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My Video Collection.

Below is the list of movie and tv clips I have available to trade. I do not trade video that I received from other people, only clips I've captured myself. I suggest we all follow this policy.  Total time is about 1 hr 15 min. For details of any of these shows, refer to my tv/movie list.

1. 2069: A Space Odyssey

A low budget sci fi adult movie. An alien girl takes her clothes off at a ski lodge. But her body cant take the cold, and she freezes. Later on, they thaw her out in a sauna.

2. Logan's run

The robot sequence with frozen 'runners'.

3. Aria

An avante garde collection of shorts. Scene with 2 women standing as naked statues.

4. Flesh Gordon II

Dale frozen in ice. Nicely done.

5. Cocoa Aerobic

This Spanish music video takes up where David Lee Roth left off. Babe statues on the beach, but this time, it the whole show! The singer must be a statuephile, he seems to like fondling his frozen beauties. After you watch this you'll say; Muchas Gracias! (note: this is not the answer to my trivia question, thats below).

6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Susan Sarandon Turned to stone statue.

7. Phil Collins: "Don't lose my number"

Babes on the beach. (one of my trivia questions).

8. Star Trek: "By Any Other Name"

9. Meatballs III

10. Two of Us.

11. Scene from Bewitched and a few misc.

12. Wishmaster

13. Village of the Damned

Each clip is about 3 - 5 minutes long. Quality is mixed.

If you wish to have a copy of all or any of these, please email me with what you have for trade. I accept no money, only a donation of video to our cause.


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