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Horny God
by Leem
Illustrated by Brian 56321

An erotic male story using plot devices derived from Thirsty God by Margaret St. Clair

I’ve previously used St. Clair’s story as the basis for Flotsam Male Remix, but this time I’ve stuck much more closely to St. Clair’s original plot. I found that I couldn’t just add erotic elements to the original story, though - I had to add lots of original touches as well.

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

For legal purposes this story may be regarded as a constitutionally-protected parody of the original.

Thanks to Brian 56321 for once again supplying a piece of unsolicited artwork that surpasses my own vision of the story. Be sure to check out more of Brian’s art at

Bryn had been riding for hours. He and his mount were exhausted, but his pursuers just wouldn’t give up. The constant deluge had made the ground treacherous, but he couldn’t afford to slow down. If Thazu’s family caught him he’d never get away. It would be a fate worse than death.

It was one thing to have experimented sexually with the purple-skinned alien youth, but he had never expected Thazu to take it so seriously. Just because Bryn possessed nano-enhanced sexual stamina and endurance, and had treated Thazu to a few advanced sexual techniques he’d downloaded from the mindweb, his purple lover had ended up practically worshipping him as a love-god.

What was worse, Thazu had gone and told his family about the affair. Bryn knew the purples were open about sex, but he hadn’t expected Thazu to describe everything that he and Bryn had done together in minute anatomical detail.

Thazu’s family were unanimous. Having shared such intimacy there was nothing for it but for Bryn to marry Thazu immediately.

Bryn had never intended things to go so far. What was worse, the purples believed in extended marriages, which meant that Bryn would also be marrying Thazu’s six brothers and five sisters. In fact, from what he had overheard the family discussing, he would also be technically married to Thazu’s thirty-six cousins, and quite possibly to their distant cousins as well....

That wouldn’t be marriage as Bryn knew it. It would be more like slavery. He’d even caught a glimpse of the chains they were planning to use on him.

And so he had stolen a drok-beast and fled back across the rain-lashed plain. Unfortunately he had left in such a rush that his rainproof jacket was still back at Thazu’s house, and he was soaked to the skin. He had never realised just how much he took its water-repulsion field for granted until he found himself stranded without it at the beginning of this planet’s wet season.

What was worse, he didn’t have his compad which meant he had no way to tell anyone where he was or get directions back to the spaceport. He was already disoriented before the fog closed in, and by the time it had finally lifted he knew he was totally lost.

Unfortunately, Thazu’s family hadn’t lost him. He could still hear the splashing of their drok-beasts’ hooves in the distance.

The situation seemed hopeless. Very soon now Bryn was going to fall of his mount from exhaustion and hypothermia, and then the purples were going to tie him up and carry him back to a life of sexual servitude.

In the distance, obscured by the lashing veils of rain, Bryn thought he could see a blork. The plains were their territory. Blork were large humanoid amphibians. During the rainy season their bodies absorbed rainwater, expanding to several times their original girth. It was comical to watch them waddling about like giant, mobile water balloons, but anyone who got too close would find themselves roughly shoved aside. All that mass of moisture possessed a rather noticeable momentum.

It would be no use asking the blork for help. They were neither hostile nor friendly, but merely indifferent to other species.

Then, just as Bryn was beginning to lose all hope, he spotted something that made his heart leap.

Standing on a low elevation less than a hundred cubits away was a small dome-shaped structure with a single arched entrance, composed of a type of translucent crystal that was common in local outcrops. As far as Bryn knew the structure was some sort of shrine.

Bryn had first seen the shrines when he had travelled across the plain to purple territory. To satisfy his curiosity he had glanced inside one of them, and was surprised to find a purple youth sitting naked in the centre of the floor.

The young purple had shown no sign of embarrassment or alarm at Bryn’s entrance, even though Bryn was probably the first human he had ever seen. Even when Bryn had greeted him in his halting native speech the purple had not replied. He had simply remained silent and still, moving only his eyes to study Bryn. Feeling like an intruder, Bryn had made a respectful gesture and exited the shrine, pausing only to take a surreptitious glance at the young purple’s impressive erection.

As he and his guide travelled on they came across several more shrines. Most were empty, but a few of them were also occupied by solitary purples, male and female, all of them naked, and all equally unresponsive to his greetings.

Bryn had attempted to question his native guide about the shrines, but back then his grasp of the purples’ language had been far from perfect. As far as he could make out, there were several hundred shrines but only a few of them were occupied by purples.

When Bryn had asked his guide what the purples were doing in the shrines, the guide merely answered, “They sit. Long, long time they sit. Not leave, not move. Just sit.”

He spoke as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

Well, maybe it was obvious in this world, but Bryn wasn’t from this world, and he couldn’t figure out why a bunch of purples would discard their clothes and spend long periods sitting motionless inside small, featureless domes in the middle of blork territory.

His best guess was that they were performing some kind of meditation. He didn’t see why they couldn’t just meditate at home, in comfort, but there was no accounting for alien customs.

Right now, though, as well as offering the only shelter for thousands of cubits around, the shrine might also give him a chance of escaping Thazu’s family. If he pretended to be meditating they might decide he was holy or untouchable and leave him alone. It was a long shot, but at that moment it was the only shot he had.

And so as soon as they reached the shrine he leapt off of his exhausted drok-beast and sprinted inside. The shrine was empty, which was just as well. Normally he would have minded sharing a space with a young, nude purple of either sex, but if they were meditating they wouldn’t be very entertaining company.

By the time Thazu and his family arrived at the shrine Bryn was already sitting comfortably inside, his clothes, pack and water flask neatly arranged on the floor beside him.

The floor felt as soft and pliant as wet mud, except that it was perfectly dry to the touch. Well, it didn’t matter what it was made of as long as it was comfortable. Hopefully once the purples were convinced he wasn’t about to leave his sanctuary they would give up and go home, and then he could sneak back to the spaceport before the worst of the rains set in.

One of the purples led Bryn’s spent drok-beast to the nearest pool of water, while the rest made their way to the shrine’s entrance. Bryn watched them approach but did not move or speak.

As he had hoped, the purples stopped in the archway and did not attempt to enter the shrine. He was grateful that they respected its sanctity.

In fact it was not the shrine’s sanctity they respected, but its powers. They knew, as Bryn did not, that the shrines were not to be entered into lightly.

Thazu stepped forward and stood in the doorway pleading with Bryn to come out.

“It was a joke,” Thazu insisted. “The chains are for restraining untamed drok-beasts. Don’t you Outsiders have a sense of humour?”

Oh, yeah, thought Bryn. Freakin’ hilarious. Do they really think I can’t read their expressions by now? They weren’t joking about making me the family love-slave. The moment I step outside they’ll all jump on me and drag me back in a sack.

But Thazu persisted: “Please, Bryn, don’t do this. I admit we may have been a bit hasty chasing you like that, but I know that we can still make this work. There are lots of pleasure techniques we haven’t tried yet, and many of my siblings and cousins know others. Please, Bryn, you don’t have to do this. It’s not too late to change your mind yet.”

Bryn continued to sit silently, moving only his eyes to favour Thazu with a disdainful glance.

Puzzled by Bryn’s lack of response Thazu and his family stepped aside, conversing too quietly for Bryn to hear.

“Has it already taken?” said one of Thazu’s brothers.

“Can’t have done,” said another. “It never happens this quickly.”

Thazu’s father said, “Don’t forget he’s an Outsider. Maybe it works differently on them.”

“From what I’ve seen,” chuckled the first brother, “There’s not much difference between our bodies and the Outsiders’. And Thazu really ought to know!”

Thazu blushed a deep indigo.

Meanwhile Bryn continued to sit quietly, secure in his nave optimism that once the purples grew tired and left he would be free to leave. He had no idea that at that moment his body was being scanned from head to foot by the shrine’s concealed mechanisms.

As the rainy evening darkened toward nightfall Thazu and his family continued to call from the doorway, begging him to leave the shrine. It was all to no avail. All they said or did left him (literally) unmoved, and as night fell they huddled in their cloaks against the deepening rainfall.

Bryn was determined to stay awake in case the purples tried to abduct him while he slept. In fact they had no such intention. They were already resigned to the fact that they had lost him, and were merely awaiting the inevitable.

At nightfall the purples watched the shrine’s roof take on a dull red glow. Forces were at work that they could not understand, but whose results they had witnessed before.

Inside the shrine Bryn’s mind was invaded by an energy probe and his consciousness instantly blanked out. Other probes simultaneously began to alter his body, modifying some of his organs in ways that no human surgeon could have imagined, replacing others with alien equivalents, and even finding room within his lean torso to insert new organs that no human had ever possessed.

Thanks to the mind probe Bryn could neither think nor feel pain, but his subconscious continued to accumulate impressions.

The purples seated outside could hear the alien machines at work on Bryn but preferred not to watch what they were doing to him. Remembering Bryn’s lovemaking Thazu sighed forlornly and masturbated himself to sleep.

By the time the alien probes finished their work it was mid-morning of the following day. The energy probe relinquished its grip on Bryn’s mind and he found himself awake, wondering how he could have slept all night without dreaming. He felt none of the stiffness he might have expected from sitting motionless all night; in fact he felt remarkably comfortable and refreshed. Yet for all that, his subconscious was trying to tell him that something weird had happened to him.

Outside, the purples were making preparations to leave. That was hardly surprising given the weather conditions. The rain was beating down fiercely, and it wasn’t near the height of the season yet.

Well, I won’t be staying long either, he thought. Just long enough to make sure the purples aren’t coming back or waiting in ambush nearby.

He was feeling rather thirsty, but the water flask was right next to him. All he had to do was reach down and pick it up.

Bryn sat still.

For a moment he was puzzled. He had given his body the signal to move, and so he expected to find the flask in his hands. But his hands were still at his sides, and the flask was still on the floor beside him.

Perhaps he was just tired. He had only imagined himself picking up the flask. This time he made a conscious effort to reach down and raise it to his lips.

Bryn remained still. His muscles did not even twitch.

A terrible realisation dawned upon him.

Oh, gods, he thought.

With every last gram of willpower he commanded his body to move, to break the invisible shackles that held it still.

His body remained motionless as a doll.

Subconsciously he knew that his body had been changed, although he couldn’t imagine how or by what, still less why.

He could see, hear and feel perfectly well, but something was preventing his nerves from transmitting commands to his muscles.

It was impossible to move.

Then he remembered what his former guide had told him of the other shrines’ occupants: “They sit. Long, long time they sit. Not leave, not move. Just sit.”

Oh, dear gods, he thought. The purples knew that this was going to happen to me. This is what had happened to all of those purples I saw in the other shrines. They weren’t meditating at all - they were paralysed!

Even years of sexual slavery would have been better than this helplessness! Oh, gods, if only I’d listened to Thazu’s advice and left the shrine, but now it’s just too late!

Fortunately for Bryn’s sanity, his self-pitying reverie was interrupted by Thazu, who had finally plucked up the courage to enter the shrine.

“I think it’s very brave, what you’re doing” said Thazu. “Few have ever endured the change willingly. Most of those who opt for this fate do so reluctantly as a form of penance.”

“You’re wrong,” Bryn wanted to say. “I’m not brave at all! I didn’t know this was going to happen! Please, Thazu, you have to help me!”

But he couldn’t say it. He could not make a sound, nor even open his mouth.

So many things he had wanted to say to Thazu, and now he never would....

“Forgive me, my beloved,” whispered Thazu, kneeling before Bryn. “I lack the courage to join you, and so I can only be with you for this brief time while the magic replenishes itself.”

Thazu caresses the paralysed Bryn
Thazu caresses the horny, paralysed Bryn.
CAUTION: Full-size version is erectly NSFW!
Illustration Brian 56321, October 2007.

Thazu reached forward, gently stroked Bryn’s hair and kissed him. Bryn couldn’t open his mouth, but Thazu carefully eased Bryn’s jaws apart so that he could caress Bryn’s tongue with his own.

Bryn had a sudden and powerful erection.

It was ironic. The only part of him apart from his eyes that wasn’t paralysed was the one part he couldn’t do anything with.

“Your courage will always be remembered,” Thazu told him. “Your name will be honoured among our family as long as its name endures.”

Knowing his family’s promiscuity, it’ll endure for a long time, Bryn thought.

Then he wondered if he wasn’t going crazy, to be finding humour in such a hopeless situation.

Thazu’s hands moved downward to caress Bryn’s firm chest and back while his tongue continued to explore Bryn’s mouth. Bryn couldn’t stop him. Doll-like, he could neither protest nor resist in any way.

As much as Bryn loved Thazu, there was another part of him that hated the purple youth, first for failing to warn him about the shrine, and now for tormenting him so while he was helpless.

Bryn’s erection had grown huge, red hot and throbbing, and there was nothing he could do to relieve it.

After a few more endless minutes of this gentle torture, Thazu leant back and took a small object out of his belt purse.

“I was going to give you this as a wedding gift,” he told Bryn. “Father said I should save it for another, but I bought it for you. Oh, Bryn, I have never stopped loving you. In my heart we are already married, and this will seal our bond.”

The object was a small crystalline disc on a silver chain. The disc seemed to be made from the same type of translucent crystal as the shrine, and it emitted a faint golden glow.

Right now a wedding present was the last thing on Bryn’s mind, but there was nothing he could do to prevent Thazu from slipping the chain over his head, carefully adjusting the disc so that it hung in the centre of his chest, and once more caressing that chest lovingly.

“Oh, Bryn, you are so beautiful,” sighed Thazu. “No matter what happens, I will always remember you.”

I don’t want to be a memory, Bryn thought. I just want to go home.

Thazu’s long, supple fingers unhurriedly explored Bryn’s torso.

“Oh, your muscles are so firm,” Thazu whispered.

The irony of that was not lost on the inanimate Bryn.

As Thazu continued to stroke Bryn’s body the human began to feel a tingling sensation emanating from the centre of his chest, just where the pendant was hanging. It was not an unpleasant sensation. Quite the opposite, in fact. The tingling had soon spread throughout his entire body, enhancing and amplifying Thazu’s caresses. Bryn’s penis throbbed and hardened painfully.

It seemed that the disc was a sensory amplifier. Who could have thought that a primitive culture like the purples’ would possess such things?

At long last Thazu turned his attention to Bryn’s forlorn erection, taking the throbbing shaft into his mouth and rocking back and forth while attending to his own erection by hand.

If Bryn could have done anything at all, he would have been moaning and writhing in ecstasy. Long, slow ripples of pleasure radiated from the base of his penis to every nerve in his body, enhanced and amplified by the pendant until Bryn could barely stand it.

After only a few minutes of this Bryn thought he was going to come explosively, but he didn’t. Time and time again Thazu brought him to the very brink of climax and held him back at the very last moment.

Bryn’s body was so racked with pleasure that he could barely think. He could barely even remember his own name. Half of his mind was screaming Oh, gods, please let it end, while the other part howled, Oh, gods, never let it end.

Eventually, though, it had to end. Thazu’s articulate lips and tongue gradually brought Bryn to the brink once again, but this time he felt himself poised there for what seemed like an hour. Then at last, slowly at first but with ever-increasing rapidity, his sensations grew and grew, amplified by the pendant until he couldn’t think at all.

There was one last incandescent flash of ecstasy, followed by a series of powerful aftershocks that blasted semen into Thazu’s waiting mouth. Thazu almost choked from the force and volume of come that Bryn’s transformed body expelled. Bryn might not have many working muscles any more, but the ones that did still work were stronger than ever.

Thazu sat up, half-laughing, half-coughing, and kissed Bryn on the mouth, returning some of his essence to him. Bryn swallowed reflexively, involuntarily taking back his own. A small glow of pleasure spread from the vagus nerve in his throat all the way down his spine until it washed over his penis and prostate, giving him another small orgasm.

Thazu picked up Bryn’s water bottle and washed his mouth out with it.

Oh, well, Bryn thought. I suppose it wasn’t a complete waste of time bringing it, then.

Thazu caressed Bryn’s back gently.

“It’s curious,” Thazu told him. “Your body has become dry and leathery, and the whites of your eyes have turned orange. I wish I knew the reason for the changes wrought by the shrines, but I will always admire your courage in choosing to undergo them.

No, you’re wrong, you’re wrong! thought Bryn. I didn’t choose this! This is a prison, a living death! I want to be free! I want to move! I WANT TO BE ALIVE!!!

But of course he couldn’t tell Thazu that.

Thazu washed the semen off of Bryn’s body and lips, and then glanced nervously at the walls of the shrine.

“I cannot stay,” he told Bryn. “If I remain in the shrine I will also be changed as you have been. Forgive me, my beloved, but I do not have the courage to join you.”

A tear rolled down Thazu’s beautiful violet face as he leant forward to kiss Bryn goodbye.

Don’t leave me here, Bryn thought. Take me with you. Take me back to the human city! Even if the hospitals in town don’t have the medical facilities to cure my paralysis, the visiting Navy starcruisers will!

But Thazu simply picked up Bryn’s discarded clothing and gear and walked out of the shrine to his drok-beast. Within minutes all of the waiting purples had also mounted up and ridden away into the rain.

Bryn was left alone, to listen to the rain hammering on the roof of the shrine. His emotions were an uncomfortable mixture of post-coital euphoria and depression.

All of his hopes, his dreams, his ambitions, had been brought to nothing. Locked in his body, he could never do anything ever again. He couldn’t even die.

Long, long time they sit. Not leave, not move. Just sit.

Bryn would have sighed if he could. If he allowed himself to dwell on his plight he would only go mad.

Ironically, it seemed the only way he could keep himself sane was by doing what he had thought the shrines were for in the first place: meditating.

Bryn did his best to clear his mind of all distracting thoughts, but once again his body betrayed him.

His penis was still hugely erect and throbbing, rising and falling slowly between forty and fifty degrees of elevation. As it did so it was giving him periodic twinges of pleasure that were also being greatly amplified by the pendant on his chest.

There was nothing he could do to make his penis detumesce. Ironically, it was the only part of his body that he couldn’t prevent from moving.

He remembered that all of the male purples he had seen in their shrines had also had big erections, but it was only now that he realised that their erections were all permanent. Obviously whatever caused it had now happened to him as well.

It was impossible to concentrate on celibacy and asceticism when he was so helplessly horny. In the end, instead of trying to ignore his arousal there was nothing he could do but give in to it completely.

It was, he supposed, still meditation of a sort. He wasn’t exactly contemplating his navel, but it wasn’t very far from it.

As well as his constant arousal he was also feeling some odd sensations that he couldn’t identify, which seemed to originate somewhere in his lower abdomen. They did not seem to be related to his arousal, but they were not at all unpleasant either.

Just feeling his erection pulsate was better than nothing, but Bryn would have given anything for the ability to move one arm. That kind of “meditation” would at least have gone some way toward relieving his helpless state.

It would be even better if Thazu and his cousins should come back and take care of his erection for him, one at a time or all together, sliding their strong yet supple fingers up and down its shaft....

Or maybe if a squadron of Star Marines should discover his shrine while en route to quelling some alien rebellion, and decide to take a little R&R with his helpless body, putting their nerve stimulators to more constructive use....

And then there were the Malvian octopoids, which could do some very inventive things with their tentacles....

Once he began fantasizing he couldn’t stop, and the more he fantasized the harder his erection became. It was endlessly frustrating that he couldn’t do anything with it, but it was just possible that if he was able to arouse himself sufficiently he might just make himself come.

And so as the day wore on and the deluge continued, armies of human, purple, alien and android lovers marched through Bryn’s mind and performed every conceivable sexual act upon his paralysed body, while in reality he continued to sit motionless and his pulsing erection gradually came closer and closer to vertical, growing a tiny bit longer and thicker with each muscular contraction.

It was about an hour before noon when his reverie was interrupted by an actual visitor. He had been in the middle of a particularly inventive fantasy involving hundreds of satyr-droids that had been accidentally programmed for gang-rape, and the interruption came at a decisive moment, causing Bryn considerable frustration.

Bryn might not have minded so much if the visitor had been willing or able to satisfy his sexual hunger for real. But the figure that stood in the entranceway was no satyr-droid, nor even a horny purple. To Bryn’s surprise, the newcomer was a blork.

The blork was so heavily waterlogged that its body was pear-shaped, wobbling slightly like a jelly as it stood, almost filling the space between Bryn and the archway that it had only just managed to fit through.

Bryn could not imagine what the blork might want with him. It couldn’t possibly be anything sexual. The creature was so bloated with water that it probably couldn’t even find its genitalia, let alone use them. And Bryn had never heard of the blork eating meat. So what reason could it possibly have had for visiting him in his lonely shrine?

Even as he pondered this question, the odd sensations in his abdomen began to intensify, as if the blork’s presence had somehow aroused them. They were strange, unfamiliar, even alien feelings, yet they felt very pleasant. The sensations were not exactly sexual in nature, but the stronger they became the more his erection responded in sympathy.

The blork began to rotate slowly in front of Bryn, growling low in its throat - its equivalent of singing. Minute by minute the alien feelings coursing through Bryn’s body became stronger and more pleasurable, amplified by Thazu’s crystalline pendant. In response Bryn’s erection became rock-solid and vertical, red hot and flat against his stomach.

It was hardly surprising that the sensations felt alien to him, since alien technology was responsible. The only beings that had ever experienced these feelings before were the purples in the other shrines. Bryn was on the verge of discovering a secret that, like something out of a fairy tale, could only be discovered by a few and could never be revealed by those who discovered it.

As the blork continued to turn in front of him, Bryn’s view of it began to grow misty. At first Bryn thought the alien ecstasy was beginning to affect his vision, until he realised that what he was seeing really was mist. Something was causing moisture to evaporate rapidly from the blork’s body, and Bryn had a pretty good idea of where it was going. His own body, transformed in ways he could not understand, was responding to the blork’s dance by absorbing its excess water.

That was why the blork had come. It knew that an occupied shrine was a place to shed its unwanted moisture.

At last Bryn understood the relationship between the shrines and the blork. The shrines’ occupants gave comfort to the blork by dehydrating them, and received countless hours of alien ecstasy in return.

Of course the occupants had no say in the matter. Helpless and inanimate, they were completely at the mercy of the blorks’ needs. Yet willing or not, there was no doubt that the alien sensations felt wonderful, and the stronger they became the more Bryn wanted. If it meant he could go on experiencing them, he would gladly remain paralysed for the rest of his life.

That was probably just as well.

He was so absorbed in the alien pleasures that he hardly even noticed his erection throbbing in sympathy, until almost without warning he found himself coming... and coming... and COMING....

Combined with the alien ecstasy and amplified by Thazu’s pendant, his stupendous orgasm almost made him pass out - but not quite. He couldn’t escape that easily. He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t make a sound....

The ancient Xgjz, who had built what Bryn called the shrines half a billion years before, would have been very surprised to discover the effect their technology would someday have upon purples and humans. The shrines were actually automated biological converters designed to adapt the bodies of the Xgjz’s slave race from the harsh desert conditions of their homeworld to this planet’s rain-soaked environment. As a bonus, the slaves became stronger, healthier and much hardier.

Once the slaves realised this, they cheerfully massacred their intellectually superior but physically puny masters, stole their ships, and flew off in search of races that they could enslave.

The automated converters were left behind. They didn’t mind who they converted so long as they conformed to a fairly broad set of physiological perimeters.

When the purples eventually evolved they fitted those parameters almost perfectly, and so did Bryn.

It was of course their very slight imperfection that caused the conversion to paralyse their bodies, and caused the absorption process to bombard them with ecstasy.

Bryn could never have guessed any of this. In fact at that moment he could barely think at all. For endless minutes he came and came, ejaculating huge gouts of semen. The semen dried instantly and fell as powder, because his body absorbed its moisture as well as the blork’s. Absorbing even that tiny amount of extra moisture increased the amount of alien ecstasy that his abdominal implants were feeding him, and that in turn elongated and intensified his orgasm just that little bit more.

If the blork noticed this at all it gave no sign, but simply kept turning and turning....

At last Bryn finally stopped coming, which gave him a slight respite from the intensity of his sensations.

Watching through a haze of water vapour and ecstasy, Bryn noticed that the blork didn’t seem quite as fat as it had when it entered. His own body, on the other hand, was beginning to feel distinctly heavier. All of the excess fluid he was draining from the blork’s body added up to a substantial amount of weight. His thighs had already expanded, pushing his arms outward.

If his body kept on absorbing the blork’s water he would just keep getting fatter and fatter until it killed him. Yet surely that couldn’t be the whole story. The purples he had seen in the other shrines had not been grossly fat. Something must have reversed their fluid absorption at some point.

Meanwhile the blork kept rotating, rain kept pounding against the roof of the shrine, Bryn kept experiencing incredible alien pleasures, and his penis kept throbbing and throbbing, eventually favouring him with three more orgasms.

After what seemed like an eternity the blork finally stopped rotating. Bryn’s alien implant turned itself off and his unbearable ecstasy faded to a pleasant euphoria.

Bryn would have sighed with relief if he could. The alien sensations were amazing, but they were also overpowering.

The blork yawned and stretched. Now that it had shed its excess moisture the creature looked almost human, and not bad-looking at that. Its body had grown slim and tautly-muscled. Bryn could now see that it was male, and by human standards impressively endowed.

Meanwhile, Bryn’s own endowment was almost equally impressive. His erection was permanent and almost vertical, and had grown almost half again as long and twice as thick as it used to be.

Now that it had stopped turning in front of him the blork seemed to take an interest in Bryn as an individual for the first time. Kneeling before him, the alien studied Bryn’s body curiously, then reached out and began to explore his skin with its leathery fingers.

Bryn’s skin had grown to fit his expanded body, and it the process it had become incredibly sensitive to touch. The blork’s caresses caused his penis once more to begin throbbing almost painfully.

It wasn’t long before the blork’s fingers reached his throbbing penis. The blork immediately began stroking its own penis, and then spent a little while comparing its erection with Bryn’s.

A moment later the blork sat in front of Bryn and began to manipulate his foreskin with one hand while attending to its own with the other.

After all that had happened to him already he hadn’t thought he was still capable of being surprised, but the last thing he could have expected was that a blork would ever choose to masturbate him.

The blork’s fingers were long and thick and hot, and their movements were slow and rhythmic. If he could have moved a muscle, if he had been capable of doing anything for himself anymore, Bryn would have been trying to resist the blork. Or maybe he would have been trying to help it. The truth was, he didn’t know which. As it was, he couldn’t do anything but give in to the sensation.

Now that Bryn’s body was no longer absorbing the blork’s water his sensations were no longer alien or overwhelming, although they were still more intense and sensuous than before, and they were still being amplified by Thazu’s pendant.

Before long the blork emitted a basso profundo rumble of pleasure and came, ejaculating a stream of thin, white semen, and Bryn felt a small sting of alien pleasure as his body absorbed its moisture.

That was enough to push Bryn over the brink of orgasm. For several minutes he felt his pleasure building and building, until finally he came long and hard.

This time his ecstasy was a purely human sensation, for all that it was being caused by an alien, and he savoured it as a rare reminder of his old life.

Semen burst out of him in ten or twelve long, hot pulses. Bryn felt another rush of alien ecstasy and his ejaculate was dehydrated in mid-air.

The blork rumbled what might have been its equivalent of a sigh. Then after a long moment it stood up and turned to walk away. As it strode into the endless downpour Bryn was treated to a view of its lean back and buttocks.

He could never have imagined that he would some day be aroused by a blork’s body, but now the sight of the creature’s firm arse was enough to make him harder and hornier than ever, and after a moment he came again, re-absorbing its liquid content the instant it left his body.

Bryn was left alone in the darkening shrine, feeling an odd mixture of elation and post-coital melancholy.

The blork would not be back for a while. It would take several days or weeks for its body to become bloated again. But it was sure to tell all of its waterlogged friends about the shrine’s helpful new occupant. Bryn had a feeling that soon he was going to be very popular.

During the night the shrine’s walls glowed a dull red, and Bryn felt a warm tingling all over his body. It was far less intense than the sensations he felt while absorbing the blork’s excess fluid, but it was very pleasant all the same.

It didn’t take Bryn long to figure out what was happening. The shrine was absorbing the excess fluid that he had absorbed from the blork.

If that was the case, then why didn’t the blork just let the shrines absorb their moisture directly? Probably, Bryn supposed, because it didn’t work that way. There must be something about the process that prevented the blork feeding the moisture to the shrines without the intervention of their paralysed inhabitants.

If absorbing the moisture had been frenetic and erotic, getting rid of it was more like being lovingly caressed all over. His penis throbbed slowly and steadily, and sometime around dawn he had the first of several mild but enjoyable orgasms.

He couldn’t sleep, but eventually he entered a kind of euphoric trance in which thoughts flowed slowly and memory made no demands upon his composure.

It might have been midday when he woke. If anything, the rain outside the shrine was even more torrential than ever. Forgetting himself for a moment Bryn tried to get up, and was immediately reminded of his paralysis.

He was alone in the shrine. Either the blork hadn’t told its waterlogged friends about him yet, or they hadn’t yet found the time to visit him.

He was no longer bloated with moisture. As far as he could tell, his body had returned to its original dimensions - apart from his penis, which remained huge, thick and vertical.

Without the blork present he couldn’t slake his thirst. He was able to take the edge off of his thirst by absorbing the humidity in the atmosphere, but it was not enough to satisfy his body’s craving for moisture. He began to feel dry and dusty. Even his penis slowly sank to a horizontal position, although it remained thick and hard.

All day long he waited in the hope that another blork would come, but he waited in vain. He began to think that his encounter with the blork was a one-off, and that he would be condemned to spend the rest of his life in this forlorn and dehydrated condition.

As it turned out, his fears were premature. Next morning two blork arrived. They were so bloated that they only just fit inside the shrine, and when they began turning in front of Bryn they had to rotate in opposite directions, like a pair of cogwheels.

If Bryn had thought his previous experience would prepare him for this, he was mistaken. The moisture from two blork was too much for one alien implant to handle, but the Xgjz had been great believers in multiple redundancy, and their machines had implanted Bryn with not one but seven of them, each keyed to a different part of his brain’s newly-enhanced pleasure centre.

As soon as the two blork began rotating in front of Bryn, two of the implants in his abdomen became active, bombarding his nervous system with two powerful, but separate and completely different, streams of alien ecstasy, amplified beyond belief by the crystalline pendant.

Bryn hardly noticed as his thirst vanished and his erection stiffened. It was becoming impossible to think straight. If he could have moved at all, he would have been howling and rolling on the floor and jerking his huge erection furiously in an attempt to relieve the sensations that were overwhelming him so.

As it was, he actually managed emit a low groan from deep in his throat, and his body twitched and spasmed in response to his hectic commands, although he still could not make it move freely.

After a few moments his twitching and groaning intensified as he climaxed for over a minute and spurted for ten more.

If the blork noticed the effect they were having on him they gave no sign, but simply continued turning and rumbling contentedly.

Hours passed. Bryn was coming every half hour or so, but he hardly noticed because the alien sensations were gradually becoming even stronger as his body expanded from the blork’s moisture.

He could barely think clearly. He couldn’t remember his name. He didn’t know what he was or how he came to be where he was.

He thought that he must be a god, because no mortal could survive such Olympian pleasures.

At long last the now-slim blork stopped turning and stood, naked and beautiful in their own way, before their plump and priapic deity. With only a brief glance at each other they rolled him onto his stomach and took turns worshipping his expanded arse with their impressive penises.

The god who had been Bryn accepted their worship as his due.

When at last they had had their fill, the blork rolled their god back into a sitting position, where he sat out the night in a euphoric daze, gradually shedding his excess water in readiness for more worship.

The long rainy season was only just beginning.

As the long, wet days wore on more and more blork came to visit their new god. Sometimes they came in pairs, but occasionally as many as four of them would cram themselves into the shrine’s small entrance, swaying slightly against each other because they had no room to turn.

The more blork there were, the greater the number of alien implants that reacted to their presence. Sometimes the Bryn-god’s nervous system was flooded with four or five streams of impossible ecstasy, in permutations that were never the same from one day to the next. It was utterly overwhelming and he was acutely aware that he was helpless to stop it.

Eventually his sensations became so intense that they began to spill over onto his other senses. He was assailed by exotic scents and tastes, heard strange, haunting music and viewed swirling four-dimensional patterns in colours that no human had ever seen before.

It was all too much for the amplifier crystal, which overloaded and went into a feedback loop, locking him in a permanent orgasm.

There was nothing the paralysed god could do except give in to his unbearable pleasure.

Part of him was screaming: No! This is too much! Please, God, let it end!

Meanwhile another (and perhaps stronger) part was moaning: Ohh, yes! More! More! I want it to go on forever!!!

But the rainy season could not last forever.

Eventually the peak of the season passed, and slowly - almost imperceptibly at first - the rains began to slacken off.

Some days the god would only find three blork swaying before him rather than four. That reduced his alien pleasures a slightly, though by any human standard they remained inconceivably intense.

Then after a few more weeks the god sometimes saw only two blork turning before him. The exotic colours and scents gradually disappeared, but he was still being force-fed three or four streams of alien pleasure.

Then eventually there came a time when only one the blork visited him each day. No matter: one was still enough to trigger a vast amount of alien pleasure.

Finally, though, the blork came less frequently, and eventually there were none at all.

The weather dried up, and so did their horny god’s pleasure. The amplifier crystal finally came out of its feedback loop, and he stopped coming every five minutes.

The sun, which had not shown its face for more than five months, came out and began to dry the ground. The blork had all retired to sheltered caves where they could sleep through the dry season.

The former god who had been Bryn could only reflect on the irony of his situation. Not long before he had been trapped in incredible ecstasy. Now he was just trapped.

The days got drier and hotter. Naked, paralysed, stiff and tormented by thirst, the ex-god could only wait for the inevitable. Without the blorks’ moisture to sustain it his body would soon dehydrate completely.

Eventually his body couldn’t even retain enough moisture to sustain his erection, and his penis rapidly deflated like a limp rag.

As the hot dry days passed his thoughts became slower and less acute. It grew harder and harder for her to concentrate on any subject. Soon it would be impossible to think at all.

Before he finally lost consciousness he thought: next season the blork will have to find a new god.

The former god of the blork sat in his shrine, staring blankly at the dusty ground beyond the entrance. He saw, heard and thought nothing. Rigid, emaciated and desiccated, to all outward appearances he was just a mummified corpse.

The dry season set in with a vengeance. The once-swampy ground was baked hard by the relentless sunshine. The shrine afforded some shelter against the sun, and was quickly colonised by a group of striped lizard-like creatures, who went about their lives indifferent to the mummified figure that shared their home.

As the summer reached its height the last remaining remnants of water from the rainy season dwindled almost to nothing. The lizards were forced to forage further and further in search of precious moisture, and not all of them survived.

At long last, though, the drought began to abate. Clouds began to obscure the sun, depositing increasing amounts of moisture which the lizards and other creatures lapped up greedily.

Yet no sooner had the lizards returned to the shrine than they began to feel thirsty again. Had they been capable of logical reasoning they might have suspected that something strange was happening. Since they were not, there was nothing they could do but keep rushing out to drink over and over again, unaware that the same thing was happening at other shrines all over the plain.

The lizards did not notice that the mummified body in the shrine was slowly changing. It was no longer quite so skeletally emaciated. It was in fact absorbing their moisture like a sponge, and they had no choice but to keep on drinking and inadvertently accelerating the body’s alteration.

The body began to look human again. Thoughts stirred sluggishly in its brain. Eventually its eyes opened and slowly began to focus on its surroundings.

The being that had once been called Bryn was alive. His body had simply become dormant during the dry summer.

After a few weeks, by which time the rains had set in properly, he had regained some self-awareness. He could not remember who or what he was, or how he came to be in his present surroundings. He had fuzzy recollections of a beautiful purple body that he had once held, of large figures turning before him, and of a sensation that was pleasurable yet overwhelmingly intense.

He had a vague feeling that he ought to be able to move, yet no matter how he tried he just couldn’t.

That did not disturb him, though he had a blurry sense that it might be important.

One day a large figure entered the shrine. By now he could just about understand that the figure was really there and not just a memory, and for some reason its presence caused him to feel excited and expectant.

His penis was suddenly and hugely erect.

Then the figure began to rotate in front of him and his implants re-awakened, flooding his nerves with ecstasy for the first time in half a year.

He couldn’t remember how or why his visitor was making him feel such incredible sensations. All he knew was that he didn’t want them to stop.

And they didn’t.


Early one morning, while the rainy season was still young and the blork were only visiting every two or three days, another visitor came to the shrine.

The horny god studied the newcomer. It was smaller than a blork, and certainly much slimmer. Its face was purple in colour, framed by long indigo hair, and stirred vague memories of love and pleasure. The rest of its body was concealed by some kind of brightly-coloured, flexible outer coverings.

Then the newcomer began to make noises from its mouth and throat.

“I’m sorry, Bryn,” it said. “I was wrong about my family. When I got back home they virtually enslaved me. They were going to have me married off. To a girl, would you believe? All they wanted was to use me as a breeder.”

The god did not understand the newcomer’s words directly, but they seemed to stir recollections deep in his subconscious.

The newcomer continued to speak: “Eventually I couldn’t take any more of their bullying. I escaped - just in time, as far as I can tell. I’m pretty sure that if I’d stayed any longer they would have used those chains on me.”

As it spoke the visitor began to remove its coloured wrappings, discarding them outside the entrance, until its body was revealed in all its violet perfection. Now the god could clearly see that it was male, and its erection was almost as big as his own. Its only adornment was a crystal pendant, twin to the one the god wore.

The sight of the newcomer’s naked purple beauty gave the watching god a small orgasm, boosted by the pendant into a mini-nova of ecstasy. His body automatically reabsorbed the moisture from his semen, giving him a flare of alien pleasure.

The newcomer knelt before the god and kissed him, pressing its tongue into his mouth. The god felt sure that this had happened before, but his memory still remained a blur. Then the newcomer wrapped his fingers around the god’s rocky erection and slowly began to stroke him with one hand, while stroking himself with the other.

The god luxuriated in the sensations the newcomer was giving him. They were more sensuous and intimate than the blork’s visits, and the god began to feel the first stirrings of an emotion he had not felt for a long time - love.

The newcomer brought him to the brink of orgasm several times but somehow managed to hold him back. Eventually, though, he could not prevent the inevitable any longer, and the god had a long, slow climax culminating in a massive supernova of delight. He would have been moaning aloud if he could.

A moment later the newcomer also came, moaning loudly enough for both of them.

Fountains of semen gushed from their pulsating erections, crystallizing before they hit the ground as the god’s body absorbed their fluids.

Afterward the newcomer sat with the god, languidly kissing and caressing his immobile body.

“I love you, Bryn,” said the newcomer between kisses. “I’m sorry. I should never have left you. I will never leave you from now on. We will truly be married, and our pendants will be our wedding-tokens.”

The newcomer’s words still meant nothing to the god, at least directly, but he could sense that they were uttered in love and was content.

Meanwhile the shrine’s scanners had detected its new occupant and identified him as a candidate for conversion.

Soon the newcomer stopped talking and transferred his kisses from the god’s mouth and torso to his penis, once again bringing him to peaks of sensual bliss but delaying the inevitable explosion again and again and again, until at last it could be delayed no longer.

While he came and came into the newcomer’s eager mouth the god thought the intensity of his sensations might be affecting his eyesight. The interior of the shrine had taken on a dull reddish colour.

But the red glow was not an hallucination. Before he could react the newcomer was unconscious, still crouching with his mouth wrapped around the god’s erection.

The alien machines had anaesthetised him. Now they began to operate on him.

Strange devices, without actually making any incisions in his skin, somehow managed to remove various squishy objects from his torso, replacing them with plastic-looking implants that throbbed eagerly.

The god watched this procedure in a haze of post-coital euphoria, seeing everything and understanding nothing. The newcomer’s mouth and tongue twitched slightly, causing the god’s erection to throb pleasurably in response.

Eventually the alien devices completed their task and withdrew. The red glow faded and the newcomer woke up, still in his crouching pose.

The newcomer did not move. Vaguely the god realised that the newcomer was now a god like himself, alive yet somehow inanimate. It was what the newcomer had wanted, though he had not expected to be frozen in such an undignified position.

After a little while two blork entered the shrine. If they were surprised to see a second god locked in an intimate pose with the first, they gave no sign of it but simply began turning side by side.

The frozen god’s implants activated, pouring alien ecstasies into his body, and his erection hardened within the new frozen god’s mouth. At the same time the new god’s own implants began working for the first time, awakening him to a whole new universe of pleasure. His mouth involuntarily tightened around the first god’s penis, which throbbed eagerly in response, and his own penis immediately became huge and hot.

As their pleasure grew and grew, they two frozen gods realised that something else was happening. Their implants had somehow linked together so that they were not just feeding their owner’s bodies with ecstasy, but also each other’s. The two gods could feel everything each other was feeling.

Not only their senses, but their minds were becoming linked as well.

+Bryn? Are those your thoughts I can hear? Oh, Bryn, this is unbelievable! I never imagined I could ever feel anything so intense!+

+B...Bryn? Yes... that was my name, before I became a god. And you... you were... Th... Tha... Thazu. Yes, I remember you now. You’ve come back to me. I’m glad. And now you are a god too.+

+A strange kind of god,+ thought Thazu, while tsunamis of pleasure surged through his frozen limbs. +A god that can never speak or move.+

+Yes,+ thought Bryn. +We are living idols now. Our only duty is to give and receive pleasure to the blork who love and worship us.+

+And to each other.+

+And to each other,+ agreed Bryn. +After all, why shouldn’t gods worship each other as well?+

Before long, the intensity of their physical pleasure gradually drove out their memories of who they were and where they came from. Soon after that, they had forgotten that they had ever been anything except the blorks’ immobile gods of ecstasy.

Eventually they were able to remember nothing, except that they loved each other with an intensity as great as their never-ending orgasms. And as the endless years of their paralysis wore on, they were content in that love.

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