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Taral Wayne
Petrified Fraggle
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Taral Wayne - Petrified Fraggle
Note by Leem: Scaled to fit - see full-size image. Posted in the Scraps section of Taral’s FurAffinity pages (login to view Mature content). Taral writes, This may be how the “rock” got put in “Fraggle Rock.” But what mysterious creature, strange force, or peculiar vegetable is responsible, I have no idea.

One of a number of sketches based on Jim Henson’s classic kids’ show Fraggle Rock: see also here, here, here and here for non-petrified examples. On the challenges of drawing Fraggle characters, Taral writes: The problem I’m having with this subject is that the Henson puppets are literally mouths with ping-pong ball eyes, and it’s difficult to draw them as though they were realistic creatures. Oh, sure, I could just draw them as they are -- a mouth with two eyes perched on top. But I’m not satisfied with that. Unfortunately, making them more realistic also makes them look less like Muppets.

This pose is a mirror image of Mokey’s Dream on FurAffinity.

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