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Living Doll House


Don't worry, we will get to the story. There is just something I want off my chest.

 I have seen a lot of stories on the world wide web. People put a lot of effort in them, then they put them up on their own site or on somebody else's, and then they get to look like this ...

`You mean like what ...?'

`Well, grey, for instance. White would cost the same, and looks much better. Even better than a background bitmap.'

`You mean those that are so dark that you wonder if there is any text on it at all?'

`Right. Or those that make you go seasick because you can see the letters, but can't read them - the background is imaginative, very avant garde and all dots and little scribbles.'

`So people better not mess with backgrounds?'

`Not if they don't know what they are doing. And there is one other thing.'

`Which is.'

`Every time someone says something, a new paragraph starts. The words get floating all over the place. Look at any novel and tell me, do they do that in books?'

`Not even in cheap ones. It has something to do with the <p> and the <br>, hasn't it?'

`Right. E.G. Try using shift-enter in Netscape, if you want to get a line break instead of a paragraph break.

And forget about using this, which makes the text drop off the page and looks very corny indeed.'
`I hate Courier anyway. Can we get on now?'

Yes. I just wanted to ask: do those stories on the web have to look


The next story/fantasy/bit of experimental prose may not be very good, but I tried to make it look good. Enjoy.

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