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Taral Wayne
Talking Bunny (2011)
Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below image
Taral Wayne - Talking Bunny (2011)
Note by Leem: One of a number of pictures I missed in previous updates.
Also, one of two pictures with the same title - see also Talking Bunny (2014).
Posted on FurAffinity (mature login required), with Taral’s description:

Although along the lines of “Stuffed Bunny,” [actually posted as “Laid Back”] posted immediately before this, the proportions are quite different. I was thinking more that some poor slob has been sewn or glued into a suit and has no choice but to mimic a stuffed toy. Pull the ring and listen to it swear!

I originally had some thoughts of adding some big oaf carrying the doll, his arms around its middle. But, then I thought, “Naw... I’ve got too much to do as it is.”

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