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Taral Wayne
Enlightened (colour by Ezalias)
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Taral Wayne - Enlightened (colour by Ezalias)
Note by Leem: Scaled to fit - see full-size image If it looks a bit wide here it’s because it’s to the same scale as the original version, but is now two panels instead of one. This is one of a batch of images that Taral sent me a while back, but which for various reasons have taken a lot longer than expected to appear here. Sorry about that.

Taral writes:
A fellow FurAffinity member named Ezalias asked to colour this piece. When I said sure, go ahead, I had no idea he would pull out all the stops and do such a magnificent job. Not content to colour it once, he coloured it “before” and “after.” The dark skin of the “before” was an unexpected touch. Her features are’t typical of black people, but I *have* seen some women just as dark with features every bit as caucasian as this, so it’s by no means implausible.
The original is posted at Ezalias’s page, leave a comment --

And from that page, here are Ezalias’s notes on the coloured version:
Models in the 20s were so much more trusting of mad scientist types. None of them knew what a fossilization ray looked like, and gaslight made the scorch marks easier to explain. Fritz Lang’s artistry ruined a long tradition of dishonest dealing. Anyway, I bet this girl would’ve preferred bronze, but live electroplating wasn’t practical until the 50s.
This took two and a half days mostly because I went through two or three backgrounds for the second frame. The first went very quickly after the decision to use scorch marks instead of showing the radio-era apparatus supposedly responsible for this process. The perspective still doesn’t quite line up anywhere, but it was never going to.

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