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Statuephile Trivia

These questions relate to women statues in film.  Update - 12/13/96

[Note by Leem: Unfortunately there's no Answers page, but most if not all of the answers can be found on this site's Film Statue pages.]

New Questions:

1. The male star of Mannequin 2 was William Ragsdale. He played the store emplyee who falls in love with the mannequin..  What stupid TV sitcom did he also star in about 2 years ago?


2. In Mannequin 2, a sorceror turned the girl into a statue using a magic necklace.  How long was she frozen for?


3. Both 'Flint' movies are on my list, one for frozen women and one for hypnosis. Who plays 'Flint'?  Hint: he's listed elsewhere on the list.


4. In 'Lost In Space' episodes on the list, Judy and Penny get frozen by aliens.  What are the actresses' names who played the two girls.


5. 'Kolchak the Night stalker' has 2 listed episodes.  What was Kolchak's first name?


Previous Trivia:

1) What is the name of the Star Trek episode where with alien boy with magic powers? He does lots of  mischief. He seems to like making people disappear. (What a waste of talent). Still, in one scene near the end, he freezes a female crew member as she walks by. Brief scene but of my favorites. Hint: the name of the episode is the name of the boy.


2) Who played the character 'Janet' in Rocky horror?? - she's currently very famous.


3) In what 1970's sci fi movie was there a wacky robot who froze (on ice) everyone he met? I'll give you a hint, he said my favorite quote: "It's my job, to freeze you".


4) What male vocalist copied David Lee Roth's video (though not nearly as good)??


Please Email your answers , or suggestions for new trivia questions to me.


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