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Living Doll House - The Living Mannequin Shop Window

Living Doll House

CAMERA TWO: The girl peeks around the main door, that in the two centuries of its existence seems to have grown thicker, like a tree. It must be creaking. She slips in, throws a casual glance at the reception desk and moves on through the hallway.
`There is no one at the desk. Shall I ...?
`No, let her.'
`She seems to know where she is going.'
`She does. She has been here before.'

CAMERA ONE: On through the hallway. She has no regard for the marble tiles, the 16th century Chinese vases and the guilded baroque table, that was swapped for an entire village once, or even the glorious garden outside the elegant French windows. She does see the mirror, but not because of its Venetian glass. She must be one of those women who can not pass a mirror without checking their hair, their face, their clothes. She looks and looks, without adjusting much of her appearance.
`She takes her time. Shall I go down now? She must be waiting.'
`She is not waiting, She is enjoying herself.'

After almost a minute, she moves on. Yes, she does not walk, she moves. She moves to the big door to the right on the end of corridor. She presses her ear against the wood, listens. She bows and tries to peep through the keyhole, awkardly balancing on her high heels. Her black sweater and the little miniskirt are stretched to their limits by the curves of her body, although you could call her slim.
Is she happy at what she sees? Her heavy black hair has fallen across her eyes. She returns to the mirror, only to comb her curls this time.
She listens at the door one more time, then enters.




Mechana - Self Portrait #1Mechana - Self Portrait #2Mechana speaks for herself ...
[Note by Leem: Link to cached version of Mechana’s site on Reocities; if there were more recent updates I haven’t found them, but all of the images in this version are present and correct.]
Mechana - Emily

More experimental prose ...

And pictures too.

Kirsty Swanson's autographed photoKirsty Swanson in Mannequin 2

Mannequin 1 and Mannequin 2

Opinions on the movies Mannequin and Mannequin 2 are mixed, but since you are looking at this page, you should at least know about them. The plot of both movies is too absurd to relate here. The actresses who played the `mannequin' parts were Kim Catrall in Mannequin 1, and Kirsty Swanson (shown here) in Mannequin 2. Anything else anyone cares to know? 

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