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Taral Wayne
The Philosopher’s Stone
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below picture
Taral Wayne - The Philosopher's Stone
Note by Leem: Taral sent me this one with the note: “All that glitters... an oldie but goldie, literally. 1986.”
In 2015 Taral posted a bigger version on FurAffinity (Mature login required)
and I replaced the original file on this page with the bigger one.
Commenting on the use of typewritten text, Taral told me:

Actually, the reason for the typewritten segment in Philosopher’s Stone is that its supposed to look like a page from an illustrated storybook. In those days we didn’t have Photoshop and I didn’t have Letraset that was the right style (besides which it would have taken forever to do perfectly). So I just typed it on blank sheets of paper until I had one that had no typos, and did the drawing after.

I guess the fact that she’s a witch would explain her nudity.

The Philosopher’s Stone (and not the Sorcerer’s Stone as our friends in American publishing once insisted on calling it) as said to have had two major properties: turning base substances into gold, and conferring immortality. The first one obviously applies here, and as for the second... well, it’s immortality of a kind, but as to whether Willimina is capable of appreciating it in her present state, I suppose we’ll never know.

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