Supergirl and Rose's Shop of Horror

by Dr. Purple

Author's note: I'm not much of a comic buff but I'll try to stay as loyal to the characters as I can with what little resources I have.
Characters, such as Supergirl, Power Girl, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Donna Troy, Stargirl, Jade, and other superheroines, are property of DC Comics.
All characters within this story are 17 years of age or older.

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Part 4: Cat and Mouse

One of Rose's targets was putting her exceptional hunting skills to use as she edged silently down a nearby corridor. Donna Troy was the mirror image of her "sister", Wonder Woman. In truth though she was actually the princess' duplicate but because of the extraordinary nature of her birth, she was more than just a forgery of another person and had established her own unique identity. As she left the corridor she found herself in a small room, and at the center was a large painting propped up against a scaffold. Since there didn't appear to be anyone else there, she stepped out into the opening to examine the illustration.

The painting was of a bed in the midst of a dark room. Its red satin sheets were a sharp contrast to the empty shadowy space that made up the background. Candles stood scattered about with flames of brilliant orange suspended in time. Everything had been illustrated so vividly, from the vibrant color of the sheets to the subtle lines of the pattern etched in the footboard that it seemed almost as though Donna were looking through a window into another room. As she stood there, captivated by its beauty, Rose snuck up from behind just several feet away. She drew one of her special weapons and took aim.

"Hey gorgeous!" Rose called.

Donna spun around, her warrior training had kicked in and she was prepared to fight, but the shapely enchantress had something else in mind. She was relaxed and leaned with her back against a wall.

"Catch!" she said, tossing her weapon over to the heroine as one might toss a microphone.

Donna wasn't sure what it was. The shadows of the warehouse made it difficult to discern. She only knew it wasn't a dagger. Still, she felt it was best to exercise caution so she sidestepped out of the trajectory of the mysterious weapon. It landed by her foot making a light tapping noise like a drumstick or a pencil would.

"You'll have to throw better than that if you expect to be rid of me!" Donna said, glancing down to the floor at what appeared to be an artist's paint brush.

She looked at Rose with a clear expression of bewilderment. The sorceress snickered.

"I wasn't throwing that at you, I was tossing it to you." she explained. "It's my cursed brush. Watch the bristles, they'll shrink you down and pull you in!"

"So, does this mean you surrender?" Troy asked, crushing the brush under her heel and effectively destroying it.

"Not hardly!" the enchantress said, staving off a chuckle. "I just wanted to take this moment to learn a little about you, gain some insight from a woman of exceptional strength and beauty."

Donna was a little taken aback by the sorceress' remark. Was she trying to flirt her way out of trouble?

"I don't know what your game is but we're here to take you in," Troy explained. "It would be in your best interest if you tell us what you've done with our friends and the missing people."

"It's always the same questions with you heroines. Where are the missing people? Or Where's my friend?" Rose scoffed. "You just can't think for yourselves and you fail to see the big picture. But since you're so gorgeous I'll tell you this much and hopefully it will ease your mind; your friends are alive and being taken good care of."

"I hope for your sake you're telling the truth," Donna said.

She tapped her communicator. "Troy to team, where is everyone? I was spotted by Rose and I'm with her now. She's being somewhat cooperative but I think we'd get more answers if everyone were here; over?"

Donna's communicator only buzzed and crackled in response. The device was being jammed and the Amazon knew exactly why as she glared at the gadget Rose proudly held out in front of her; it resembled a hockey puck with small blinking lights.

"Sorry but I need some alone time with you, sugar," the sorceress said.

Troy reached for the small device but Rose jerked it away just before she could get to it.

"You don't want me to have to physically take that from you," Donna warned.

Rose giggled at her threat frustrating her all the more. She advanced on the sorceress, their faces almost touching, and reached around and grabbed her by the wrist. Rose used her free hand to grab Donna by the back of the head. She pulled herself closer and planted her lips to those of her would-be subduer. Donna tried to push her away but the combined might of Power Girl and Supergirl made it impossible to free herself from the mistress' embrace. Soon, Troy's body grew hotter and became relaxed. Rose broke away from the kiss watching the Amazon as she swooned. When Donna returned to her senses she threw Rose into a wall.

"What in Hades is wrong with you?" she shrieked, her face still flushed from the moment of passion.

The enchantress brushed herself off and laughed. "Come on! I know you enjoyed that!" she said. "Haven't you ever fantasized about having a little fun with one of your captives before you turned them over to the police?"

Donna's eyes went wide. "I've never... and especially not with another woman!"

Rose laughed. "We both know that's just some family friendly image the media tacked on you and your sis!" she scoffed. "You're from a land of warrior women. You must fantasize about taming some wicked vixen or being tamed by one yourself."

"Alright, sure, I would love to role-play with Black Canary but—" Donna paused, realizing her mistake.

If it were possible, her face would have turned even redder, but Troy was still glowing from their kiss. Rose had used her empathic abilities wisely to manipulate and exploit her target and by this time, the jamming device was becoming a distant memory.

"Would you just shut-up about this, please?" Donna asked.

"I'm sorry," Rose said. "It's just that you make me so hot! How about this? Let's get you undressed and make both our fantasies come true. Then, I'll tell you everything you want to know."

Troy stood silent. Her eyes wandered off to the distance as she pondered her next course of action; all the while her seductress eased over and wrapped an arm around her waist. The Amazon thought back to when she was with Black Canary. There was no real danger. They knew each other, and the game was usually planned out. Unfortunately this meant there were rarely any surprises. With Rose, things were different. She was a stranger with an air of mystique about her and while that was certainly alluring, Donna didn't trust her, and wasn't sure why she was even considering her offer.

"I...I can't." she said. "You're a beautiful woman but I can't!"

She could feel Rose rubbing against the small of her back.

"Are you sure?" the sorceress asked. "What did Black Canary do to scratch that itch? Perhaps I could do it... even better."

Donna shivered. Her composure was rapidly deteriorating.

"It was stupid, really," she said. "Just a stupid game!"

"It couldn't have been that bad!" Rose purred. "Not with two beautiful women playing!"

Her pinky was just barely tracing the curves of Donna's rear. It seemed the longer the latex minx held her, the harder Rose was to resist.

"I, I would play the hero while Black Canary was the villainous mastermind," Donna confessed. "I would usually fall into one of her traps and then, I would turn the tables and take advantage of her."

The Amazon could feel herself growing hotter. Rose's hands felt so good.

"Why not take advantage of me?" she asked, playfully.

Donna pondered the idea for a moment before giving her answer. The experience could be fun; it could be one hell of an escapade that she could brag about later.

"If the others saw or found out... there are rules you know." Donna said.

Rose grinned. "I could hide myself from Supergirl's enhanced senses. Concealing us wouldn't be a problem." she boasted.

Her words were honey sweet and in Donna's frenzied state they made perfect sense. Detecting that her foe's reservations were crumbling, Rose ran her hand down Troy's shapely buttocks and slid her fingers between her cheeks. The heroine arched her head back and gasped, feeling a sudden pressure build on her pussy. She closed her eyes and nodded in agreement to the sorceress' suggestion.

"We do this on my terms though," Troy said, with a faint tremor in her voice. "First, I'm going to bind your hands."

Knowing Rose was at least as strong she was, she searched for something sturdy to secure the villain's wrists with. As she pulled a piece of rebar from the scaffold nearby, her prisoner slipped the jamming device in her boot, making sure it was out of sight and off the mind of her captivated heroine. Donna twisted the steel around Rose's hands, creating a makeshift pair of handcuffs. She reasoned that the sorceress could easily brake free if she was willing but Donna would notice. It was more a method of control than detainment.

Rose guided the star-speckled heroine over to a large crate. Troy seemed to be thinking along the same lines of her seductress as she climbed on top and laid back allowing the sultry redhead to undress her. As Rose removed her silver boots she took a moment to marvel at the Amazon's feet. Though she was a warrior, her feet were delicate and slender. The enchantress kissed her toes and ran her foot down the length of her body, from her C-cups to her heated snatch. She then unbuckled Troy's belt and tossed it aside. Next came her leotard, and Troy was amazed at how quickly Rose had removed it. The years of stripping women naked had shown and as the shapely enchantress held the star filled fabric in her hand, she knew it would soon be her trophy.

Troy was primed and ready to go. Her nether lips were still moist from just moments ago and her taut Olympian body was shivering with anticipation, but before the fun could begin there was one last detail the bizarre redhead had to take care of. Donna was puzzled as she slid her silver boots back on.

"Is there something wrong with my feet?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

Rose snickered. "No, I just want make love to you while you're wearing these," she explained.

Troy giggled giddily, and soon the sorceress' slender body was rubbing against hers as she crawled over her and started kissing her neck. Rose's hands, though bound, were still able to perform their magic as she rubbed the Amazon's dampened sex. She gradually worked her way down, kissing Donna's shoulder, then her collar bone, and finally her massive breasts. She toyed with her nipples for a moment, taking them into her mouth and circling them with her gifted tongue. After a few gentle nips, she moved on to Donna's abdomen where she licked in and around her navel. The Amazon giggled as she was both tickled and aroused. Finally Rose made her way to the prize; the slick snatch of her conquest-to-be. Donna had to cover her mouth to stifle off her shrieks as the sorceress greedily lapped up her arousal. After several good tongue thrusts, the Amazon was cumming her brains out. Her juices were pouring out and Rose was drinking up every drop.

Troy sat up, almost in a daze. The enchantress helped her off the crate as she soaked in the afterglow. Rose began kissing her on the neck again, and fingering her.

"Again?" Troy asked, breathing heavily.

"I want you!" Rose said, between kisses. "And unless you say you're mine, I'm going to remove my magic fingers."

Troy remembered one of her sessions with Black Canary. The stockinged heroine had her worked up and was rubbing her nicely when she suddenly stopped. Black Canary — playing the part of the villain at the time — told her she would have to surrender herself for her to resume. This was Canary's way of being the one in control. Since Donna was the submissive, she complied and gave herself to Canary, effectively becoming the conquest of this game. Donna was hot. The sorceress had her ready to go again, and if it meant giving herself to Rose, than she didn't see any reason not to. Even if it made Rose feel like she had accomplished something, what harm was there?

"I'm, ughn, yours!" Donna whispered in her ear.

Rose smiled and backed her into a wall. She took a nip at Donna's bottom lip as it trembled before shoving her fingers her catch. Troy climaxed. She couldn't believe it was happening again so soon after, but her juices were indeed soaking Rose's hand. As she savored the moment that came after, she rubbed her face against the canvas... Then she realized she hadn't been backed into a wall, but into a trap instead.

The painting shone a brilliant white and every inch of Donna's skin that was in contact with it came to life with a delicious current; from the back of her head to the heels of her feet. There was even a pleasant spark running from her rear to her pussy and though the heroine made a powerful effort, she was frozen in place and completely helpless before the sorceress.

"Please... don't do... this!" she pleaded.

"You agreed to be mine so I can do with you as I see fit, and this is what I want," Rose said. "Besides, you'll be fine. I'm sorry you don't understand, though."

"I...didn't mean... Oh!" was all Troy could manage before she was hit with a strong jolt and lost the ability to speak.

Her skin began to take a waxy sheen. She could feel herself being pulled into the enchanted paper and even though she was frightened, she was still able to savor the feel of the energy as it spread through her perfect body, bringing her to heights of pleasure beyond anything she had experienced before. She was melting into the canvas like a flesh-colored candy bar and she realized the more she gave in, the faster she was soaked up. She doubled her efforts to wiggle free. Rose smiled while observing this before kneeling down and beginning another tongue lashing. Donna was already in a losing battle but the amazing tongue of her seductress was more than she could bear. Escape was impossible and soon she was climaxing once more as the painting lapped her up as fervently as her new mistress was licking her juices.

Once Troy was consumed, the glow faded from the canvas and Rose stepped away, studying the erotic new image it bore. Donna now knelt in a seductive pose on the bed. Her only clothes were the collar, bracelets, and silver boots she had worn before being pulled in; all magnificently captured in paint. Her body had been positioned at an angle to allow Rose to view her pussy and its wonderful black trimming but still see the left cheek of her finely sculpted ass. If that hadn't been bad enough for the Amazon she also had her hands placed on her legs and her breasts thrust out whilst a vacant smile adorned her face. Suddenly the canvas began to shiver, moving in a manner reminiscent of a flag flapping in the breeze. Donna was making another attempt to free herself but in moments, the paint she had become had dried and she was trapped for eternity...

Or was she? The truth was that Rose could pull her out at anytime she wanted to have some fun, but the former heroine would no longer have any will of her own. She would be a sex hungry slave, eager to please her new mistress' carnal desires and that's just what Rose wanted. When she grew tired of Troy, she could put her back in the painting where she'd spend her time in a euphoric existence of experiencing pleasure when someone looked at or — even better — touched her.

Rose picked Donna Troy's costume from off the floor. There was still a wet patch on the crotch of it from earlier. The enchantress smiled and licked it but soon her expression changed as her enhanced hearing caught the sound of another gentle footstep. Her super speed and exceptional reflexes — both gained from Supergirl and Power Girl — worked together allowing her to leap out of the path of a golden lasso, one of her few remaining weaknesses.  Wonder Woman had witnessed the last moments of her sister's defeat and from the enraged look burning in her eyes it was clear she wasn't pleased about this turn of events.

"I'll make you suffer, monster!" Diana growled. "Change my sister back or I will kill you!"

Rose fled down the nearest corridor. There was no time for the usual banter. If Wonder Woman got that lasso around her, she would be helpless and bound to do whatever the Amazon commanded, and once she discovered there was no way to reverse the transformations, she would surely kill her. Because everything had happened so fast though, Rose wasn't sure which corridor she was running down. She had to be careful. The old warehouse was like a maze and there were traps that could snatch her up as easily as anyone else, but there were also hidden weapons she could use to her advantage.

As she searched for familiar surroundings, Wonder Woman was close behind with golden lasso in hand. Space was limited in the passageway. The ceiling was low and the walls were lined with boxes, crates, and racks. Wonder Woman surmised the best way of catching up would be by flight but there wasn't much room to maneuver. She would be taking her chances at flying headlong into a crate or wall, and since she wasn't sure what the sorceress had housed there, she knew that wasn't such a hot idea. She would have to rely solely on her lasso of truth, but before she could cast it, Rose began pulling racks down as she passed them. The fallen shelves obstructed the corridor, preventing the Amazon from getting a clear shot. She had to push through, costing her time, and an expanding gap began to form between heroine and sorceress. As Rose neared the entrance of a much larger room, a sinister gleam twinkled in her eye.

The room was filled with rugs of many colors and sizes. Some were plain while others featured ornate designs, often in gold. Most of the carpets there were rolled up and propped against rickety old shelves and large crates that ran the length of the room like crops. There were even rolls stacked on top of these same shelves and crates. Other rugs hung overhead while still others covered the floor. Across the room, on the other side, was an old table with sewing equipment.

Rose zeroed in on a red pincushion and bolted off toward it, knocking a roll of blue carpet aside in the process. The cushion held three golden needles capable of turning flesh into fabric. She had used these to turn women into different things such as bikinis, pantyhose, and even some of the very rugs that were in that room. She hadn't paused for that long but it was enough time for Wonder Woman to catch up. The sorceress was up to her usual tricks as she started pulling down shelves behind her. Wonder Woman may not have been able to rope her in but there was an alternative.

The crafty redhead was just a few feet away from her secret weapon. If she slid just one of her special needles into Wonder Woman's bodice, it would turn her into a star spangled wonder bra, but the Amazon wouldn't be so easily defeated. She landed on a bronze rug right in front of Rose.

"Shit!" the sorceress hissed, stumbling over her own feet in an effort to stop.

The ceiling was higher in this room, which had allowed Wonder Woman to fly over her target's head. Before Rose could even stand up straight, Wonder Woman had her snared in her golden lasso. Her arms were bound to her abdomen.

"Give up!" Wonder Woman commanded.

Compelled by the rope's magic, Rose had no choice but to comply. She crumbled to her knees as a strange energy crackled through her body. Wonder Woman tightened the rope, her feet dug deep into the rug.

"You may have me defeated now; but your victory is only temporary," Rose said.

"Oh?" Wonder Woman asked. "You're in no position to cause me harm."

"True, but you're standing in one of my traps," the sorceress said.

Wonder Woman looked down and realized her feet had somehow slid under the surface of the bronze Oriental rug. This carpet — with its golden tassels and elegant patterns — looked no different from what one would see on the floor in a nice hotel lobby, but as Wonder Woman had discovered, its appearance was deceiving. It was something far more sinister, and she was sinking into it. Her feet felt as though they were encased in thick, warm molasses syrup.

"Stop this thing!" she demanded. "Or you'll be pulled in with me!"

"I can't stop it, and unlike you, I'm in no danger at all. The rug won't accept me," Rose said.

"You lie!" Wonder Woman growled, tugging the lasso.

"I can't lie! You're using the lasso of truth, remember!?" Rose said. "But if you release me, you could use your rope to pull yourself out."

"Or I could just call for help on my communicator!" Wonder Woman said, with a smug grin of her face.

"Your com is jammed and I've left the device elsewhere," Rose said.

A low, frustrated growl emanated from the back of the Amazon's throat. With no other options, a discouraged Wonder Woman released her captive just as her knees were going under. She cast her rope out and snagged an air duct, but just as she was about to pull, a small burst of heat vision stung her hands causing her to release her lifeline. She stared in awe at Rose while rubbing the pink, irritated spots left on her hands. Her lasso hung only inches out of reach.

"This can't be happening!" she said.

She was up to her thighs in rug and sinking fast.

"I'm afraid it is!" Rose said. "My munching carpet is about to swallow you up. Afterward, you'll be processed into something more... lustrous."

"Munching carpet?" Wonder Woman repeated.

She felt a sudden powerful tug on her calves and was pulled in halfway past her ass. A large ring took shape in the carpet around her. It stretched and distorted the rug's golden pattern as it expanded, and took a round shape similar to a vase or cauldron. The rim of this cauldron folded like a bear trap, and the eagle-crested heroine realized she was in a giant maw.

"Great Hera! No!" she screeched.

The maw snapped shut and receded back into the carpet, taking the trapped heroine with it. Rose blew a kiss to her defeated adversary and wriggled her fingers "goodbye". The rug leveled out to its normal smooth shape. The only evidence that Wonder Woman had ever been there was the golden lasso that was left dangling from the air duct. Rose hovered into the air to retrieve this souvenir, pleased with her latest conquest.

Below the surface of the Oriental rug, Wonder Woman found herself drifting in an amber colored liquid. How she was able to breathe the stuff was a mystery to her. There was a sense of weightlessness there, and she wasn't sure where she was facing. Her ears were plugged up so hearing was impossible, but through the currents of the gelatinous substance she could feel a pulsing. She wanted to swim and see if there was some means of escape but her muscles were strangely relaxed and wouldn't move. Anxiety crept in. She thought back to previous perils and how she escaped those. This was different from anything she had ever faced before though.

An unexpected tug suddenly came at her feet. Her boots were being removed, and her tiara soon followed. The gold headband was nearly entangled in the churning black mass that was her hair as it swayed in the current. Next to go were her silvery bracelets. They had deflected countless projectiles but were no help to her in her current plight. Above the surface, Rose had put aside the heroine's lasso and was gathering articles of her clothing as the rug spat them out. A pair of red boots had surfaced, followed by a gold tiara adorned with a red star. Next were two star shaped earrings, a communicator, and a couple of bracelets. Wonder Woman could only grit her teeth as her red bodice slid down her hips, guided by the unseen hands of what was apparently a living liquid. The final piece of her costume was removed and Wonder Woman was left nude and demoralized. Her previous anxiety was replaced by a bitter anger, but things only worsened for her.

With the indigestible costume out of the way, the cursed rug began the task of processing its meal. The fluid around Wonder Woman began to thicken and lose transparency, and although the princess couldn't see it, she was aware that something was happening to her hair. Indeed she was right, her raven black locks were being dissolved and in moments the once proud Amazon was left bald. The fluid formed a membrane and became like a second skin, covering her eyes and leaving her blind. She felt as though she had thousands on delicate hands rubbing and massaging every part of her body.

A pressure started to build against her pussy. The sensation aroused her in spite her will, and after a moment or two something pushed into her. It felt like a cock as it thrust past her labia and traveled deep within. The unseen phallus began to pump some unknown fluid into her. She instinctively opened her mouth to gasp only to have another phallus rush in down her throat. A feeling of warmth washed over her as she was filled with more and more of the mysterious liquid. She grew hot, and her own body betrayed her as it savored the experience. A final phallus penetrated her ass. The entry was surprisingly painless, partially due to the relaxed state of her body's muscles. As this new invader filled her ass with even more fluid, the membrane became more focused on her tits, squeezing and rubbing them more aggressively than before. Wonder Woman felt weak and bloated. Her washboard abs had disappeared as her belly took the shape of a large watermelon. She knew her defeat was immanent, and as her body surrendered, a bittersweet orgasm swept over her and with it a feeling of despair. A powerful suction began within each phallus. As they drew the fluid out, Wonder Woman climaxed repeatedly, shuddering each time. The fluid carried nutrients back into the gelatinous creature that had her trapped there. The process had broken her body down and replaced her flesh with something synthetic. She was only vaguely aware that her abdomen was returning to its former shape.

Rose waited avidly to see what had become of Wonder Woman, the former princess and curvaceous symbol of justice. The sorceress had one hand over her full red lips and the other rubbing her sex through her pink latex suit. The suit enjoyed the attention and was pleased that its mistress was happy. A golden glint appeared in the center of the rug. It was difficult to discern from the gold pattern that stretched the rug's surface but Rose saw it and watched as it grew larger and expanded into a round shape. What looked like a spot only seconds ago was taking the appearance of a head. It was Wonder Woman, and she was resurfacing. She appeared to be wearing a gold hood as none of her facial features were visible except for a tiny bump were her nose would be and two more for her ears. As more of her rose out of the carpet, it seemed as though she was wearing a suit of the same gold material. She was posed in the classic heroine stance with both hands on her hips and her left leg slightly bent. She looked like a statue; like a female Oscar, but Rose knew better. The rug had posed her in this defiant manner as part of the presentation of its gift to its mistress. The sorceress had only to extend her hand and touch the gold figure's nose for it collapse in on itself.

It was no statue of precious metal but a golden zentai suit instead. Rose lifted her latest acquisition from the carpet and examined it. The new suit was as smooth as silk, and very receptive to tactile sensation. The former Wonder Woman wanted to shriek in anguish as Rose's touch sent delicious ripples coursing through her new body.

"I'm looking forward to slipping into you and having every inch of you pulled over my body." Rose purred.

With a snap of her fingers, the pink suit she wore seemingly disappeared. In truth, it had been sent away with her other clothes. The sultry redhead then pulled the new zentai suit over her legs. As she dressed herself she was reminded of Supergirl's defeat and how gratifying it had been. Wonder Woman would share a similar fate, except she would still have her essence and the knowledge that the very woman who had defeated her and her friends could do whatever she wished with her while she was powerless to stop it. As Wonder Woman stretched and rubbed against her new mistress, she climaxed, and felt more shame as a result.

Rose zipped the back of her new suit closed but left the hood to hang loosely from her neck while she studied herself coated in the lustrous gold lycra. She took pleasure in knowing that her conquest could appreciate the intimacy of being her suit. If she had reached her sewing needles earlier she would've transformed Wonder Woman into something similar but she was very pleased with her rug's work. It was good to have back-up plans.

Rose briefly considered collecting more heroines or even turning her focus on the fairer sex of the villains. Poison Ivy was surely easy on the eyes and there were interesting possibilities with Giganta. The sorceress put those ideas aside though. She had what she wanted and was satisfied with having brought down eight of the world's greatest heroines.  She had no idea what was ahead.

To Be Concluded...

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