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Jaskri Series
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Jaskri was just an ordinary girl growing up in a small farming village.
She could never have guessed that her uncanny resemblance to a statue
could have vital cosmic signficance....
All stories are copyright 1999 - 2005 by Leem. All rights reserved. All characters are fictitious
and any resemblance to real persons living, dead or petrified is entirely coincidental.
Word counts are given to the nearest hundred. Ratings are not endorsed by the MPAA, BBFC or ELP.
Freeze-type symbols based on designs by Argo Forg.

Follow these quick links to the stories, or see below for a detailed Index.
1. Jaskri and the Maiden: Original 1999 Version solid statue | Revised 2000 Version solid statue | 2. Jaskri’s Child solid statue | 3. Vacation in the Park solid statue | 4a. Silent Witness: the Arrival solid statue | 5. Jaskri and the Flotsam solid statueliving statue/mannequin | ? Sondra and Veyy solid statue | Timeline for the Jaskri Stories
Jaskri Series Index
Key to symbols:
living statue/mannequinLiving Statue/ Living Mannequin: The body retains its normal texture and (usually) colour and may be malleable, even though the person is incapable of moving voluntarily.
solid statueSolid Statue: The body takes on the appearance of stone, metal or wood, becoming totally rigid and immovable. There is usually no discernible breathing or other sign of life, and the person can be mistaken for a statue even though she may be fully conscious. All of the Jaskri stories fall into this category.)
Jaskri Series:
solid statue1. Jaskri and the Maiden
     Original 1999 Version
       8,200 words, rated PG; April 1999
     Revised 2000 Version
       9,300 words, rated PG; June 2000
What is the connection between Jaskri, an ordinary village girl, Diann, the mysterious healer, and “The Maiden”, an enigmatic work of art? The answer turns out to be stranger than Jaskri could have imagined!
solid statue2. Jaskri’s Child
6,300 words, rated PG; March 2000
Jaskri’s one regret in life was that she never had children, and the events of the previous story seemingly made it impossible. But where there’s a will (and a mysterious healer) there’s a way!
solid statue3. Vacation in the Park
2,300 words, rated PG; August 2000
Some people like to take long, idle vacations. Diann’s might just turn out to be one of the longest, and certainly the most idle, ever taken!
solid statue4a. Silent Witness:
The Arrival

5,800 words, rated PG; August 2001
On planet Sornel, the arrival of an erotic statue is met with disapproval by the planet’s despotic rulers. Elsewhere, Diann recruits a young woman for a simple and pleasurable mission....

Mea culpa: Although I have now added a compromise ending, I never did get round to the second half of this story. I may do some time, but please don’t hold your breath.
solid statueliving statue/mannequin5. Jaskri and
the Flotsam

22,700 words, rated R; March 2002
A crossover with the Flotsam Series.

A dying girl begs the living Maiden statue for help, and discovers to her surprise that the best way to save herself may involve the paralysed Flotsam....
solid statue? Sondra and Veyy:
A Story of Jaskri’s Legacy

19,400 words, rated R; June 2002
Two thousand years later...
When two girls are forced into virtual slavery aboard a sleazy space station, a strange alien artifact seems to offer a way out, not only for them but for other victims as well. Meanwhile two Friends of the Maiden are keeping a close eye on the girls, while the TC’s keep an eye on them....
Timeline for the
Jaskri Stories
If you’re confused about how the Jaskri stories fit together chronologically, check out this timeline...and soon you’ll be totally bewildered!

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