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Taral Wayne
Tangel’ Frozen
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Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Taral Wayne - Tangel’ Frozen 1 of 2

Note by Leem: Part 1 of a 2-panel story. Tangelwedsibel (Tangel’ for short) is a Teh Langgi, a kind of furred saurian. Please don’t call her a furry, or worse still a skunk. Her friend and host Saara Mar is a highly advanced extraterrestrial who can survive in just about any environment, but apparently in this picture she’s only remembered as an afterthought that Tangel’ can’t. It’s probably just as well they didn’t visit the surface of Venus instead.

These flagship characters have appeared in lots of pictures, but as far as I can tell this 2-panel story is the only one in which any kind of freezing occurs.

Originally posted on Taral’s FurAffinity site, where he wrote: “Saara loves travel, and is generous in sharing her vacations spots with her friends. Her friends have second thoughts, if they have any brains though...

Note the silvery side of one of Saara’s Excursion Vehicles to the right of the picture. The planetscape and Tangel’s tail are reflected in it. Also of interest are the two gas giants in mutual orbit. Elliptically distorted by their rotational velocities, they must be near the point of breaking up.

You may also notice that I decided to stay home. Go to the next picture to see why.”

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