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Taral Wayne
Gold Bug
Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below image
Taral Wayne - Gold Bug
Note by Leem: Also posted Taral’s Furaffinity site. This is a combination of Taral’s original note on that site, and his reply to some comments on it:

While not a new drawing, the colouring is only a few days old [as of early November 2008].

It’s doubtful, though, that the bite of a “gold bug” could have this effect on a Kjola (such as this unnamed lady), but would certainly render any ordinary person into so much bullion.

No one is invulnerable... not quite. But I can’t see any insect, not even a “gold bug”, being able to bite a Kjola. Artillery shells stand a good chance of doing lethal damage, if a direct hit, and the Kjola is idiot enough not to have shields of any sort up. Tiny little insect mandibles? Even gold ones? They’d crumple like trying to shove gold leaf through a brick.

However, there are two loopholes. One is that she could be pretending to be bit, and turning herself to gold, for the fun of it. Whatever fun it is. The other loophole is that she *might* have intentionally divested herself of most of her extraterrestrial capabilities, and be much the same flesh and blood as humans. In that case, the effect of the gold bug’s bite would be as involuntary, and perhaps as permanent for her as it would for you or me.

I guess deliberately turning yourself into a gold statue might be an interesting way to observe human greed...

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