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The Guide to Statues and Freezes in Animation
This page used to have numerous missing images. However, WK pointed out that many of the images and descriptions used on this page came from his Master List Animation page, and I've been able to find matches for all the missing vidcaps there. If you enjoy this page I do recommend visiting the Master List site as well. Most of the images there are at higher resolution than those on this page.
--Leem, August 2012.
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Why, you may ask, are we compiling a list of animated statue and freeze sequences? Well, if you’ve ever searched for good statue scenes (women turning to stone, gold, etc.)or frozen scenes in live-action tv or movies, you know that they’re not exactly commonplace. In fact, sometimes, they’re hard as hell to find! (Personally, I suggest checking Iceman’s Statue page to find one of the more comprehensive live-action lists.) Some of us, however, have noticed that such scenes are much more prevalent in animated features... animes, cartoons, computer-gen’s, and the like. And some of those are pretty good, too! Also, we plan to include a select few live-action scenes that are from “Kid’s shows” that don’t quite fit in as cartoons, but might be overlooked on live-action lists.

Images,Info and Disclaimers:  a HUUUUUUGE Thank You to the following for submitting video captures which now appear on this page, including: If you have the ability to do video captures and would like to submit those captured pics from cartoons and anime shows (either ones that currently appear on this list or ones we have neglected to put here yet), please send those vidcaps to  Statue and freeze lovers everywhere will thank you, I promise!

Any images, character names and indicia which appear on the Statue Lovers'Cartoon Guide are the exclusive copyright of their respective animation studios, television distribution agents, and marketing divisions.  We're just borrowing them for illustration purposes.  Thanks.

Keys to Getting the Good Freezes

What makes for a good animated statue/freeze sequence?  Well, for many people there are different stimuli which attract them to the scenes.  I can only point to my own personal experience here, and that should in no way reflect on your own personal tastes.  However, when I classify a transformation (to stone, gold, ice or just plain old immobility) as good, the items I personally keep an eye on include:


Also included is our little rating guide for each of the scenes we’ve seen, based on a 1-4star (*) system.  Some of these ratings will have a half-star, which should be fairly self-explanatory.  The only confusion might be between a half-star (listed as 1/2 *)and a one-and-a-half-stars (listed as * 1/2). Now, since most of the scenes in the animated features tend to be kind of short, here’s how to gauge the difference in ratings:

Any scenes which do not have a star rating simply indicate that our distinguished panel of judges have not yet seen or don’t quite remember the scene well enough to give it a rating.  Help on those such scenes would be greatly appreciated.  Confused yet?  Don’t worry, we’ll explain as we go along!  :-)

All ratings and descriptions have been compiled by our crack staff of editors, based on those factors.  Special thanks to all who have submitted descriptions of episodes so we can either jog our memory or begin looking for new cartoon videotapes.  The "crack staff of editors" includes,but is not limited to:  cmq, Basilisk, ArgoForg, Ruckus, and a few other anonymous souls who wish to remain that way, no matter how much we taunt them about it.  ;)


Adventuresof Bosco (?)

“Forest of Statues”:  Princess Apricot is turned to stone after falling into a cauldron of liquid in a trap set by Scorpion and one other character.  This is an obscure Nipponimation series, one I found out about while web-surfing... therefore, this episode may be hard to find.  NOTE:If anyone has this episode, please contact me!!!!


“(Unsure of Title)”: Two of the female family members are partially encased in an amber-like substance.

Captain N: The Game Master

“The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N”:  In a world based on the Final Fantasy game, videogame related Princess Lana is turned to stone by a witch after she is warned not to move.  Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard that the animation and overall art quality is not all that good.

“Wishful Thinking”: Using a genie, King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard turn Lana (and friends)into gold, but they can still see and speak.  Overall, not too bad.  Couple good shots of Lana after the transformation.( ** 1/2 )

“(Unsure of Title)”: Lana is placed on “pause” and rendered motionless by Captain N.

“(Unsure of Title)”: Lana placed in “pause” mode while in mid-air.

Conan the Adventurer

“(Unsure of Title)”: In the first episode of the show, Conan’s mother (along with his father and grandfather) is turned to stone by Rath-Amon.  It was a fairly short sequence that was replayed several times in flashback features. (* )

Gripe Time: There were a couple other good instances of turning people into statues, but -- as would figure -- none of them involved women.  (What I wouldn’t give to be able to insert Jezmin into the Medusa story they had.)


“Cutey Honey: Volume One”:  The second episode on this video tape features a villainess named the Jewel Princess who collects beautiful girls and turns them into nude statues.  Honey becomes her next target.  This is one of the better statue animations out there, even if they cut from the transform scene.  The blatant nudity helps. ( ***)

Archivist's note: In the absence of the original images I've substituted three vidcaps from the abovementioned Master List page, which may or may not correspond to the originals.

Cutey Honey VidCap from CH: Vol 1, courtesy of ArkyteCutey Honey VidCap from CH: Vol 1, courtesy of ArkyteCutey Honey VidCap from CH: Vol 1, courtesy of Arkyte

“Cutey Honey: Volume Three (?)”:  Honey impersonates a golden statue to capture a teleporting villainess.  I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Defendersof the Earth

“(Unsure of title)”: In the last part of a five-part adventure, the teen children of Flash Gordon, Lothar, and the Phantom (a teen girl named Jedda) are turned to stone when they enter the circle of stones at Stonehenge.       ( ** 1/2 ) NOTE:If anyone has this episode, please contact me!!!!

Gripe Time:Ming the Merciless had ice-soldiers with freeze guns out the yin-yang here,and I NEVER ONCE remember Jedda being frozen or iced over.  Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but this is yet another to drop into the 'big wastes’ department.


“(Unsure of Title)”:  While in China, two of the good’ Dinos’ human friends, including the blond-haired girl, run into the Tyrannos.  While trying to escape on their scooters, they are fired on and hit by a Tyranno’s gun, which forms a pink bubble around each and immobilizes them instantly.  Interesting effect was that they could communicate with people outside the bubble, but they could not move their lips, as if the bubble granted them telepathic communication.  The communication between them sounds kind of forced, which is a decent touch.  ( * 1/2 )

Gripe Time:  I know that among the humans the good’ Dinos befriended was a teenaged blond girl (Sarah?).  I also know that the Tyrannos used a “fossilizer” gun every so often that turned living things into stone.  And in yet another wasted chance, the Tyrannos NEVER fossilized her in an episode.  It’s times like this that I wish I was an animated story writer. (sigh!)

Disney’sAdventures of the Gummi Bears

“The Sinister Sculptor”:A sculptor uses a magic powder to turn animals into lifelike sculptures’.  He petrifies (no pigmentation change here, they just become immobilized) some of the Gummi Bears, who are in turn given to Princess Calla.  After they are freed by Cavin, the sculptor tries to find them again, looking for them in Calla’s room.  When Calla orders him out and threatens to call the guards, he uses the powder on her.  Would’ve been better if they’d actually made the stoned’ creatures look like statues, but Cavin knocking on her head (wooden thumps) makes a nice touch. (** ) NOTE:If anyone has this episode, please contact me!!!!!


“(Unsure of Title)”: Mozenrath gains Genie’s powers after trapping the big blue guy in a giant crystal.  After Jasmine knocks him down, Mozenrath lunges and grabs her by the ankles, and turns her to stone.  The petrification effect sweeping up her body, starting at her feet and ending at her head, makes this one a lot better, considering the scene itself is so short. (** 1/2 )

“(Unsure of Title)”: A group of thieves Aladdin used to hang with is back, and is much more powerful.  They go after Aladdin, who is saved when Jasmine pushes him aside.  For her trouble, she is frozen inside a huge crystal. Another short scene.  ( 1/2 * )

“(Unsure of Title)”:  Serena, the Sand-Witch (ugh... bad pun), is in over her head when she mistakenly frees two other Sand-Witches.  In a scene where she is calling for help to Aladdin at the palace, an image of her appears on the steps tothe courtyard.  The image turns to sand, which for a moment has a nice statue-like quality to it before disintegrating. (1/2 * )

Disney’s Gargoyles

“City of Stone”:  Four-part (I think) series in which Demona casts a spell over television airwaves, and anyone watching the broadcast as the spell is being cast becomes turns to stone when the sun sets, opposite the way Gargoyles turn to stone at sunrise.  Fox and Elisa Maza are turned to stone by the spell.  Personally, I was looking forward to this, but it just didn’t catch me when I finally saw it. ( * 1/2 )

During the original five-part mini-series, there are a couple instances at sunset where Demona turns to stone with Goliath and the others, and a few more such instances later in the series, after Angela (Goliath’s daughter from the mythical land of Avalon) joined the Gargoyles.  USA, at the time of this writing,plays two episodes of Gargoyles daily during their morning USA Action Extreme Team.  It would probably only take a few days of recording to find a few halfway decent statue scenes once they get past the mini-series where Goliath finds Angela on Avalon.

Fangface and Fangpuss

“The Stone Cold Dragon of Gold”:  A sort-of Scooby Doo mock-up in which the title characters become werewolves. In this episode Kim (Fangface and Fangpuss’ companion) is turned to gold, in mid-run.  It’s a short scene, and I don’t know how good it is.

Fantastic Four

“The Diamond of Doom”:  The 60’s show which appeared on NBC, also featuring Herbie the Robot.  The Invisible Girl is turned into a statue of solid diamond by a woman obsessed with gems.  I have reports that this is a fairly good episode, although I haven’t seen it for myself.

Flash Gordon

“(Unsure of Title)”:  1980's Filmation Version.  Dale Arden, in a harem outfit, is paralyzed by Ming the Merciless' power ring.

“(Unsure of Title)”:  1980’s Filmation Version.  Dale, Flash and their little dragon are turned into frozen statues and taken underground to become slaves.  Flash leads a slave revolt to save the day.  About the only thing that saves this very short scene is the fact that they actually show the transformation.  ( * 1/2 )

The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang (Animated)

“(Unsure of Title)”:  While traveling through time, Fonz and the gang stop in Ancient Greece and face off with Medusa.  A Greek girl named Lumiya gives the Fonz a medallion to protect him from Medusa’s gaze, and is turned to stone by Medusa in retaliation.  NOTE: If anyone has this episode, please contact me!!!!!

Galaxy High 'Dollars and Sense' - So THAT'S how they're paying for the party!  Galaxy High video cap courtesy of AnOnYmOuS

“Dollars and Sense”:  Futuristic comedy series about a couple Earthers that are sent to Galxy High as exchange students.  A rich alien woos Aimee, and takes her to a party at his mansion, where he reveals that he’s commissioned a solid gold statue of her.  The gang, after a reference from one of the teachers to “The Midas Touch”, think Aimee is in trouble...  and when they sneak into the mansion, think she’s been turned into a golden statue on display.  Would have been a lot better if it had been an actual transformation. ( * )

Galtar and the Golden Lance

“(Unsure of Title)”:Galtar’s female companion is frozen over after falling into a trap in a pond.  A short scene, but all things considered, you could find a lot worse.  ( * 1/2 )

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

VidCap: Teela frozen by Icer.  Thanks to Busta Toons for the image!“(Unsureof Title)”:  Teela is frozen by the villain Icer's touch and later freed from an ice block.  I only vaguely remember this one, but it seems like this had a few fairly good shots of Teela after she had been iced over.    ( ** )

“Ordeal in the Darklands”: Mira is frozen in mid step, fleeing from the evil Tri-Clops, who beams her into his craft.  Second sequence repeats the first but with He-Man as the villain in a ruse to fool Mira's father.  This is a surprisingly good sequence, especially considering that most Filmation freezes I’ve seen tend to have the victims in a standard “standing” pose, with expressionless faces.  Mira is obviously scared and is frozen while fleeing -- in mid-stride.  It’s definitely a welcome change.      ( *** 1/2 )

“(Unsure of Title)”:  Teela frozen by Evil-Lyn who is in turn frozen by He-Man, who has deflected the freeze beam.  ( * 1/2 ) vidcap: Teela frozen by Evil-Lyn.  Thanks to Busta Toons for the image!

“The Rainbow Explorer(?)” Teela and all the royal family except the queen are having a picnic on the beach when Skeletor arrives and ices them over. Although they’re caught in mid-flight, the close-ups of Man-at-Arms and Teela’s faces show they have the standard Filmation expressionlessness.  (** )

“(Unsure of Title)”:Teela is frozen by Skeletor and placed in a transport tube.  It defrosts her when the transport ship arrives at its destination.  Any more details people can give me on this show would be appreciated.

vidcap: Queen Marlena, Teela and Man-At-Arms frozen.  Thanks to Busta Toons for the image!vidcap: Teela and Man-At-Arms frozen.  Thanks to Busta Toons for the image!vidcap: Teela frozen.  Sense a trend here?  Thanks to Busta Toons for the image!

I also remember that the Starchild’s protector, a blond with a bow, was frozen in the episode “Starchild”, but I don’t remember the particulars.

Iron Man

“The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat”:  From the ’90s Marvel Action Universe series.  The Grey Gargoyle uses his petrifying touch to turn a female Stark Enterprises guard to stone.  The whole scene was way too short, truthfully. (* )

Gripe Time:The general gripe I’ve got about this whole series is that the Grey Gargoyle was vastly underused. With two heroines in spandex and an episode in which GG and the other villain trapped a headstrong, bikini-clad woman on a beach, this was the only episode that had him use his power to petrify a woman.  And she was in a military uniform that certainly didn’t accentuate her figure.  Absolutely shameful.


“(Unsure of Title)”: Jem uses her hologram technology to give the illusion she and her friends are statues in a museum to elude their pursuers.

“(Unsure of Title)”: At the end of a music video sequence in Greece, Jem’s enemies (not the Misfits) portray Midas and Medusa who turn each other into gold and stone.

Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space

“(Title Unknown)”: In this offshoot from the Archies series, the gals are frozen by immobilizing beams and carted off like statues.  NOTE:If you have this episode, please contact me!!!!

Light Years

Topless alien women turned to stone statues by invading forces.  I don’t personally know this one, but if it’s animated, it already sounds like a winner.

The Mighty Hercules

In an untitled cartoon short from this 50’s series, the beautiful Helena is turned to stone by the villain Daedelus, using the Sceptre of Medusa.  This short is contained in the video compilation The Mighty Hercules: The Mightiest Mortal.  This is one of the best earlier flesh-to-stone captures out there.  The fade sequence is well-done, and there are multiple shots of Helena once she’s been petrified.  One of my personal faves. (** 1/2 )

Mork and Mindy (animated)

“(Title Unknown)”: Mork creates the Midas touch and turns Mindy to gold.  NOTE: If you have this episode, please contact me!!!!

Real Adventures of Johnny Quest

“Heroes”:  While in the computer-animated Questworld, Jessie Bannon is turned to stone by Jeremiah Surd, who has made himself look like Medusa.  I recently got this one on VCR (after wasting three timer slots trying to find it). It isn’t half-bad, don’t get me wrong. . . but a lot of the detail gets lost when Jessie petrifies, and there is no good shot of Jessie’s face.  Also, after the initial transformation, there is no other good shot of Jessie in stone.  Another case of a good freeze that could have been a whole lot better.  ( ** ) 

'The Medusa Bug' - Alas, poor Dot! (heh, heh)  Reboot Vid Cap courtesy of Ras 'The Medusa Bug' - Computerized Petrification in Action.  Reboot Vid Cap courtesy of Ras

“The Medusa Bug”:  Hexadecimal creates a virus capable of turning the whole of Mainframe to stone. Computer animated Dot Matrix is turned to stone by the 'Medusa Bug.’  Not too bad, but would have been a whole lot better with more shots of her after petrification or any ONE shot of her during it. ( * 1/2 )


“So You Want to Be a Star”:  (U.S. Title) Sailor Moon is coated in ice by the villain.  She is rescued by Tuxedo Mask, who shatters her icy shell.  I liked this particular scene, even though she only stayed frozen for a few seconds.  The Americanized version has got a pretty cool vox segment during the scene where her face is coated with ice.  In it Sailor Moon’s dialogue becomes disjointed and softer as she freezes. ( **1/2 )

“(Unsure of U.S.Title)”:  Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter, as well as other girls,are in ball gowns and are coated with wax by a Negaverse villain named Polite Society, to become instant mannequins.  This is a pretty good freeze in my opinion, with a relatively lengthy transformation sequence and no cut scenes.  (I personally would’ve made sure Sailor Venus was one of the ones waxed, but my opinions mean nothing to the animation public, or this list would be five times as long as it is and have about 50% more four-star freezes. ) ( *** )

“(Unsure of U.S. Title)”:  From the second season of American SM run. Sailor Mercury is challenged in a chess match by Birdee, who partially freezes (ices) her as she takes her pieces.  So-so. (1/2 * )

“(Title Unknown)”: This is from the Japanese series, and may only be available as an import:  Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars are partially frozen by a dessert-monster who freezes victims under coats of ice.

“(Title Unknown)”: Again, from the Japanese series, maybe only available as an import:  Sailor Moon and all four of the Sailor Team are partially encased in transparent oversized playing cards.


“Scooby Doo meets Cass Russel”: Daphne (and the gang) is entangled in sticky taffy.  While struggling to escape, falls into a vat of rock candy and is frozen under a hardened shell.  Pretty decent... the glint/shiny effect to show they’ve hardened is a nice touch. ( **)

“Scooby Doo meets Jeannie”: An evil Djinn momentarily renders Jeannie (the animated version,which is a mock-up based on the I Dream of Jeannie’ TV show) motionless,and then does the same to the Scooby Doo Gang, including Daphne. ( 1/2 * )

“The Stony Glare Scare”: Daphne is turned to stone by the Mask of Medusa in a simulation picture sequence and for real at the episode's end.  Daphne turned to stone?  Sounds great on paper, and the simulation sequence is promising, but truthfully it turns out to be a botched job -- the part where she actually is petrified is shown only in a wide-angle shot (where you better have a widescreen TV to see the expression on her face) that lasts for about5 seconds tops.  That and the fact that they don’t show the transform sequence at all make what coulda been a classic freeze an “Ehnh” instead. ( * 1/2 )


(The Shazzan series,about a teenaged boy and his sister, Chuck and Nancy, who have magic rings that enable them to call forth the genie Shazzan, appeared along with some of the other shorts on NBC’s Sci-Fi Saturday. The show also included Space Ghost, and the Herculoids, among other shorts.)

“The Idol of Turbana”: Nancy is turned to porcelain by an idol in a city whose inhabitants are made of clay.  My recollections of this one are hazy, but I believe that this was one of the better TF’s of the time.  (** 1/2 )  NOTE: If anyone has this episode, please contact me!!!!!

“Khan of the North Wind”: Both Chuck and Nancy are frozen in ice pillars by the evil Khan. ( * )

“(Unsure of title)”: In a short sequence, Chuck, Nancy and their flying camel are turned into gold by a wizard.         (* 1/2)  NOTE: If anyone has this episode,please contact me!!!!!

“(Unsure of title)”: An evil sorceress turns first Nancy, then Chuck, into “living stone”. They look like statues and cannot move, but can still talk: a clever little plot device that allows them to call Shazzan and escape.  (** 1/2 ) NOTE: If anyone has this episode,please contact me!!!!!


“(Unsure of Title)”: She-Ra finds the lost city of the Cat-People underground. She is frozen in a block of ice by Catra, using a “freeze fire” from her cat-mask.  Later, she is suspended by force field handcuffs on a stone slab. (** )

“(Unsure of Title)”: She-Ra frozen in a block of ice floating in the ocean.

“(Unsure of Title)”: Hordak sends the rebellion a device that stops time within the Whispering Woods.  The pose Adora is caught in is rather dull, but Glimmer is caught while trying to throw the device away, with her mouth wide open and everything, which just about makes up for it.  (** )

Siegfried and Roy, Masters of the Impossible

This is available on video, last I checked. In it, the heroes travel throughout the land, righting the wrongs brought on by the spirits of Greed, War and Chaos (I think!), while finding some interesting takes on some of the more popular statue-involved Greek myths.  King Midas is posessed by the spirit of Greed, and wishes for the golden touch.  After he gets it, his daughter Estella pulls him away from the window, and he grabs her arm, which of course turns Estella into solid gold.  Even though they cut from the actual transformation, the slow pan up showing Estella’s golden form and the ensuing continuity with her statue scenes is some of the best around. The heroes also search for Medusa, who ultimately turns to stone herself.  ( ** 1/2 )


“(Unsure of Title)”: Steelheart is immobilized by a ray beam.

“(Unsure of Title)”: Steelheart (along with the other Silverhawks) is frozen by a villain who can stop time (I think his name was actually Time Stopper).  If I rememberthe show correctly, there were a couple decent shots of her, and the switch from color to black and white to denote time stoppage was a nice touch.( ** )

I know that there were other episodes... one for instance, I believe, had Mon-Starr using a weather device of some sort, which froze Steelheart.  I haven’t listed them merely because I don’t quite remember the particulars. Help on these would be appreciated.


“Statues”:  Dame Skyla and the inhabitants of Skyrealm are turned to stone by a drink created by SkyClone.  A surprisingly decent episode, considering that this wasn’t a really widespread series.  Two unfortunates: some of the multiple shots of the stoned Dame Skyla are just replayed footage,and of course there are three nice-looking Sky Dancers in skintight clothing that miss out on the whole stoning thing (which figures).  (** )

Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

“The Fantastic Mister Frump”:  A full-time loser by the name of Mister Frump finds an amulet dropped by Dr. Doom, which makes his wishes come true for one full day.  As the Spider-Friends (gah! What a name!) are rushing toward him, he turns them to stone.  Firestar is turned to stone, which is a plus.  The artists look like they kinda half-arsed on the close-up of her though, which is a definite minus. ( * 1/2 ) NOTE: If anyone has this episode, please contact me!!!!!

“Crime of the Centuries”: Firestar is sprayed with freezing gas by Kraven the Hunter multiple times.

“Seven Little Super-Heroes”: The Chameleon traps the Spider-Friends and a few other heroes on an island as he picks them off one by one.  Firestar is trapped in a freezing room, blasted by freeze beams and frozen in a solid ice block when she and Iceman try to escape their cells (which neither realize are right nextto one another until it’s too late.)  Later, she’s defrosted by a sun lamp.  The beginning sequence also has a couple close-ups of minature statues of her and Shanna the Jungle Queen which are destroyed by the Chameleon in the pre-show villain rant.  Overall, not too shabby. (** 1/2 )

“Triumph of the Green Goblin”:  Firestar, looking for Spidey (who disappeared after a costume party), is sprayed by liquid nitrogen trap set up by the Green Goblin. She gets a flame shield up in time.  There is a close-up shot of her torso in profile being partially crystallized, but don’t run out to get this one if you’re looking for a statue shot; it doesn’t happen. ( 1/2 * )

“Quest of the Red Skull”:  Firestar is stunned by a freeze grenade and trapped in a cylinder.  She is also strapped onto a missile with freeze coils and icicles on her body by the Red Skull.

“Origin of the Iceman”: Firestar is frozen briefly by Video Man villain.

“Spidey Goes Hollywood”:  While in Hollywood so Spidey can shoot the Spider-Man movie, Firestar is decoyed by a robotic actor created by Mysterio, who traps her in an arctic room.  She is frozen in a pillar of ice as she tries to fly away.  This is one of the best 'ice’ freezes I remember from the show, and obviously, since Firestar got iced quite a bit, that’s a heckuva compliment. ( ** )


“(Unsure of Title)”: Spider-Woman is captured by a stone giant and hit by petrifying rays.  Unfortunately, only her legs turn to stone.

“(Unsure of Title)”: Spider-Woman is frozen in a meat locker, coated with frost and is carried out frozen by some workers.  I am also unsure of some of the specificsof the episode as yet.

“(Unsure of Title)”: Spider-Woman, in her civilian guise, is frozen in olympic track gear by a paralyzing ray. Unsure of other show specifics as of yet.


“(Unsure of Title)”: Wonder Woman and Superman are turned to gold by an alien mummy, while trying to assist Mexican hero El Dorado.

“The Darkseid Deception”:  Wonder Woman is turned into a glass statue by Darkseid.  She is carted off by the villains and rescued by the other heroes, eventually being changed back to normal.  Decent pan shot just after her transformation.  Colorization glitch in a couple short cuts, but otherwise not too bad. ( ** )

“(Unsure of Title)”: Wonder Woman and Rema are paralyzed by rogue warrior women.  The amazons of Paradise Island arrive to help and many warrior women and amazons are paralyzed by beams.

“(Unsure of Title)”:nbsp; Wonder Woman is paralyzed by a space pirate's ray and tractor beamed onto their ship. Pretty short sequence, but she does have a shocked look on her face during the short close-up.

“(Unsure of Title)”:  In a plot concocted by Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are frozen in a steel mill by a Meson Freeze Ray.  They are held immobile undera molten steel- pouring cauldron.  (* )

“The Royal Ruse”:  Wonder Woman, along with the rest of the Superfriends, is turned to stone in a trap set by Darkseid.  Halfway decent, but could’ve been a lot better if the actual transformation had been shown and not cut.  At least the transformation back to flesh centers on WW, but it’s just her face.  ( * 1/2 )

“Wild Cards”:  Wonder Woman and a female Ten are projected from three dimensions to two as they are transformed into giant cards by Darkseid and the Royal Flush Gang.  ( * 1/2 )

“(Unsure of Title)”:  Wonder Woman is paralyzed by a robotic horse's eye beams.  Another short sequence.

“The Curator”: The Hall of Justice is swiped away from the Earth. Wonder Woman is placed in suspended animation for a museum exhibit and dusted off by a robot cleaning droid. Good facial expression on WW, and the whole premise is pretty decent for a 15-minute Super-Powers story, but the shots are too brief and too few (big surprise). ( * 1/2 )

“The Lion Men”:  Wonder Woman is paralyzed and in danger of becoming a museum piece trophy of the Lion Men.  NOTE: If anyone has this episode, please contact me!!!!!

“War of the Gods(?)”:  The Superfriends are called by the Greek Gods to undertake some of the famous mythological tasks.  Wonder Woman is called on to face Medusa.  While rendering assistance, the Wonder Twins look at Medusa and are turned to stone.  I don’t quite remember how good the facial expression on Jayna was, but I remember I enjoyed seeing it.NOTE: If anyone has this episode, please contact me!!!!!

“Day of the Arthropods(?)”: Bug-like creatures plan on using Earth for a base to turn their home planet to stone using a gigantic ray.  While the Superfriends try to foil their plan, Wonder Woman and Superman are hit by the ray and are turned to stone.  (However, as nice as this sounds, their pigmentation remains normal.  I know I was disgusted!) (* )

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“(Unsure of Title)”: Cute reporter April O'Neil is frozen in a timestop ray, doing a nice struggle before being frozen stiff.


“(Unsure of Title)”:  One of the amazon tree warrior's and a villainess' body is turned to stone by the Mask of Gorgon.  Their clothing remains normal.  Many more amazons are frozen in ice by the villainess.

“(Unsure of Title)”:  A giant robot attacks the Cats’ Lair, and after tearing its way in, sprays some of the Thundercats (including Cheetara) with a grey substance that coats them, freezes them, and generally makes them look like statues.

“Thundercats, Ho!(?)”:  Full-length Thundercats movie that went straight to video...Evil ice villainess Chilla freezes the Thundercat Pumira in a short scene where the Thundercats are fighting a group of villains one-to-one. (* 1/2 )

"Unsure of Title":  This episode happens after the addition of the three new Thundercats.  On one of the planets the TC's visit, the blind Thundercat, Lynxo, finds a cave full of statues of older Thunderrans.  A tentacled monster attacks him and begins to turn him to stone.  Other Thundercats arrive (including Cheetara) and are subsequently petrified.  NOTE: If anyone has this episode, please contact me!!!!!


“The Silver Thieves”:  Living clouds are stealing all the nation’s silver.  Sweet Polly is lightning- jolted’ by the Cloud King, which immobilizes her and turns her pale white, like a statue.  In a couple of the cut scenes, she even had the pupil-less eyes.  You know you’re a hardcore statue- hunter when you find yourself tracking down stuff like this.  ;-) ( * 1/2 )

“The Meteor Men (?)”:  Two aliens from Planet Granite (maybe a rehash of Planet Schmanet, Janet?) are sent to Earth to capture a dozen slaves to work their mines.  Using the Granite Gun, they turn a dozen Earthers to stone (which turns out to be really just a coating), including Sweet Polly.  Most of the end effects of these stoned people are pretty lame, though.  Go figure, huh?  ( * )


“(Unsure of Title)”:  Rogue is encased in an amber block.  This may be part of the “Dark Phoenix Saga.”

“Family Ties (?)”:  In this unrelated episode, Scarlet Witch is partially encased in an amber-like substance.

“(Unsure of Title)”: Rogue and Storm are captured by Mojo and forced to participate in television shows that ultimately end in their 'deaths.’  When they 'die’, their bodies are imprinted onto giant overhead plates, which gives the appearance of them being 2-d.  Not bad, but certainly not anything to write home about, either.  Where the hell is the acolyte Chrome throughout this series? ( * )

This list is by no means complete. If you know the titles or particulars to an episode which we have listed as one we’re unsure about, please contact us via e-mail so this page can be updated!

Also, if you knowof an episode with a freeze/statue scene that we have not included in this list, contact me via e-mail (please include such details as show name,episode title (if you know what it is), and a short synopsis, much like what you see above) and I’ll be sure to add it!

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