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Taral Wayne
Basilisk Milk
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below picture
Taral Wayne - Basilisk Milk
Note by Leem: Basilisk milk must be pretty weird, since basilisks are supposed to be sort of reptilian. And just how does anyone milk one without getting frozen themselves??? Anyway, according to Taral, “I fancy [it] tastes like rum and milk for some reason, with a dash of vanilla.”

As a Brit, I find the fact that her mouth isn’t visible strangely reminiscent of the old kids’ show Camberwick Green and its sequels, which featured puppets with no visible mouths.

And boy, has this pose ever been recycled. It probably deserves its own name, like the Taral Wayne Crouch or something. Clothed, nude, furry, human, frozen, unfrozen, male, female... Once Taral’s FurAffinity pages are up and running again and I can collate all the examples, this pose is getting a feature all to itself.

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