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Taral Wayne
Glamour Marble
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Taral Wayne - Glamour Marble
Note by Leem: Scaled to fit - see full-size image.
A slightly smaller version appears on Taral’s Furaffinity pages (Mature login
required) as part of a set, the other two of which are non-petrified, viz:
All three can be found on FurAffinity. The nudes of course require Mature login.
I’ve reproduced Taral’s original comments below each thumbnail.
Taral Wayne - Glamour Puss
Glamour Puss
Taral: This is a recycled pose, but a new drawing. The original was done in a more angular style that I was playing with a few years ago. I find myself dissatisfied with those experiments now, and wanted to re-do this in a more pleasant, rounder, more naturalistic style. The drawing is rather rough, but didn’t want to spend too much time on this when I had other, completely new drawings waiting to be done.

There is a nude version of this too, but this is the one I like.
Taral Wayne - Glamour Nude
Glamour Nude
Taral: The sunglasses were airbrushed in as an afterthought, but they’re highly effective, and well worth the time invested.
Taral Wayne - Glamour Marble
Glamour Marble
Taral: This is the final iteration of the Glamour series. I guess you could even view them as happening one after another. “Puss” auditions, disrobes, and is turned into a marble statue. However, there’s no reason to see a story in it. I just liked each version for its own merits.

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