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Taral Wayne
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below picture

Taral Wayne - Looked
Note by Leem: A 2nd Anniversary picture, or at least revision. An earlier (and smaller) version of this picture was originally posted under the name “Kidnap” on the Furry Perils Yahoo! Group (membership required, and approval may take several weeks if my own experience is anything to go by), with the caption: No one ever paid this hostage’s ransom, so he was auctioned instead. (The file name is also a joke on “knapping” stone, to break it with a hammer.) This is the same image rescanned at much better resolution, and with a completely new back story. Or should I say, basilisk story.

This pose is an exact mirror image of Barefoot Lament on Taral’s Furaffinity site, where the boy’s colouring makes it clear that he’s a skunk. In that image’s User Comments Taral notes: “For once its a "he" actually, but young (maybe 12) and androgynous to be sure.”

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