New Year's Dolls 2 Late Letter to Santa New Year's Dolls 3
The Babysitter A Day for a Knight The New Fantasy 3
  Scott's Wishes Scott's Wishes 2 Timeless Beauty
  Timeless Beauty 2 Sabrina's Christmas Stocking The New Girlfriend
  Voodoo Who Do Graduation Day Nylon Goddess
  Liking Privacy Over Cooperative Living   A New Pair No Longer the Oldest
  Wrong Part Of Town Play the Hand Dealt to 'Ya
( with Magnus & Dmuk)
Replacement Mannequin 3 [mashup]
(with Heather St.Claire) (illustrated by Anthony Burns)
  Replacement Mannequin 7 [mashup]
(illustrated by Anthony Burns)
The Ultimate Lovedoll
The Double-Cross
Platinum Edition The Abduction of Emma Peel
bob  (RVASFR)
Fem Fantastique vs. Dreamweaver - Part 1&2 Fem Fantastique vs. Dreamweaver - Part 3 Fem Fantastique vs. Dreamweaver - Part 4
  Eternal Luster 1 - Apprenticeship
(with Monyca Meiyers)
Eternal Luster 2 - Reservations
(with Monyca Meiyers)
Eternal Luster 3 - The Embrace
(with Monyca Meiyers)
  RV-The Return Eternal Luster - Episode 0 (origin)
(with Monyca Meiyers)
Richard E. Geis 
The Key to Love
Contest Story 1 Pamela's Last Pose The Smiling Statue
The Professor 1 The Professor 2
Faceless 001 
Fantastic Voyage 1 Fantastic Voyage 2 Fantastic Voyage 3
Fantastic Voyage 4 Fantastic Voyage 5 Fantastic Voyage 6
Fantastic Voyage 7 Fantastic Voyage 8 Fantastic Voyage 9
Fantastic Voyage 10 Fantastic Voyage 11 - The Carbon Man FV 12: The Carbon Man - The Grab
The Carbon Man - Disarm (13) The Carbon Man - Here Come the Cavalry (14)  
The Precious Touch 1 (updated) The Precious Touch 2 The Precious Touch 3
The Precious Touch 4 The Precious Touch 5
The Precious Touch 6
Precious Touch 7 Precious Touch 8 Precious Touch 9
Precious Touch 10 Precious Touch 11
William F. Nolan 
The Joy of Living
My Life as a Robot
Silent Lurker 
Aquaphobia The Cheerleader
The Magic Spell Teaching Aide
Jack & Monica  
Philip K. Dick 
A Present for Pat
Warewolf at Large 
Brad Poe 
Free Spirit Forever and Always (updated) A Narrative Script: Woman to Plastic Doll (hypnotic induction)
  Glossed Over - 1    
Reality Wars 1 Reality Wars 2
Donuts 13 
Debra Reflects on Herself Christine, Part 1
Tannen Scheer 
Swamp Shoot 1 Swamp Shoot 2 Swamp Shoot 3
Swamp Shoot 4 Swamp Shoot 5 Swamp Shoot 6
Lola's Last Run Perfect Capture... Perfect Fit The Devil is in the Detailing
The Devil is in the Detailing 2 The Devil is in the Detailing 3  
Darren Bloomquist, 
Mike Raleigh 
Kidnapping of Princess Brianna
Someone Like You 
A Different Kind of Model
Evil  Magic World 1 Don't Shoplift From a Sorceress Evil Magic World 2
Evil Magic World 3 Evil Magic World 4
V. Du'Arden 
Mistress Mannequin New Girl - The Awakening Pleasure Android Love Dolls - Acquisition &  Transformation
A Mannequin's Life - New Beginnings  (updated) (Jun'00) A Mannequin's Life - The Transformation A Mannequin's Life - Unexpected Acquisitions
Pocket Pussy Disturbing Visions 2 The Dolly Dildo
Shannon's Touch #1 - The Gift  (updated) Magic Shield
Shannon's Touch #2  (updated)
The Night Life of Gods - lost scene Shannon's Touch #3: The Thief The Dangers of 'Toon-World
Tales of the Wand 1~5
(with Alexandria)
Pool Toy  Scenes: Mira Nova
Tales of the Wand 6 - I'm Not Lisa (with Alexandria) The Imp's Day Out
(with ArgoForg, Cobalt Jade, Panic)
The Ring
Tales of the Wand 7
(with Alexandria)
The Inspector Just Imagine
Football God Redecorating The Inventor's New Invention
Tales of the Wand 8 (with Alexandria) 'Til Midnight Tales of the Wand 9
(with Alexandria)
The Assistants - Halloween Showdown The Assistants - Party Toons The Assistants - Manipulated
Tales Of The Wand 10 
(with Alexandria)
The Assistants - Handle WithOUT Care! Sharon's Touch
(with Panic)

(crossposted from BEA addventure)
Tales of the Wand 11 - Treat-or-Tricking The Assistants - To the Winner... The Assistants - Hide 'n Seek

Shannon's Touch 4 - The Auction

Heather St. Claire 
The Accident Wish Fulfillment Ashley
The New Marilyn Going Out With a Bang The Quest
The Kiss If the Shoe Fits 3
(with Paul Jutras)  (jul'00)
Turnabout Trip The Choice His First Time
The Plastic Prison If the Shoe Fits 4  (with Paul Jutras) For The Love of Money  (with Magnus)
Modeled to Perfection (with Paul Jutras) Christina Transformed Spells R' Us: Filling a Vacancy
Replacement Mannequin 3 (with Paul Jutras) Entranced (with Paul Jutras) Disturbing Visions 1(with Magnus) (sep'00)
The Hardening (with Magnus)
Good things come to those who ? (with Magnus) Freedom from Choice
Deactivation All Good Things Come to an End (with Magnus) Can I Get A Witness?
(submitted to Magnus69's Challenge)
Replacement Mannequin 3 [mashup]
(with Paul Jutras)
(illustrated by an Anonymous Artist)
Lone Eagle 
A Waxed Batgirl
The Rubber Milkmaid
Lisa Pavageau 
Freedom The Hiding Game
Valkyrie Warrior (updated)
The Secret The Secret, Pt.2 Blind Date
  True Lies 1  True Lies 2 The Bridesmaid
Adventures of JulieBot 1, 2 The Robotification of Wonder Woman The Adventures of JulieBot III
Trace Venom 
Tales of the Mile High Club  
A Dish Best Served Cold
Matt Tell 
Bikini Dolls 1 Curiosity Keeled the Cat
Do Humans Dream of Electronic People?
Lisa's New Job Lisa's New Job 2
Sprit of Chaos 
Opposites Attract
K {2} 
Robot Master
Captain Zammo 
Wonder Woman; The Living Doll
Sandrah Leary 
The 15-minute Makeover
Another 15-minute Makeover
  Free 15-min Makeover 3 
(with Disman) 
Skills Upgrade
(stories removed at author's request)    
(aka The Unknown) 
Robot Conversion (updated) Tales of the Machine 1, 2, 3
Bork's 1
  Chris the Fembot  
Gynoid Master 
(stories removed at author's request)
Sabalom Glitz 
Your Deepest Fantasy
The Magician's Revenge
Male On Display
Dragon in Fine Print
Fortunate Inheritance 1
(edited by Dmuk) (Apr'01)
Living Statues - Pawn of the State 1 (w/ Dmuk)  Fortunate Inheritance 2
(edited by Dmuk)
  Living Statues: Pawns of the State 2a (edited by Dmuk) Fortunate Inheritance 3
(edited by Dmuk)
Living Statues: Pawns of the State 2b, 2c (with Dmuk)
  Living Statues: Pawns of the State - 3 (edited by Dmuk) Fortunate Inheritance 4
(edited by Dmuk)
Living Statues - Natalie Volunteers (edited by Dmuk)
  Fortunate Inheritance 5
(edited by Dmuk)
The Giftmaker Living Statues: Pawns of the State - 4 (edited by Dmuk)
  Living Statues - Art Scene (w/ dmuk) Living Statues - A Special Freeze
(w/ dmuk)
Living Statues - Pawns of the State 5a (w/ dmuk)
  Living Statues - Pawns of the State 5b (w/ dmuk)  Magical Mall Mannequins - 1 Ready & Waiting (a beginning)
  Cosplaying Mannequins
(edited by dmuk)
LS: Art Scene Two - Private Showing
(edited by dmuk)
An Ideal Job
(edited by dmuk)
Xena & The Gorgon
Mad Mechacow
Tales of Syntech  
Dolly in Stocks
Freezeray 2001
Fantasy (combat)
She Was Beautiful Wait a While
Bubbilicious Roomies The Long Weekend
  Wicked Witch Barbie A Little Head  
Heinrich Brueckmann
Corporate Espionage The Hustler Three Pawns
  The Ersatz Cadet One More Fare The Real Deal
  Over Some Drinks Smell Bridges Burning (the Intern)  
  Future Contemporary Cultural Hit-Man Herb Somethings - 1, 2 Eudoxia
  Dienst #1 - Trojan Horse Standard Of Deviation (previously 'Very True') Tinted Windows (revised)
  Glory's Opposite Open and Shut Case (aka 'Evidence')
Theodoric of York
FELICITY The Franchise, part 1
(from the Medusa Chronicles)
(with Alex the Great, Cobalt Jade, Zang Long)
Beneath 2 - Cat's Cradle
  No Need for a Doll Maker No Need for a Companion The Black Lady Redecorates - prolog (1), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (updated)
  Girl Stools (illustrated) The Demon Blade  
Eric Thonius

The Final Frontier 1

The Final Frontier 2
The Final Frontier 3
  The Grocery Store Star Wars: Hope Lost  
Prabal Nandy
The Story of a Man  
Bartleby the Riveter  
(stories removed at author's request; they are now available at  
Alex the Great
The Franchise, part 1
(from the Medusa Chronicles)
(with Cobalt Jade, Theodoric of York, Zang Long)
Zang Long

The Franchise, part 1
(from the Medusa Chronicles)
(withAlex the Great, Cobalt Jade, Theodoric of York)

The Franchise 2 (from the Medusa Chronicles) (with chaos, Eldritch, Zang Long)
Taryn Alynn
Getaway Clockwork Summer CYBERSAGA: The Cheerleader
  My Sister The Robot Katie Lane, Unplugged Only the Lonely
  Beyond The Century
(story removed by request)

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