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Taral Wayne
All So Sudden
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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Taral Wayne - All So Sudden
Note by Leem: Posted February 2010. Scaled to fit - see original.
The pattern on the dress is similar to one worn by a Kjola girl in this FurAffinity picture.

Originally seen in the Scraps section of Taral’s FurAffinity pages
with accompanying story. Watch out for the twist ending...

“Wait a bit,” said the first witch.

“What is it?” said the second,putting down a teflon coated wok that she thought might serve as a passable cauldron.

“There’s someone in the other aisle. I bet they’re listening.”

“I hate snoops. Even here in a department store, dressed like any other shopper, they seem to know us.”

“I’ll fix it.” The first witch whispered something in Etruscan and made a funny little circle with her left thumb.

The two witches walked around the end of the shelves and into the other aisle, where a teenage girl stood motionless. She was dressed in about as immodest a miniskirt as was decent and didn’t even blink. The first witch tapped a fingernail on a painted plastic cheek. “Fixed,” she said.

“You know... I don’t think we were being eavesdropped,” said the second witch. “Oh well, the store can always use another manikin.”

As they walked away, she added “When do you think you’ll come back and un-do the spell.”

“What for? He looks just fine, don’t you think.”

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