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Taral Wayne
Jilly Toy
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below picture
Taral Wayne - Jilly Toy
Note by Leem: Previously posted as “One of Her Own Toys”. Taral posted this
revised version on Fchan (on a now-defunct thread), with the following comments:

I think this is probably the file mentioned by No.78465. Strangely, I found I had no copy of it in my
1998 folder. Most likely it was scanned and included on my “Off-Colour” CD Rom. I may have
neglected to transfer to my hard drive a number of files from the CD, in fact. But I recalled the file
was also posted on my Pygmalion Syndrome page and downloaded it from there. (I could also have
pulled it from the CD, but that would mean searching the whole disk.) Once I had the file, I cleaned
it up and darkened it, improving the appearance considerably.

And where did I get it from in the first place? Well, a few years ago I downloaded a whole
bunch of stuff from one of those naughty p2p programs, and this happened to be amongst
it. I probably would have bought the CD if I’d known about it beforehand, but there it is.
Anyway, Jacob Bronowski once said that knowledge makes prodigious journeys,
and I guess the same sometimes goes for art files...

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