Incredible Impromptu Mannequins - Houston Texas; Part 3

by Zapped! (with Dmuk)

   The following tale was mostly inspired by the “Incredible Impromptu Mannequins” story that was created by Dmuk… This story might be considered an individual account that may take place in an eventual series some day…(I hope!)  I also want to publicly thank Dmuk for his contributions to this story, as well as fine-tuning it into what you see here!    

   This story arc would have taken place sometime after the original Incredible Impromptu Mannequins story, which you may want to review, along with Part 1 and Part 2 of the Houston event.
Refer to this Character List to help keep all the players straight.

   * Note: There is one particular scene, where a night watchman passes by a display window. That scene was directly inspired by “Windows” which was a porn movie that involved living mannequins . . .  


   Darren Le Braun had been hard at work most of the morning keeping ‘Janine’s Intimate Apparel ’ as well as its sister store, ‘The Bikini Shack’, running smoothly. The lingerie store hadn’t been officially open more than fifteen minutes when two unsuspecting shoppers had first been ensnared by the hypnotist’s induction CD. Within minutes, the two women had been slyly entranced by the drone of the stranger’s gentle voice, and soon found themselves unwitting participants in Le Braun’s ‘Incredible Volunteer Mannequin Show’ . . . Each had stepped up onto the stage and stopped moving soon afterward, as the subtle voice instructed the medical ladies on how easy and pleasant it was to become a mannequin.

   It wasn’t long after this acquisition, that a curious crowd had gathered outside the new lingerie shop.  Perhaps it was the extremely attractive and life-like mannequins, now modeling pieces of fine lingerie from the store’s collection, which drew the shopper’s attention. But Darren knew it was his suggestive words and swirling colored lights that surely kept the curious shoppers there. The store had undeniably managed to keep a steady clientele flowing throughout the day, as more living mannequins ‘volunteered’ and were put on display in the two stores. . .

   The Houston area had certainly proven to be a location that was rich with beautiful women, both young and old, and who came from varying backgrounds as well. Darren’s future aspirations would certainly rely on the abilities of these beautiful women to be able to pose as the lifelike mannequins that they truly were . . . Mr. Le Braun would know no bounds when it came down to the preventive measures that needed to be taken to keep them posed that way, as well as keeping his business associates under control . . .


The Back Room

   There was a storage area in the back of ‘Janine’s Intimate Apparel’ that connected to a small office, and a door that led to loading ramp behind the store. There was also an entranceway that led directly to the backrooms of the ‘Bikini Shack’ next door. This was crucial, as it provided a way for the living mannequins that Darren Le Braun had acquired throughout the day to be moved between the two stores.

   It was also in this same back room that Janine prepared the mannequin models: undressing and then redressing them; providing any accessories; styling their hair; and then adding make-up as needed. Ms. Dickinson went about performing her tasks unsmilingly; her eyes wide and glassy, as her directions continued to seep into her mind through her sleek headphones . . .

   One of the most recent mannequin models was the young lady that Janine was preparing right now. Her name was Chrystal, and she was undoubtedly a worthy acquisition . . .

   Chrystal stood slack; there was a puzzled sense of confusion showing on her beautiful face. Her eyes stared blindly through her preparer, as if seemingly focused on the barren, panel-covered walls beyond. The spark that once illuminated those eyes was almost gone now, leaving behind a dull emptiness. In her captivated mind, Darren’s mesmerizing words continued on in an endless loop, spinning over and over, keeping the girl in her frozen state indefinitely.   His entrancement had convinced her she was nothing more than a motionless mannequin and that is how she remained.

   Ms. Dickinson was now lifting up Chrystal’s t-shirt and exposing the breasts that were neatly snuggled within her red push-up bra. As the businesswoman pulled the shirt up over the girl’s head and shoulders, her halo of static-filled, platinum blonde hair fell back down over her shoulders and chest.  A moment later, Chrystal’s bra and panties would be lying in a pile with the rest of her clothes. The immobilized female now stood naked from head to toe: her limbs long and slim; her tanned body flush with excitement; both breasts sat high on her chest and had small pink areolas surrounding her imploded nipples.

. . . Only those that knew Chrystal well realized how young she was. To a passing stranger, the girl looked to be full-grown; at least in her early twenties or more. With the combination of her ripe body; long blonde hair; innocent face; and big blue eyes, the high school senior had become a staggering natural beauty; a power that she was probably still unaware of.    . . . Somehow that contrast made her all the more desirable!

   Before long, Ms. Dickinson had Chrystal redressed and all primped up for her debut on the shop floor . . .

* * * * * *

Inspecting the Goods

   It had taken awhile, but Darren Le Braun had finally managed to get a break from the action at the storefront. As the man made his way to the back of the store, he occasionally glanced at the various “impromptu mannequins” that he had managed to acquire thus far. The hypnotist smiled in satisfaction with his collection, however; the day wasn’t quite over yet . . .

   Darren opens the door and pokes his head inside the entranceway of the makeshift dressing room, just to check in on Janine’s progress with his new models.

   The Tamara mannequin had already been finished and was out on the floor. Chrystal had recently been dressed and was ready to go out in the store as well. Donna Szalinski was back here too; still attired in her street clothes and patiently awaiting her makeover. Darren chooses to address the younger of the two makeshift models first . . .

   “Ah yes; the other addition to my new ‘junior sleepwear’ department!” exclaims the hypnotist, before looking over the results . . .

   She was young; undoubtedly in her late teens, with tanned skin and fine long hair so blonde, that it almost looked white. Her eyebrows were just barely visible, meaning other areas of her body were just as blonde as well. Darren’s gaze was instantly drawn down over her trim young figure; taking in her relaxed posture, her faultless complexion, and her deeply dimpled bottom. The hypnotist was absolutely amazed to see her in just a skimpy pair of pink, low-rise, hip-hugger briefs, (which instantly brought back images of Fairlene in similar attire!) . . . Up on top was a matching pink sleep-cami, with spaghetti straps and a shelf-style bralette, which clung to her small breasts very nicely.

   Darren picks up a small purse from a nearby table, and sorts through it looking for some identification. When the man finally locates the girl’s driving license, he begins to crack a smile . . . The hypnotist then walks back to where his model stood.

   Le Braun stares into the female’s eyes; looking at his own face reflecting back from within them. The two orbs were still luminous and perfect, but concealed an emptiness. “Chrystal,” he said out loud . . . The name suited her perfectly, with her clear blue eyes and the long platinum hair.  

   “Chrystal,” the man repeated, (only louder this time).  “Listen only to the sound of my voice.”

. . . The young girl stood before the man with a dumbfounded expression and remained just as still as ever.

   Darren had been running his hand through the young girl’s hair.    . . . Silky hair; that was so soft, so thick, and yet so fine. Le Braun lovingly adjusted her side-swept bangs at first, but then allowed his possessive hand to drop down and touch her face . . . The teen’s skin was smooth and flawless; denoting that of a girl who had spent countless hours just exfoliating her face to get it that way. Even while standing here motionless, the girl still appeared to be vivacious and exuberant.    . . . Chrystal undoubtedly represented youth; fresh and pure.

   The hypnotist thought Chrystal looked so at peace in her eyes opened, yet sleep-like state. The man glanced down, again admiring the way she looked in her sleepwear; the way her toned tummy peaked out from beneath her shirt.

. . . It was time.

   “Chrystal, you can hear me perfectly.  You may reply to me, while remaining peacefully still.” asked the hypnotist, now looking back into the deep recesses of her eyes . . .

   The girl slowly replies, “Yes.” . . . It was definitely Chrystal’s voice, but it sounded hollow and emotionless.

   Darren reveals, “It’s time to put you into an even deeper trance . . . A trance that I’m sure you’ll find quite comfortable and possibly even pleasurable.”

. . . Chrystal stood soundless. The girl didn’t respond because she wasn’t asked to.

   Darren began manipulating the girl into a simple hands-on-the-hips pose. As the man manipulated each arm into their desired position, he would instruct, “I want you to picture your arms and hands now frozen in place, turning into molded fiberglass; you can’t move your upper limbs at all, Chrystal.”

. . . The girl felt a tingling sensation that started at her shoulders and then traveled down through her arms. The same sensation found its way into the girl’s fingers and tightened them in place as well.

   The hypnotist then grabbed the girl’s smoothly shaven legs and braced them two feet or so apart, away from each other. Le Braun repeated the same hardening directions as before, and Chrystal’s legs soon were frozen stiffly in place. When he finally moved on to her head, Darren moved it around in several different positions, before tilting it downward and a little bit off to the side. Taking great care, the man finally manipulated her dumbfounded expression into a joyous smile. This final detail showcased her brilliant white teeth and added just the right touch!  She looked gorgeous in that elegant stance.

   Darren starts, “Now that you’ve been posed as a perfect mannequin, I want you to become one; the first step is to breathe through your nose, Chrystal.” The stranger then brought his hand lightly over her heart. He could feel it beating very quickly, along with the rise and fall of her full chest. “Breathe through the nose honey, I know you can do it,” encourages the man,  “Slowly and deeply...”

. . . The girl’s breathing soon slowed to a near stand-still.

   “You are now beginning to feel what it’s like to be a statue,” explains Le Braun. “A statue-like mannequin, that is . . . A life-size mannequin whose only purpose is to display fine lingerie in this very store.”

   There was an erotic wisp of thought within Chrystal’s mind, as the stranger’s words passed from synapse to synapse, finally confirming themselves somewhere in the very core of her brain. She felt as though there were some underlying meaning . . . some type of psychic communication between them. It was quite different than the precise and immediate calculation the senior needed at school, but a welcome change all the same . . .    

  “Now picture yourself paused in time with your eyes open and your mind switching off,” whispers the hypnotist, before assuring, “You are simply shutting yourself down for a much needed rest . . . enjoying the serene silence, and allowing time to stretch out. Take this time to enjoy the numbing sensation, while nestled up within the comfort of your shell.”

   Nestled within the comfort of my shell . . . Yes I believe I’d like that, reflects the young woman.    . . . The picture that Chrystal had in her mind was so intense, that she felt her nipples harden with excitement. (Even the muscles in her abdomen tightened in response!) The teenager had suddenly felt another kind of tension in her body . . . A certain tension that wasn’t entirely unfamiliar; yet had never been released by a total stranger! At no point could the girl ever recall the feeling being this intense either! As Chrystal’s mind sunk ever deeper into peaceful oblivion, her slick pussy continued to throb with gratification.  Within a few pleasurable seconds, it too would finally slow into its own frozen state!

   Darren stood there watching the girl for a moment. She looked so beautiful at rest with her eyes remaining open. The man lets a stray finger trace the outline of her cheek, before whispering, “You are quite beautiful Chrystal Cook; not just a delicate flower, but a beautiful one that’s in full bloom . . .”

   Le Braun then turns to his assistant, who had been patiently standing nearby. “Ms. Dickinson, I believe this beautiful angel is ready for display.”

   Janine replies with a monotone, “Yes Master.”

  A moment later, the “mannequinized” teenager was carried back out on the handcart to the sales floor to take her place among her equally still colleagues . . .

* * * * * *

   The back room of the store that Darren had been standing in was obviously used for storage: various cardboard boxes lined the shelves on the walls, while others lay in piles on the floor. There was even an entire rack of overstock items that hung near one wall. The man shuffled drearily past the accumulation, until he reached a coffee maker on a countertop at the back of the room. Le Braun fiddled around with the percolator, until the aroma of freshly brewed coffee eventually started to fill the room . . .

   Darren makes an “Mmm-mmm” sound a few minutes later, before he picks up the can of coffee to see the brand . . .“Master’s choice . . . But of course!”. . . The hypnotist chuckles at the irony, before approaching one of his other acquisitions, an older female who now stands stiffly and silently in the center of the room. As Darren looks the woman over, he slowly stirs the cream and sugar within his coffee, (the metal spoon jangles against the sides of his mug with each revolution) . . .

. . . Donna was wet. Soon it would be her turn.

   Le Braun sets his mug down momentarily and picks up a second purse, before searching through it for identification. The man eventually flips open a wallet to find a snapshot of Donna Szalinski’s smiling visage staring out at him . . . Forty!   . . . Holy smokes!

   Darren picks up his mug and begins slowly circling around the spellbound female, looking her up and down as he sips the coffee. The stranger briefly stops to feel the woman’s butt, before he praises, “I like the way you look in jeans, Donna . . . Your ass seems to fill them out just right!”

. . . The soccer mom of two, would surely thank the stranger for the compliment, if she only could recall how; mannequins cannot speak . . .

   Continuing his inspection, Darren lightly squeezes Donna’s breasts and is quite surprised at how overly firm they are!   . . . Hmm . . . Some augmentation going on there, he suspects.     . . . The hypnotist then announces as if she were to hear, “. . . I think you’ll do rather nicely.”

   Mrs. Szalinski was a real true beauty; she was one of those women that never seemed to age, and somehow managed to get even prettier with every passing year. (Even the forty-year-old’s body was as fit as a woman that was ten years younger!) . . . She had a very pretty face with perfect symmetry that featured: high European cheekbones; pouty lips; a button nose; and those striking light green, cat-like eyes. Donna’s hair had a casual style “bob cut” that was shorter in the back, and layered to the nape of her neck. The woman left the longer parts of her mane to hang down and frame her pretty face in the front. The ash-blonde hue of her locks was the exact same color as her daughter Aimee’s . . .

   Darren begins plucking the buttons open on Donna’s pink and collared JC Penny’s blouse and finds a genuine pearl necklace hidden beneath. (The woman remains at rest, with her head down-turned towards her left shoulder). The hypnotist admits, “I’m so glad that I told you to close your eyes and stay silent, my dear . . . you undoubtedly look so peaceful!”

. . . Le Braun undid the remaining buttons and spread the blouse apart. Donna was wearing an off-white colored bra that was so sheer that he could see her nipples right through it. The hypnotist peeled the shirt off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor, before his hands reached for the button of her blue jeans. When the stranger popped the button open and pulled the zipper down, the soccer mom didn’t even protest. Darren tugs at the Levi’s, eventually dragging them down to her ankles, but finds himself catching his breath; the woman was wearing sheer bikini briefs in the same transparent off-white color as her bra!

   Wow; it looks like mom still likes to feel sexy underneath her clothes, I can dig that! thought Le Braun with approval . . . Hmm; now how do I get those jeans off ?

   The man continues his work; casually lifting the still woman at the waist just high enough to clear the denim leg from each delicate foot, and then slides the jeans away. Getting anxious now, Darren stands her upright and encircles the woman’s shoulders with his own arms. The hypnotist’s practiced fingers find the catch on Donna’s bra and quickly unclasp it, before peeling the flimsy garment off and away from her body. As he does so, Mrs. Szalinski’s ‘36C’ sized breasts fall free from their confinement! The recently enhanced globes were in perfect proportion to one another, and sported a pair of silver dollar-sized nipples that stood rigid at each of their peaks!

   “Oh my Goodness! . . . Just take a look at these puppies!” whispers Darren. The man couldn’t help but reach forward to cup her breasts, (which were much more than a handful), and squeeze them within his sweaty palms!

. . . Somewhere in her sub-conscience, Donna Szalinski wanted to curse at herself. It was bad enough that she had allowed herself to be mesmerized by this man (who was now sliding his hands around her belly). But now she was allowing him to manipulate her sexually, and some part of her didn’t care! She vaguely recognized his hands spanning out over her recently enhanced breasts . . . Breasts that she had wanted and her husband willingly paid for with his hard-earned money!

             . . . Dammit; how could I let this happen!    . . . Then his index fingers began lazily tracing the outer parameters of my areolas, before dropping to skim along the bottom curve of each of my tits. The bastard repeatedly teased me like this for who knows how long and I felt every rotation in my nipples. I wanted to gasp out loud with pleasure and rub my hand in between my thighs, but somehow managed to have forgotten how! . . . I was unable to move and unable to think clearly . . . I had no concept of time at all. It was as if my mind was clouded, and my senses numbed. My lips were parted slightly and I knew there had been something I wanted to say, but I couldn’t remember what it was or even how to say it physically! . . . It was as if I was floating in some sort of stasis . . .

. . . After treating himself to Diane’s ample tits, the man admits, “Ya’ know; I don’t really mind augmented breasts, just as long as they look and feel natural. And those my dear, are absolutely divine!”

      Darren then gets down on one knee and slips his fingers into the waistband of Donna’s panties. The stranger then pulls the forty-year-old’s underwear down slowly and sensuously; fully revealing her neatly trimmed hedging. (The woman’s light blonde pubic hair was so fine and so sparse, that it made her pussy looked almost shaved!) . . . Once again, the man took great care to slide the panties beneath one foot and then the other, before looking up and stating, “You obviously take great pride in your personal hygiene, Mrs. Szalinski; I’m certainly glad to see that!” 

. . . Donna was standing before him with her arms by her sides, just as white and naked as a winter landscape. Le Braun kneeled there silently for a moment, just taking in the beauty of the woman that towered over him. Sure he’d seen more than his fair share of naked women, but a woman of this age, kept in this good a condition, was a rare sight indeed! As he looked up at her nakedness, Darren could already smell the sweet feminine aroma of her vagina!

. . . Ok Mrs. Szalinski, the hypnotist thinks to himself, let’s do a little ‘mind over body’ experiment that I sometimes like to play! . . .

   Darren began massaging Donna’s pubic area; working his way through the folds of her labia and slowly teasing it with the soft strokes of his fingers. Despite her frozen state, the woman’s body was quite responsive; by the time the stranger slipped the length of his middle finger through the entrance, her lips had parted like a budding rose and were already moist with desire. The hypnotist worked his finger up and down repeatedly to massage the inner walls of the forty-year-olds kitty, before sliding it back out.    . . . Le Braun then moved on to the nub of the woman’s clitoris; slowly rolling it between his fingertips; Donna unexpectedly jerked in pleasure just once, before her entranced body locked back into position!

   “Uh-uh-uh!” the hypnotist warned, “Mannequins don’t buck around in pleasure, my dear . . .You feel yourself becoming harder and more rigid with every desire to move…”

. . . Donna struggled with the commanded lethargy in her mind: her body was hot; burning up in flames; needing . . . The woman’s nerve endings felt like they were melting right through her skin.     . . . As much as her limited conscience wanted to deny it, Donna was accepting this stranger and what he was doing to her, both in mind and body!

. . . I clamped my hands around Donna’s thighs and lowered my head between her parted legs for the final test. I softly began kissing the outer banks of her vagina; eventually working my way down to the entrance. I dragged my tongue up and down her hot pussy lips; repeatedly tasting her sweet juices and knowing all-to-well that the gal was struggling with all her might to hold still!

   The stranger flicked at her swollen clit with his experienced tongue, rolling it around at first, before gently biting it. The hypnotist was not only surprised at Donna’s ability to control her movement and breathing, but quite frankly impressed! . . . But perhaps the man had thought too soon; a short moment later, Donna’s hips bucked against his face, as her body twitched with an orgasm! . . . The hypnotist’s face was now slickly coated with the woman’s sweet juices, as her crinkly hairs pressed harder into his face!

             . . . Oh God were those hands and lips intuitive; they knew exactly where to touch to do the most damage. In short, this guy Darren is a master at making a gal feel good . . . And I mean really good . . . all over! . . . Sensual is not an adequate word, but it will have to do for here . . . By the time this man was done with my body, I was convinced I couldn’t move – period!

   The woman could hear the man muttering about her body now; taking measurements with a tailor’s measuring tape. He soon reads out the dimensions: Height: 5' 6"; Weight looks to be about 125 lbs . . . Measurements: 34-26-36 Shoe size: 7..5 . . . A couple of minutes later, he returns to drape a nightgown over the front half of her still naked body.. Le Braun eyes over the preliminary fitting, before replying, “That should work pretty well for you my dear . . .”

   Darren hung the delicate nightgown on a nearby hook, and set the accessories at the forty-year-olds feet. The man went about doing some minor rearranging of the woman’s limbs, until he was satisfied with her final pose. The hypnotist then instructed; “Donna my dear; I’m going to count backwards from three. When I reach the end at zero you will find yourself completely transformed into a perfect mannequin and you will have no desire to move in the slightest way even when you are picked up; your entire body, head to toe, is totally stiffening as you hear the sound of my voice: Three; you are frozen in place, carved from stone, stiff as steel, timeless and serene: Two; your body cannot move as you feel only pleasure at being so still: One; Your mind is switching off as you are now becoming a perfect, beautiful, mannequin and cannot move in the slightest way as things around you seem to stop at: Zero!"

   Donna Szalinski now stood stock still, like a statue; frozen in place by the enchanting words that Darren Le Braun had just conveyed to her. For one of the very few times in her life, the outspoken mother of two couldn’t think of what to say . . . In fact; she didn’t want to say or do anything, other than wanting to remain perfectly still . . .

   “I like the way you listen,” Darren said, knowing the woman had stopped hearing him already.

 . . . It was sometime later that Janine Dickinson returned to redress her latest mannequin. Darren had “freshened up” and returned to the storefront, but had already set out the elegant attire that he wished to see the Donna Szalinski mannequin dressed in.

  Janine was happy to have so many beautiful mannequins for her shop, but her own trance prevented her from wondering where they had come from, or why the needed so much of her attention.  Time was passing, and she had important things to accomplish.

  The businesswoman had just completed redressing Mrs. Szalinski, when her headset picked up a signal. There was a crackle of static in the owner’s earpiece, followed by the soothing but firm tones of her Master’s voice:  “Janine – stop whatever you are doing as you cannot move a muscle.  Wait there for my direct instructions.”  In an instant she, too, was frozen as the post-hypnotic command took effect.  She stared into the equally blank eyes of her latest volunteer display figure.

  Some minutes later, Darren appeared along with the transport cart and Philip, who proceeded to load the completely stiff figure of Donna Szalinski onto the transport.  The hypnotist approached the frozen proprietor, who with her tall slim figure looked almost like the fashion mannequin she had been in her heyday.

  Stripping off her earpiece, Le Braun spoke directly to her.  “Janine, you look very exquisite standing there so still and elegant.  The day is turning into evening, so your role will be changing as well as you listen only to the sound of my voice.  You feel that you can stay motionless without any effort at all; being still brings you a wonderful sensation of timelessness as the years slip away.  Now you can see yourself modeling for Dior, Chanel, Galliano; all the great designers and photographers who love to take pictures of your face and body as you remain there immobilized, perfect.  Continue in that vision, as a gorgeous statue.” He pauses, checking to see that she is now another living mannequin.

  Carefully, Darren unbuttons her outer jacket and slips it over her posed arms, dropping the designer garment to the floor like a rag.  This is soon followed by her blouse, skirt, and satin slip, leaving Janine standing rigidly in her remaining lingerie consisting of a push-up bra, lace-trimmed panties, and matching garter belt.

   Le Braun pauses in recollection for a moment, before folding over the delicate waistband at the back of Janine’s panties. The hypnotist glances at the label inside, which reads:

        “You sexy little thing!”

                          By Janine  

. . . “Hmm; wearing your own merchandise I see!” . . . (The hypnotist pulls back the waistband for a quick second peak, before allowing it to snap back in place) . . . The man then complements, “I couldn’t think of a better form of advertisement myself!”

   Darren takes a few more moments to savor her still-impressive beauty while noting the telltale marks of cosmetic “remedies” she had performed over her long career.  “Janine, you do not disappoint; now you can impress your patrons as well.”  Deepening her trance with a series of commands, he assures himself she cannot move at all.

   Turning to Philip, he signals the hypnotized store worker, who lifts the frozen figure of his boss onto the cart and wheels the two silent figures out into the main shop area where they are placed to join the many other living mannequins and mesmerized shoppers who stand throughout the store as decorations and customers alike. 

   He spots Heidi, placed to one side of the front entrance, who stands rigidly in a pose of greeting with a smile frozen on her face.  She is dressed in a neck-to-toe bodysuit with a flowery pattern; the garment is so sheer that he recalls having her put on a skin-toned leotard beforehand to keep from showing too much. Darren smiles too as he watches the effects of his clever hypnotic instructions to the stiffened model; whenever no one is looking directly at her, Heidi changes her pose very gradually and slowly so that her movement is barely visible.  When anyone glances at her overtly or touches her figure, the living mannequin freezes instantly in that position for a minute or so before resuming her sluggish motion.   This was the first time he had tried that particular complicated suggestion and was happy at how well Heidi’s pose had turned out.  I might just have to try some ‘animated’ Christmas figures next, he thinks.

   Drifting over to the register, he sees that sales have remained quite good, despite the fact that many of the patrons have been turned into displays.

* * * * * *

 Closing Up Shop . . .

   It was well after 9 pm and most of the stores at the Riverhead Mall had already closed up for the night.   Hours ago, he had turned off the subliminal hypnosis tape; by now almost all of the customers and passersby who had become casual volunteer mannequins had awakened from their trances and drifted away.  Most had purchased at least one piece of lingerie; interestingly it seemed the longer they had stayed frozen at the store the more they bought.  The hypnotist wondered if planting a post-hypnotic suggestion so that the volunteers would want to continue their mannequin modeling at home would increase sales even more.   Something to think about later, he noted to himself.

   Darren Le Braun was just pulling the metal security gate down himself, at the front of Janine’s Intimate Apparel. It had been a long day at the lingerie store, and the hypnotist had been on his feet the entire time. (The guy also hadn’t managed to take an actual shower yet, and was far overdue!) The performer was clearly beat and ready to check into a motel room for a good hot shower.

   The mall gig had turned out to be a pretty good deal for the thirty-seven-year old enterprising hypnotist. Not only would Darren take a major chunk of the store’s earnings for the day with him, but he had also managed to help out a few “generously endowed” female customers with their bra fittings along the way! 

   But the biggest benefit from the day’s performance was discovering more possible prospects for his big upcoming hypnosis show at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum! As the resourceful entertainer made his way back through the shop, he couldn’t help but take one last look at his spoils . . .

The Walk Through

   To Darren’s immediate right was the coveted front display window of the store. Just inside the large pane window stood two living mannequins, one attired in a black and crimson colored bustier, and the other in a snow-white teddy. The first was a brunette by the name of ‘Anne, who was actually flown in from out of town for the grand opening by the stores owner. Originally intended as an attractive sales person, the lovely young lady had been given a much more static, though no less fetching, assignment.  The twenty-six-year-old remained dressed and posed as before; in a sexy leaning forward position, with both hands reaching down to adjust her hosiery within the clip of her garter strap. The striking pose had been quite a hit throughout the day, as onlookers reveled through the glass at the mannequin model’s staggering beauty!

   Standing just beside Anne was a rather statuesque blonde, who had replaced Heidi in the display after the opening. Darren recalls seeing the anonymous woman earlier that day, attired in a jogging suit and wearing headphones, (A mall walker perhaps?) . . . He also recalls seeing an elderly woman who, despite being mesmerized, kindly reminded the shapely blonde to remove her headphones to get the full effect of the voice! . . .The nice old lady then unexpectedly froze in place a short moment after and eventually went on to become the Mrs. Howell figure next door!

   At any rate, this woman was considerably built and undoubtedly beautiful, with stacked golden-blonde hair that hung down in small ringlets at the sides of her airbrushed-looking face. She wore a classic teddy that was pure white in color and featured all-over lace with contoured shaping. The leg holes were cut high on the hips, where lacy ruffles flared out at the waistline. The upper portion of the teddy was a halter design that tied behind the neck and had delicate ruffles flaring out around the chest opening as well. The thin garment bulged out in the front, giving the passerby a complimentary view of the model’s C-cup sized breasts!    . . . . To finish off the look, the blonde stood in a pair of white, 4-inch stilettos that forced her heels into a nearly impossible looking arch.

   The living mannequin stood with her hands clasped behind her back, and with one leg overlapping the other. She was posed with all of her weight on one spike-heeled foot, causing her to shift the angle of her hips, which therefore further accentuated the curves of her waist. Now women obviously didn’t stand like this much in normal everyday life, but the position was subtle enough to make this model’s figure look absolutely perfect on this occasion!

   Pairing up a blonde in virgin white, with a dark haired beauty in black – within the same window – was contrasting like ying and yang. It was a wonderful combination that turned out just as Darren Le Braun had thoroughly planned:

            . . . You see: visual merchandising is a carefully thought out art form, its sole purpose specifically to catch the eye of the curious shopper that’s passing by. If there’s one thing that was for certain; sex sells . . . And if sex sells, then what better way to advertise than by filling up your display window with beautiful women that are scantily clad in your product? . . .  In fact, here comes a perfect example right now! Check out this mall cop that’s just making the first of his nightly rounds. He couldn’t help but stop outside for a moment and admire the realistic mannequins in the front window. I can just tell by the look on his face that he sees something special about these mannequins now peering back at him from behind the sparkling glass . . . He can’t believe how they look so amazingly lifelike . . . and in all the right places too! . . . Just as long as he doesn’t end up sticking around for too awfully long . . .

   In the mall just outside the shop window, the security guard swings a flashlight around by its strap on his wrist (a trick that he surely does out of habit, after walking the same mall for fifteen years). The security guard smiles at the sexy lingerie mannequins and gives Darren an appreciative nod before slowly going off on his way..

   From inside the window, a somewhat nervous Le Braun mumbles, “That’s it, just move it along mister . . .” The hypnotist watches the security guard walk off into the distance, before addressing his two frozen window models. “I’ll be back for you girls in a little bit; you can stay still and beautiful for a while longer,” he says, before turning off the overhead lighting and closing the small drape at the back for privacy.

. . . The frozen pair fades into the darkness, with only each other to keep themselves silent company.

   He pauses for a moment to lean over to whisper in the ear of Heidi, his entranced ‘animated’ mannequin, and tells her simply, “Stop now; remain still.”  She complies immediately and shuts down.

   Walking towards a small rotating island in the middle of the store, Darren finds his next two acquisitions, which stand back to back while circling slowly around. One was a sexily attired traffic cop, while the other was dressed as a prohibition-era gangster! The hypnotist cracks an appreciative smile as the playful pair of living mannequins circle around before him . . .   

   After undergoing her miraculous transformation from an unsuspecting casual shopper to “Officer Frisky!” Tamara Owens was now attired in a tight, black, “zipper front” spandex romper, which hugged the generous curves of her brown-skinned body. Various crime-fighting items included: a gun belt; baton; walkie-talkie; and the mandatory set of handcuffs. With her peaked hat tipped off to the side and her mirrored “aviation-style” sunglasses in place, this sexy constabulary looks ready for active duty with the dream police!

. . . Darren shakes his head and begins to laugh immediately with Janine’s choice of attire for the model . . . (But he’s surely the only one in the room that found the outfit particularly humorous!)

   “Nice choice Ms. Dickinson . . . Very nice choice!” complements the hypnotist to no one in particular. There were several buttons left undone down the front of the clingy romper, and Darren was now admiring the way the outfit bulged out and separated in the middle with Tamara’s breasts. (The ample cleavage that was pressing out of the racy outfit certainly put a different spin on the term “getting busted!”) . . . Eying the insignia on her chest, the man finds himself questioning; . . . To Serve and Protect? Heh; . . . it’s more like to preserve and reflect!

. . . Cheesy connotations aside, there was no doubt in Darren’s mind that this was one over-the-top cop that could halt rush hour traffic during a routine traffic ticket! (The man then scans his vision downward as Miss Owens slowly rotates around, offering a passing glimpse of the incredibly tight, sculptured black moons of her lovely brown bottom!)

   The woman that rotated around from behind Tamara looked like a true 30’s era gangster, (with a few racy modifications of course!) . . . She wore a black and white pinstriped suit (without the pants), which was cinched at the waist and hung at mid-thigh. (The scandalously high hem of the jacket not only revealed a pair of long legs in garter-less stockings, but also raised the question of whether or not she was going commando!)

 . . . The white shirt beneath the suit was outrageously flared out at the collar, and was unbuttoned nearly halfway down, to reveal the gangster’s generous cleavage. On her dark, pinned-up hair sat a white banded, black fedora hat that was tipped down low over her brow. Janine had posed the woman with her one high-heeled shoe planted atop a pile of sack-like moneybags (complete with dollar sign logos!), while her other leg stood braced. The model had one hand clamped to her out-turned hip, while the other hand upheld an imitation Tommy gun at the ready. A big fat “prop” cigar hung from one edge of her mouth, in true “bad-girl” style.

   Although Darren couldn’t quite recall her name, (Sarah perhaps?), he was fairly certain that this sexy moll could give ole’ Bonnie Parker some serious competition! The guy steps away from the revolving display a moment later, leaving the pair of playful characters endlessly circling around each other in the background . . .

   Mr. Le Braun walks up to the first niche in the left wall of the lingerie store. Placed just inside of the recess was a low-lying platform where two sexily clad medical practitioners stood posed. His eyes glide over the older, much more qualified physician first; admiring the way the studio lighting reflected off of the rubbery white latex on the curves of the surgeon’s body. (The man also couldn’t help but stare at the two globes that were squished up against each other, and bulging out of the keyhole cutout design at the front of the restrictive costume!)    . . . Dr. Kim was a dark exotic beauty; whose olive skin, slanted brown eyes, and high cheekbones held an obvious look of the Orient. After all of these hours immobilized, the Asian was still holding up a raised stethoscope within her skilled hand and patiently examining her unseen patient!  Just beside her was Izzy, (a.k.a. Nurse Naughty), standing in her own mock nursing pose, with her thermometer raised in the air as if she were reading the temperature. This figure’s skimpy costume barely covered her ass cheeks and showed off her shapely, white-hose-clad legs nicely...   Izzy’s sunny blonde hair was pinned into a bun underneath the costume’s peaked nurse’s hat that had an oversized red cross plastered on the front.  Along with her equally mannequinized surgeon friend, this sexy nurse had arrived almost at the time the store opened for a quick look around and had succumbed early on to the mesmerizing voice.

   As Darren turns to move on to the next niche in the wall, there was no doubt in his mind that the pair of sexy nurses would have any patient begging for a little nurturing sponge bath!  He realized he couldn’t really take them away from their “day jobs” any longer and decided to leave them with a little gift instead.

   Now coming to another recess in the back corner of the store, Darren looks up to notice the sign above, which read “Junior Sleepwear”  . . . Standing there in the alcove among the printed tank tops, double-knit sleep shirts and fleece pajama bottoms were two seniors from nearby Crockett High. These two living mannequins embodied an energetic style and freshness; each was a blond-haired Texan beauty and both were resplendent in their youth!

   Chrystal Cook stood to the right; posed with her hands clamped to her hips. Her legs were braced two feet apart and there’s an obvious arch to the teenager’s back - making her firm ass stick out extra nicely. This young hottie was certainly the athletic “girl next door” type, as Darren had surmised earlier that day. Now glancing at her pink-colored low-rise briefs, the man could clearly see the effects of the countless hours the girl must have spent jogging, just by her toned legs and firm derriŹre. The pink sleep-cami Chrystal was wearing on top brought out the curves of her breasts just nicely, which were not too large and yet not too small for her lean body.

   Darren’s eyes scanned along the long lines of Chrystal’s legs, (which were browned with a golden tan), before they worked their way back up over the bare strip of tummy peeking out from beneath the teenager’s top. The hypnotist briefly recalls seeing the young girl for the first time from up on the stage, and the way she looked at her own mother who had already fallen into the web of Darren’s bewitching words. He begins to recollect the way the teenager looked when she too succumbed to his enticing spiel and how the girl soon stood slack beside her mom as the two of them stood hypnotized by the spell that had overtaken them.    . . . And yet, here she was; standing directly in front of him in all of her beauty, grace and tantalizing aura. Chrystal was pleasantly smiling with the softest glow about her, as her eyes gazed over at Aimee inquisitively. Her face was like that of an angel, and the man couldn’t help but observe her visage with undisguised admiration . . . He found himself proclaiming, “Oh what a fresh faced beauty you are, my dear!”

   Posed just across from Chrystal, was her good friend: Aimee Szalinski. Aimee had the highest grades out of everyone in their group, and was known for being the shy one. One would never know it though, as she stood proudly in a baby doll nightie, which was made of slippery red satin. The sexy garment featured: under-wired, push-up padded cups; ruffled shoulder straps; and a slightly sheer skirt that fanned out at the waist and ended at mid thigh. Scattered throughout the mesh skirting, were little stitched heart patterns that suggested a playful innocence that was simply irresistible. Beneath it, Aimee wore a vintage-style panty that was bright red in color and cutely layered with ruffles in both front and back.

  Aimee’s face was young and beautiful, (much like her neighbor’s), and had the softest of smiles upon it. Her complexion looked mild and smooth, because it was the skin of an eighteen-year-old girl; . . . one that had barely experienced life and the effects of growing older, (unlike her own mother). The teenager was cradling a stuffed animal within her thin and bare arms as her green eyes looked down to bask in the teddy bear’s cuteness. There was a peaceful glow of pure contentment held within her innocent facial expression!

   Darren gently stroked his scruffy cheek in thought. He couldn’t help but think that Aimee had this sweetness, almost a sense of vulnerability about her. She certainly wasn’t as physically developed; Aimee’s figure looked a lot more girl-ish and less woman-ish than the rest of the models, unlike Le Braun’s first thought, but yet she had a certain quality about her that shone through . . . It was a thirst for knowledge.

   The man leaned in and kissed the nape of Aimee’s neck. (The girl’s ash-blonde hair was still tied back into a simple, but perfect ponytail and it was fairly easy to do).. Darren then goes on to reveal, “Little do you know, my pet, how much I would like to ravish your body. But since you trust me not to, I can only continue to coax you along . . . I could easily take you to a place in life that you haven’t even dreamed of yet!”

   Darren places another kiss on Aimee’s cheek, before reaching down to lightly tap her on the butt. A moment later, the hypnotist leaves the girl standing in silent contemplation, as he crosses the store to look over the last of the alcoves . . .

   As Le Braun approached the final niche on the opposite wall of the store, two more mannequins greeted him with an underlying sense of affection. On the right, was Donna Szalinski, while posed to the left of the housewife stood Debbie Richardson.

   “Ah my little pretties, are we having fun yet?” asks the hypnotist in a rather sinister tone. The man then runs his hands lightly over the pair of curvaceous figures, casually gauging their firmness as he steps in between them).

   Donna Szalinski stood stock-still, while looking like a glamorous goddess! The woman was dressed in a revealing, gossamer-thin nightgown that was made of sensuous black satin and hung at mid-calf. The front of the gown was an open “V” design, featuring delicate tulle cups that were accented with sequined lace. The opened section of the gown revealed the center swells of her full breasts, while the sheerness of the cups exposed the bare skin and nipples of the two generous mounds!    . . . The back of the nightgown was a wide-open, plunging design that showed off Mrs. Szalinski’s bare back rather nicely. (The slippery material is so thin and clingy, that it also left a noticeable sink line running down between the woman’s curvy ass cheeks!)

   Donna’s ash-blond bobbed hair had been combed straight, with one side pulled subtly over her ear to show off her very pretty face. It was a face that featured: thin blonde eyebrows; the most seductive green eyes; and a pair of rounded cheeks that flowed into a softly molded chin. Mrs. S had these full lips that were painted metallic pink, which highlighted that ‘v’ in the middle of her upper lip that the most beautiful of actresses had. If her mouth were open, one would see a row of teeth so white, that they made the string of natural pearls around her neck look faded from age!

   Darren’s muse stands in a contemplative pose, with her head tilted down towards her upper shoulder, as if she were consumed in thought or reverie. Le Braun’s choice in the pose serves to reflect a secret longing within the housewife. (The choice was a wise one indeed, as the man had over heard a conversation between two onlookers who were debating; “Has this one just awoken from a pleasant dream, or is she yearning to awaken an erotic one of her own desire?”)

. . . Donna’s mid-step and tranquil posture held a certain grace and dignity too. Even the elegant detail of her delicately splayed hand, posed hanging in limbo at the rise of her chest, suggested a certain longing to be touched!   . . . The creation and presentation of Donna’s pose was certainly a highlight of Darren Le Braun’s experience in Houston, as well as his painstaking efforts as a window dresser!

   The hypnotist stood there for a moment; his studious eyes admiring the low-cut nightgown and how it clung to Donna’s magnificent body. The shadows on the satin fabric played over the woman’s every curve, further emphasizing her perfection. The man examined her bare shoulders and then follows the spaghetti straps to where they connect to the two lacy cups that molded themselves to the woman’s chest. Mrs. Szalinski’s engorged nipples are easily distinguishable through the thin, sheer material and one could have hung a wet towel on them for how erect they were!   . . . Darren cracks a knowing smile, just thinking about how those nipples must have tingled, when Janine slid the slippery gown over the woman’s sexually charged body!

   The hypnotist runs his finger tips over one of Donna’s nipples ever so gently, reveling in its pent-up arousal. Even now, after all of these hours, Darren could still make out the alluring scent of perfume that enveloped her body. (Perfumes can stir the senses like nothing else, but the man was fairly certain that the dripping erection within his slacks had nothing to do with any store-bought fragrance!)   . . . Darren sweeps the backs of his fingers along the soft curve of the soccer mom’s firm cheek, before brushing away an errant lock of hair in one last gesture of affection. “I don’t care if you’re forty or not Donna; you are certainly a beautiful goddess in my mind,” confirms her admirer, before turning to look at the dazzling brunette living mannequin beside her.

   To the left of the married woman, stood another one of Le Braun’s acquisitions. Debbie Richardson was a twenty-one-year-old who had been out shopping for some lingerie for an upcoming vacation with her fiancé on the Texas coastline. Now she stood half-naked and frozen in a stasis-like state, posed in front of a stranger that she didn’t even know!  

    Debbie’s plum-colored peek-a-boo nightie immediately caught Darren’s eye. The sheer mesh material revealed so much of the young woman’s bare silhouette that it first appeared as if she were wearing nothing at all! Delicate lace added alluring detail to the hemmed edging, while purple marabou feathers trimmed the upper cups of her generous bust. Down below, Deborah’s panties were sheer as well; giving anybody that cared to look a tantalizing glimpse of her neatly trimmed pubic hair!

   “You are so fucking hot!” Darren declares out loud, as he continues to look the engaged brunette over. “No wonder why your fiancé put that big ole’ rock on your finger, what horn-dog wouldn’t?”   . . . The man then straightens a twisted spaghetti strap out of habit, before stepping back to admire the way the rest of the dress floated over her tight and shapely body.    . . . It wasn’t long before Le Braun came to the realization; Now this girl, dressed in this nightie, would certainly be appropriate for my next trip to Vegas!

   Debbie stood posed with her left hand floating listlessly at her side. However, the right arm was bent at the elbow, allowing the other hand to hang over the woman’s hip, where its posed fingers gently brushed across her lower abdomen in a sensual manner!  (It was quite interesting how such a simple hand gesture could represent something so erotic, and it was no mistake that Le Braun had chosen to pose here that way!) . . . Although Deborah’s intense blue eyes looked rather vacant, they gazed upward to look out at the viewer with a sense of sexual craving, as her head titled off lazily to the side. The sexy brunette looked as if she were now floating in some sort of cloud, as if she were in a desperate quest for divine perfection. Her long chestnut hair was brushed off to the side and cascaded down her back. Her breasts swelled out in an exquisite manner, and with her rounded hips, formed a delightful hourglass figure.

   Le Braun was getting a sexual high just from taking in the figure’s statuesque body with his hungry eyes. He began running his eager hands all over Debbie’s beautiful breasts, which were so firm and upswept . . . The hypnotist plucked each spaghetti strap from the woman’s shoulders, then pulled her wispy nightie down, exposing her full breasts . . . The delicate garment fell away, revealing a pair of milky white domes that were capped with big puffy nipples. Darren’s hands cupped her tits, and his fingers began to tweak her pink buttons, which stood proudly erect!   . . . Darren knew from the very moment that he first spotted the brunette that she had a smoking body, but he didn’t realize that she was built for pleasure!

            . . . Debbie’s tits were shaped into perfect spheres that sprung from her slim frame. What was amazing was how full they looked . . . They looked hard, like a pair of water balloons that were going to pop! . . . And then there were her nipples, which were bright pink and pointed upward! . . . My God; I had only seen nipples like that in Playboy magazine! As I continued to knead her tits, Debbie’s nipples were hard as pebbles; I could actually feel them burning up beneath my very palms!

   Darren stepped back for a moment, admiring once again how Deborah looked just standing there and dressed only in the lingerie that he himself provided. The man began to circle around her static figure, admiring the way she looked from different angles. At one point, he lifted the back of the nightie upward and allowed his eyes to scan over the brunette’s precious ass . . . The hypnotist quickly considers; There’s not that many chicks that can pull off a thong like this girl can. She has a nice, ripe booty that’s high and tight - the perfect fit for a thong!

. . . Darren has a constant smile as he continues his inspection, glad that this particular figure isn’t close to the front of the store. The hypnotist walks back around to the front, where he drops his hand and traces his fingers lightly across the curve of her lower tummy. Deborah still remained fully entranced and oblivious to his presence, even as Le Braun stood face to face with her and stared into her glazed lifeless eyes with the same mirrored indifference:

. . . My hands slowly trailed Deborah’s young and defined jaw-line. I took it to my nose and gently inhaled the sweet perfume on her neck. With her beautiful face still cupped within my hands, I looked deeply into her crystal blue eyes and then tried to kiss her passionately, but my tongue kept fighting for space with her own frozen one! . . . Deborah just continued to stare at me helplessly with those glazed lifeless eyes. I knew that even if she wanted to take me down right there in the store, there was simply nothing she could do about it. In her mind, she was still a frozen mannequin that was meant to be posed and adored, regardless of what her body might ever crave . . .

   “Debbie, how could you be so damned beautiful?” asks the man in complimentary fashion. Darren then went about rearranging the nightie back over Deborah’s body. His constant erection was aching by now, and he wanted nothing more than to release it. However, with security walking around, the hypnotist couldn’t be seen initiating a sexual episode at this late an hour.    . . . Besides that; Darren was certain that there were countless husbands and boyfriends, as well as other concerned family members that were wondering about their loved ones’ whereabouts . . . There was no need to attract unwanted attention now, after pulling off such a successfully smooth operation!

Glancing toward the service counter, there was a rather sophisticated looking beauty; this one dressed in the most elegant lingerie that the store had to offer. The mesmerized display figure wore a three-piece ensemble in classic black, consisting of a lace-trimmed bra, matching panties, and a delicate floral mesh garter that’s accented with a crisscross ribbon and bow detail. The seductive coordinates matched a pair of seamed black stockings and heeled business pumps below. The dark-haired attraction stands on a high pedestal with one hand on her hip, with the other held up to her cheek in an expression of mild astonishment. Le Braun had cleverly posed her against the beige background of a corner wall, knowing that the neutral color would further emphasize the clean lines of her body, as well as the color of her attire.

   Darren walks up to the alluring woman and adjusts the red rose that he had placed within her hair just a short time ago . . .

   “I hear you were once described as one of the sexiest women of the seventies, and known for bedding dozens of famous men . . . Your critics had written you off long ago my dear. But as I stand here in your presence, I can affirm that you’ve still got what it takes to drive a man wild!”

. . . The woman that was standing stock-still before him as a living mannequin was Janine Dickinson.   …The hypnotist had never seen such a natural! After all these years, the old girl still had it. She had stepped up to the plate, (albeit unknowingly), and delivered the goods once again! 

…Le Braun reaches his index finger beneath the woman’s chin and tickles it in a teasing manner before asking, “I told you that I would supply the models, but you didn’t believe me!” 

   Although Janine’s usual snarl had been replaced by the appropriate “models’ pout”…(a trait that she was known for at the height of her career), her dark eyes still glared coldly ahead at the man.  

… Darren considers, Perhaps it was just something from within!  …The man then lets out a little chuckle, before moving along . . .  


Deprogramming and a Very Fond Farewell

   It had taken quite awhile, but with the faithful help of his unwitting assistants, Darren had gathered up his collection of solidified models from both stores and placed them all in the checkout area in the back of the lingerie store. Mr. Le Braun looked out at his small gathering of living mannequins; they all stood frozen and stiff like statues in the poses that they had originally been placed in. The employees from the ‘Bikini Shack’ and ‘Janine’s Intimate Apparel’ stood in front of him as well . . .

   Darren starts, “Ladies . . . Err, - and one gentleman; I want to congratulate you on a job well done! . . . Those of you that have been lucky enough to be chosen for my upcoming exhibition at Madame Tussaud’s, will find a business card with my number on your person, along with knowledge on how to contact me on the appropriate date for further instructions. At the time that you call, you will not question your actions, and you will make the necessary excuses, as well as the travel arrangements needed to arrive in Las Vegas. This will be done at your own expense of course and without any regret.

   Le Braun continues to look over the frozen beauties that stood posed before him; still held rapt by the pleasant words and suggestions that had bedazzled them so many hours ago. Admittedly he could have put them in some compromising positions and just left them there, but that would be too cruel . . . Besides, these willing lovely ladies had already served their purpose (and done quite well at that!)

   “You will find your personal clothing in a neatly stacked pile at your feet, along with your purses and any purchases you may have made while shopping,” explains the hypnotist.   . . . At a countdown from three, you will redress yourselves accordingly and in a reasonable fashion. I will then escort you all to the rear entrance of the building, where you will proceed to your vehicles in an orderly fashion.   “You will not remember this when you awaken. You know only that you volunteered for this job and are now part of our crew. You know nothing of what I do, who I am, or what we may have exchanged.   When I reach the end of the countdown, you will no longer be completely solid as a mannequin, and will find that you can now move normally and easily… You will then redress yourselves appropriately and perform the rest of your instructions, remaining in silence while you do so. Three: you are no longer frozen in place; Two: your body can now move freely by your own will; One: You are completely animated and are eager to redress yourselves so that you may return to your homes; Zero!



  “Here you are, Miss,” the cab driver announced, pulling curbside.

  The attractive young woman’s eyes seemed to focus after gazing off into the distance after she stayed as still as a statue for the whole trip.  “Huh?  Where am I?” ‘Anne mumbled in a moment.

  “You’re where you wanted to go,” he said, irritated.

  “Oh.  I must have dozed off,” she told herself.  “How much is it?”

  “All paid for, Miss,” the cabbie replied.  “Anyplace else I gotta charge ya.”

  “No, that’s OK.  This is good,” she conceded, gathering her shoulder bag and exiting the cab.  The hotel looked nice enough, she reflected, though it wasn’t in the best part of town.  The portico protected her from the light rain that had started to fall and inside the lights looked inviting.   Even though she was fuzzy about how she had gotten here, the lovely salesperson and part-time model decided to have a look inside.

  For the first time she noticed how seductively she was dressed, in a short slate-colored leather miniskirt over a corseted golden satin bustier that normally would be hidden as an undergarment.  On her legs were dark calf-high stiletto-heeled boots that she didn’t recall packing, even though they fit her perfectly.  Confused, but deciding to go with the flow, she didn’t think anymore about her outfit as she stepped through the old-style revolving door into the hotel lobby.

  Something, probably the long day that had left her tired and her muscles stiff, drew her to the bar where an empty seat awaited her next to a rumpled-looking man who seemed to be just as worn out as she was.

  The hypnotist looked over at the lovely girl and his expression brightened.  “Buy you a drink, doll-face? he asked, triggering the suggestion implanted earlier.

  “I thought you’d never ask!” ‘Anne replied, perching on the high stool and crossing her long, nylon-sheathed legs.  “Make mine a Satan’s Kiss…”


   Suddenly Donna Szalinski broke out of her trance. She was sitting in her SUV and parked in the driveway in front of her house. The woman rubbed her eyes groggily and then looked around to take in her surroundings. Looking over to her right, she sees her daughter Aimee in the front passenger seat and staring glassily through the windshield . . .

   “Aimee . . . Aimee honey, are you ok?” asks the concerned mother now tapping her daughter on the shoulder.

   Suddenly Aimee’s eyes blinked once . . . then quite a few times in succession. The teenager’s face suddenly twitched as if her brain had had just seemingly engaged. The young girl let out a tired yawn and stretched her lean body out within the constraints of her seatbelt. Her body was notifying her that it was surely past the time she was usually in bed . . .

   “Oh my gosh . . .what . . . time is it?”  asks the young girl, before giving in to yet another sleepy yawn…

 “Eleven,” Donna mumbled while running her fingers through her ash-blonde hair.

What time is it?” asked Aimee in confusion.

Donna repeats, “ I said eleven o’clock!”

“Holy crap . . . where did the time go?” questions the girl as she unfastens her seatbelt.

 “I don’t know, but I’m pretty beat . . . And your father is probably going to be pissed,” murmured the mom rather sleepily.

   As the two females gathered up their packages, they were both feeling mellow and relaxed. They soon made their way up the concrete walkway towards the house, where the front porch lights were already on . . .

   By the time they finally had made it into the house, Aimee realized the box she had been carrying was actually a brightly wrapped present. With the look of slight confusion showing on her face, she sits down on the living room couch while tentatively holding the box within her hands. The girl gently shakes the box next to her ear in curiosity, but doesn’t hear any familiar noises. Turning it over on her lap, she sees a simple tag that says:

                 “To a lovely doll named Aimee . . .”

   “Mom, did you get me this?” asks the girl quizzically.

   Donna Szalinski approaches her daughter on the couch and turns her head down over her shoulder to look at the package . . . She suddenly feels a numbness in her neck and begins to massage the area with her hand . . . What on earth did I do to my neck?

   The mother looks the mysterious gift over and confesses, “ I don’t know honey, what does it say on the tag?”

   Aimee looks up at her mother with a puzzled expression to tell her, “It just says: To a lovely doll named Aimee . . .”

   “Hmm, well maybe it’s something that Santa left behind!” offers the woman before suggesting, “Why don’t you open it up and see what it is?”

    Aimee began tearing off the paper with eagerness. A moment later she took the lid off the box, only to be mesmerized by a pair of beautiful button-like eyes once again. Pulling the stuffed teddy bear free of its wrappings, she lets the cardboard box fall to the floor at her feet. A small smile spreads across her pretty face as she stared at the stuffed bear within her delicate hands.

   From the corner of her eye, Donna notices a folded piece of paper as it floats gradually to the floor. Reaching for it, she realizes that it was a card. Handing it to her daughter, the woman says, “Oh look honey, he even left you a note.” 

   Holding the bear in one hand, Aimee opened the card to find the same unfamiliar scrawl as the front. The note said:  

            “To the loveliest flower of Texas; may your days be filled with joy
              …and your troubles be never too much to bear.”

   Aimee glanced back at the teddy bear with a mix of confusion and tears, before looking up at her mother, who still stood there. Her mom was looking down at her with a bright and mischievous smile . . .

“You’re right Aimee; you can never be too old for another teddy bear. Merry Christmas honey!”

   Just as the two were engaging into a loving mother and daughter hug, Mr. Szalinski stepped into the living room . . .

   “Donna, have you been out shopping this entire time?” questions the man in an angry manner. He then looks down at the couch to see a teddy bear that’s wearing a printed Hawaiian shirt . . . “And I thought I told you that Aimee is too old for teddy bears!”

   Dropping her arms from her daughter’s shoulders, Donna replies, “Yes we just got back after an entire afternoon full of mother/daughter bonding! . . . And no, I don’t think our daughter can ever be too old for another teddy bear!”

. . . The funny thing was: Mrs. Szalinski didn’t recall even purchasing the stuffed animal. The woman would soon shrug it off while thinking to herself, I guess that one must have just slipped my mind!


. . . Later that night, after her parents and her little brother had long gone to bed, Aimee Szalinski had gotten up and turned on a small light beside her vanity. Wearing the very baby doll nightie that her mother had bought her, the teenager now stood looking at herself in a full-length mirror. She looked quite beautiful in the new garment, and took the time to run her hands over its slippery-smooth surface. The girl tried a few practice poses at first, until eventually choosing the one she looked the sexiest in. With one hand on her hip, the female raises her other arm in the air, arches her hand back, and then delicately curls her fingers towards her palm. Without realizing it, the young woman freezes into position once again! Aimee would stay in that graceful pose for the next several hours… 

* * * * * *

   With his tax-free take from the cash register, the exhibition at the Riverhead Mall had provided some gracious funds for Darren Le Braun’s mounting bank account! As and added benefit; the Houston area had proven to be an excellent source for prime models, (some of which might be considered for Darren’s upcoming exhibition in Las Vegas).

   So if you ever visit the Houston area, take the time to look around and take in the city. And if you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of the Riverhead Mall, stop in and spend a few hours just walking around. When you do, be sure to look up into the display windows when you pass them by . . . you never know who might be posed up there behind the glass . . .


Incredible Impromptu Mannequins will continue…

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