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Taral Wayne
Hard Luck
Beatrix created by Steve Gallacci. Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below picture
Taral Wayne - Hard Luck
Note by Leem: Fresh from her cameo appearance in the Goldkitty picture comes Beatrix Farmer, the reluctant heroine of Steve Gallacci’s comic Tales of Beatrix, drawn and co-written by Taral. Near the start of the first issue Beatrix is killed, the innocent bystander at a drive-by shooting. She is resurrected by “hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings” (an obvious nod to Douglas Adams), who give her a suit of invulnerability. The trouble is, the suit makes her as much “invulnerable” to pleasure as it does to harm, and she can’t take it off. In an attempt to make the best of the situation (and pay the rent) she becomes a superheroine-for-hire.

Her present situation has a little something for everyone. Sinking into the cement she’s wet & messy (although nothing sticks to her or the suit), and if it hardens before anyone finds her she’ll be frozen inside the block. The suit will keep her alive and protect her from asphyxiation but it won’t give her the power to break free, meaning she could be stuck there for quite a while.

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