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Taral Wayne
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Taral Wayne - Enlightened
Note by Leem: Scaled to fit - see full-size image. This is one of a batch of images that Taral sent me a while back, but which for various reasons have taken a lot longer than expected to appear here. Sorry about that. This picture is not to be confused with Enlightenment, even though the subject matter is similar. Likewise several other pictures, as Taral notes on his FurAffinity site (login to view Mature content): I don’t remember how many of these Art Deco statue-lamps I’ve drawn -- four or five, minimum.* You have to wonder how you get anyone to disrobe and hold a light fixture long enough to do whatever you do to turn them to stone. Maybe they wanted to be statues? That would certainly absolve any issues you might have with your conscience. As for the law, I don’t think a marble statue counts as evidence of foul play.

In response to this image, fellow FurAffinity artist Ezalias produced a colour version
in the form of a 2-panel before-and-after strip
. Follow the link for full details.

*Leem speaking: I count six - aside from this and the aforementioned Enlightenment, there’s
Art Nouveau, Deco Light, Nouveau Silver, and the male Deco Lamp. If I’ve missed any please let me know!

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