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Ah yes, one of the mainstays in ASFR is all of the wonderful stories are members tell. Some involve forced transformation, other magic potions, a few with hypnosis, and one with a Brontosaurus! (okay, not really...but just think of the plot line! ) The following are some of my more favorite ASFR stories out there on the net.

As you can tell, the site has gotten quite a facelift since last you probably visited. My lofty goals have been whittled down in order to something that's both practical and doable. My goal is NOT to be a mirror site for the Legacy of Timeless Beauty. (It is a wonderful site that I suggest that you visit to see even *more* great ASFR fiction!) Rather, this will be a showcase of stories that peak my personal interest and think others would want to read. Please peruse these literary works and if you have a story of interest, mail it to me and I'll consider it for the page!

In the meanwhile, check out the stories below, visit the Feature Page which will highlight new stories and news of interest, post on the message board, and check out the groovy -Links Page .

And of course the disclaimer: the links here are to stories of an ADULT-nature. If you are not of legal age by your local standards, then just activate the back button and be on your merry little way. Oh yes, all stories are properties of their authors and all rights reserved by them. So don't claim then as your own and don't try to sell them. Otherwise, you'll enter the wonderful world of litigation of intellectual property. (...and it ain't pretty neither)

Affinities by Dr. Trekker (

ASFR...the final frontier. (sorry, couldn't resist). Found this story on the A.S.S. NC-17 Story page which has nothing but sexual stories dealing with Star Trek. In this story, Data begins a relationship with an ensign who soon become more like him. This story is lengthy, but oh so well written.

And The Winner Is... by Rotwang (

Live...from the adult entertainment capital of the world, comes the pageant which display the best and brightest (and shiniest) of fembots everywhere! So pick a favorite and see how she performs....

Android Academy by ArcylLad (

You look in the newspaper and see an ad. Respond to it and your life will never be the same. See how one woman adopts a company philosophy--and lifestyle--as she become a living android.

Asteroids by Rotwang (

An unknown rock changes four people and gives another demonstration of better living through nanites.

The Audition by Fool

As the old saying goes, a magician never reveals his tricks. But for one magician, the same can be said for where he gets his assistants.

Bedtime Story by Mad Pete (

This story is taken from the Alt.Lycra homepage. Although it doesn't really directly relate to ASFR, the outfit the young lady wears can give definite ideas to think on.

Beverly's Better Half by unknown

On Star Trek: TNG, Dr. Beverly Crusher is usually the one who's fixing folks in sick bay. But in this story, the members of the Enterprise are the ones who are trying to do the healthcare. Specifically, one bald-headed captain who has to take some drastic (but sexy) measures to get results.

The Birthday Gift by Rotwang (

Some of us get certificates, others get checks. For one lucky guy, he gets a gift that he won't soon forget. (If only *I* could be that lucky....)

Charlie's Second-Hand Angel by Fection (

Paul Anka sung "Breaking up is Hard to Do." What's even harder is seeing your ex with somebody new. And hardest of all... when that new somebody ain't even real! This is what our heroine Camilla has to face, but don't worry. The best revenge is not only to move on...but to trash the new lover...literally! Read on and see what we mean.

Companion Androids by C.G.R.

It's late...there's nothing on're about to be bored out of your mind when you see a commercial for a company looking for beta-testers for their machines. Who says television is a wasteland?

Computer Virus by Michael L. Zickefoose (

Picture if you will...a young couple working on a computer game. A game that is so detailed that they act it out. But through an unexpected event, the game takes on a whole new meaning....a meaning that only has the ASFR zone.... (AOL's "You have mail! will never sound innocent again.)

Corporate Takeover by Wolfrose

The world of industrial espionage is one where you have to damn certain you know what you're doing and make sure nobody else does. Because if you're caught, you never know what might happen to you...even if it is a good thing.

Courtesy Suite by EHY

Yeah, they might not leave the light on for you, but this particular hotel has other amenities definitely worth noting. (And we don't mean the mint on the pillow, either.)

Crystal Clear by Rotwang (

LCD displays are in everything these days: calculators, clocks, monitors...and sometimes, even robot performers. See how one is introuduced to a new way of thinking thanks to another inventor.

Cyborgs by Sheep (

Good help is hard to find these days, and slaves even harder. So one woman decide if she can't find them...make them. But what happens when he makes her as well?

The Date by Rotwang (

It sure is hard for a robophile these days. There just aren't that many folks to share your fantasies of ASFR. In this story, our heroine accidentally bumps into one...and the rest is history.

Dr. Droidnik by Wolfrose

Two scientists working on a project get an unexpected visitor...and an unexpected outcome. If you like explicit roboticization, then give this one a try.

The Dream Machine by Mechana (

With his wife slowly dying, a brilliant young man devises a scheme to keep her alive. What he "winds" up with, is something more than they both expected. Great story.

The Dream Machine Part 2: Dollsbody by Mechana (

It's some time later for Alison and Scott in this sequel. With his sister arriving to begin a new business, the two experiment with a new way for Alison to hang out in the store.

Fantasy In Silver by Traci RobotWannabe (

This is written by a real good friend of mine. In this piece, she explores what it would be like to be a fantasy in silver. In three parts, read it all the way through and see who gets it in the end. (Keep up the work RT!)

Friday the 13th: Micki's Last Adventure by Unknown

Based on the syndicated show of the same name, this story deals with the heroine who meets the man of her dreams, but who turns out to be her worst nightmare. Kind of supports the adage: "don't count your chickens before they hatch"....

Full Circle by Rotwang (

She keeps delving deeper and deeper into fetish. All the while, she's also being followed. What happens when she gets in too deep? Then things come..."Full Circle."

Fully Functional by Christine Morgan (

I stumbled on this gem on my endless searching of the net one night. It is a Star Trek story (coming from the same page as Affinities) with the plot line based on Data and his birthday. I think it's quite charming myself. If your a trek fan, it's a definite must read.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? by Rotwang (

We all know that going home to your parent's house for dinner can be a bit awkward. But in this case, it's much worse...

The Little Shop of Horrors by Rotwang (

Imagine yourself being drug to a store where you don't want to be. You got through and find stuff not at all to your liking. And then you see one thing that you ARE interested in.... One thing for certain: definitely no plants in this story.

A Long Sleep by Nova-Android (

A corporation uses one of its projects to eliminate the competition. But oh what a project she is! Read about the adventures of red-headed beauty of an android called Nova. (Ed. Thanks to N-A for providing this great story and all of those wonderful pics!)

M.O.L.D. by Rotwang (

Rotwang travels again into the world of the robophile by writing on an experiment gone wrong, but then winds up all right.

The Magnificent Toy by Robotdoll

This is the story that spurred on a new generation of robophiles. If you haven't read it a while, revisit the Professor and his new creation Dolly.

Maid by JLS

Good help is always hard find. But what if it came in a box? And what if it looked exactly like the Mrs.? Here's one couple who got a helping hand...until the the hand helped herself.

Make Man? No, WOMAN! by Rotwang (

We have all had a desire to upgrade our computer at one time or another. More memory, more speed, more everything. In this story, see how one man keeps upgrading his computer...all the way into reality.

The Makeover by RX3000 (

Spas are wonderful places. They allow you to get away from it all. You can get a soothing massage...a theraputic whirpool...and a systems diagnostics on your head unit. Sound bizzare? It won't after you read about Rachel and Maria and their "makeovers".

Mandy by RC (

This tale comes from the pen of RC who has turned out some great tales over time. This one focuses on a future setting in which a woman goes to a brothel to have a mechanical woman pleasure her...or is it the other way around? Nice story that ends with a bit of a twist.

Marlene by Rotwang (

Marlene loves to play the bad girl. And when a anonymous benefactor obliges her, she takes on a whole new life...that is, until he comes for payback.

Martha by RC (

Based on the same environment as "Mandy", this story follows what happens when a jealous female roommate decides to get revenge on her male counterpart. But as we all know, with FemMechs, you can never expect things to happen simply...

Michelle At The Mall by Rotwang (

In another fine story from Rotwang, a true technosexual finally meets some kindred spirits who give her the time of her life!

Molly by RC (

Also based in the "Mandy" universe, this story is the a brief explanation of the differences between FemMechs and HumMechs from one of their own.

The More, The Merrier by Rotwang (

What if you roomed with some good looking friends? What if one of you was into ASFR? What if all of you were? And what if you acted it out? Find out what it might look like...

My Life as a Robot by Sinsub (

Spending a lot of time online? Chatting with folks that you didn't you know were talking to? Find yourself moving a bit more slowly with purpose? Then perhaps you're in the same boat as the heroine in this story. But don't worry, it's okay. Just read the story and "enter program mode."

My Very Own Robot by Rotwang (

You can make a robot almost anything. Cook, clean, dance, slave...ANYTHING. But the question you have to ask yourself is..."Who's controlling whom?"

A Night in Venice by Rotwang (

Although he is not well-known, his stories are. Rotwang pens another winner with this tale of an American in Italy who meets a fantastic women on a fantastical night...

The Offer by Android675 (

Say you're going browsing through the store to find something special...for Tim, he gets more than what he bargained for. If you have a severe robot fetish, then you will be most interested in this story. *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*

The Offer, Part 2 by Keraptis

Just like in Hollywood, good stories are never left alone...they get sequels! And the same is true in this case with a FANTASTIC piece of work by a new author. For more details and a chance to read it, jump on over to the Feature Page.

NewThe Offer, Part 3 by Keraptis

The adventure continues for our favorite race of androids. In this third edition, follow one woman's journey as she goes from being on the outside looking being literally IN. It's a wonderful read that you can check out right now on the Feature Page!

Pick-Up Line by Robotdoll

It may be ladies night at the bar, but it's going to be somebody else's night elsewhere. Story is very good...even has a happy ending. And, between you and me, where in the hell do you get these unitards?

The Playroom by EHY

There's lot of diffrent styles of participation in ASFR: dolls, wind-ups, robots, androids, etc. But deciding which one is the best, who can tell? Here's one story where the objects of our affections debate who's really the best.

Pleasure Androids by ArcylLad (

This story also came from the Alt.Lycra homepage and it's apparent from the offset. Nevertheless, the use of robots is a key part and the work is very extensive. The entire story can be found on the Alt.Lycra homepage. I personally like the first chapter the most though.

A Private Collection by Stasis

This story follows along the lines of many similar ones that deal with forced transformation in ASFR. A young girl wakes up to find herself in a strange place and doing strange things, many of which is not her choosing. I know that the non-consentual transformation is big in the newsgroup, but it doesn't work for all the stories. This one it does though.

Professor Potter's Power Plastic People Potion by Robotdoll

What happens when your chemist boyfriend brings his work home with him? If you are in this story, a lot...

Puppet Show by Robotdoll

I don't think that Punch and Judy were ever like this. Find out what happens to a peep-show dancer when a man strings her up into a new way of entertaining and pleasuring herself that we all will enjoy....

Pushing Candy's Buttons by Fection (

In the follow-up to "Charlie's Second-Hand Angel," Camilla is once again brought face to face with her ex's new lover. But this time, she's set on making Candy the life of the party...or at the very least, the spectacle.

Putty in Her Hands by Rotwang (

A woman thinks she is in control in a marriage. Until things take a horrific turn thanks to her husband. But despite of the change, they find soemthing that was truly missing in their marriage before...Love.

Quintessence by Dmuk (

Ever wonder how those mannequins get into the windows? Ever wonder what if you were one of them? Wonder no more as you find out what happens when an entrepreneur transforms a fashion designer through hypnosis into a living mannequin. Nice story with a sexy ending.

The Refuge by Rotwang, after Robotdoll

Let's face it, when you're down on your luck and life gives you a bad shake, where can you go? In this story, if you're lucky, the refuge. See how a woman regains her self-esteem and pride though a private world based on the ideals of ASFR. Excellent story.

Revenge of the Golden Killer Robo-Babes from Dimension X by Rotwang (

Robot performers have always been really special in my book. And the two featured here are no exception. See how they react when they come in contact with fellow performers at a publicity stunt. (ED. Why can I never find places like these?)

Robot Girl by Mike Vickers

Good news: your girlfriend loves to play the robot for you. Bad news: you're not going to be there to enjoy it. For one guy, this isn't a problem. See how through his inventions, this guy brings new meaning to the concept of telecommuting.

Robot Slave by ArcylLad (

This story I happened to find on the Alt. Lycra homepage when I was searching for more on "Pleasure Androids". After I read it, this one became my personal favorite. The story is about a wife who becomes something entirely new thanks to a outfit. Like "PA", the use of Lycra is very extensive, and the robot theme is unsurpassed!

Robot Takeover by Robotdoll

This is the second classic that was penned by RD for the newsgroup. Read along and see how the Professor's new creation plays a perfect robot...but also can make one as well.

Robot Therapy by Hermie (

Walk into an office. Take off your clothes. Lie down face first in the floor. Get in the trunk. Oh, a robot's life is tough. But if you enjoy seeing a male being roboticized, then you got to read this one.

Role Model by Rotwang (

Every now and then, you can discover that you have a talent for something you didn't know you could do. In this fable, the fair Lindsay finds that she can be drop-dead gorgeous. But it's what she discovers after that, that'll makes it worth a read.

The Seal by Rotwang (

Conventional wisdom says: if it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck, and moves like a must be a duck. But does the same apply to robots? Another gem of a story by the master writer, Rotwang.

Shards of Steel by Rotwang (

A woman goes out and thinks she's into fetish scene. but when she comes face-to-face with a mechanical maiden, her thought definitely become mechanically inclined.

Shared Burden by Rotwang (

Good news: you're a technosexual and have an outlet for it. Bad news: your significant other doesn't know about it. (Or does she?) Happy ending to finish a delightful story.

Symbiont by Track4

Sure, if you get poison ivy, you know to get calamine lotion. But if you're a million miles away from home, and you don't know what's causing your rash, you might have a problem. Just like the crew of a space explorer who get stuck on a distant planet. Really stuck.

Terminatrix by Rotwang (

Okay, we've all seen the terminator. He's big, he's bad, and he is kick-ass. And how many of you have wonder what a female one of those would look like? (raise you hand, you know you have) Well, Rotwang gives this tale of a uninspired masochist who meets a new and improved dominatrix...

Terminatrix II: Reckoning Day by Rotwang (

She's back! In the next installment of the series, Frank returns to the mansion...only to find himself leaving for a while to take on a new endeavor in his life...

Terminatrix III: Hardcopy by Rotwang (

In the third edition of Rotwang's series, Terminatrix finds herself being confronted by a challenger...or is it a disciple?

Two Thieves, One Mannequin by Rotwang (

In this tale, you have a brother of a crook who is into crime just for his fetish but he is confronted by someone who has an understanding of his fetish as well. As always, another great story by Rotwang.

Uniting One by Ramera

Medicine is so full of technological advances. And in the near future, they'll be machines to help fix humans...even when they aren't broken. Written by Ramera, you forced transformation lovers will enjoy this.

Viva Las Vegas by Rotwang (

Ah, time for rest and relaxation. One of the best places to go these days is Las Vegas; tons and tons of entertainment. And one of the newest places to go is "Futureworld" where you can run into lots of things...including robots.

Vive la République by Rotwang (

In a departure from the present and future, the gifted writer Rotwang travels into the past to tell the tale of a French nobleman and his love's fascination with dolls. One of his best written works in or out of ASFR.

If you have any new stories or any updates of fiction, give me a holler:

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