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Taral Wayne

Art Taral Wayne.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.


This picture features
explicit male (and female)
nudity, so I’ve made
sure you have to
scroll down to see it.
Don’t want anyone to say
I didn’t warn them.

Note by Leem:

Those gorgons can be so clingy.
A picture from Taral’s FurAffinity pages
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where he writes:

When I did this back in 1988, it seemed terribly daring to me. These days, compared to a lot of what I see in furry art, it’s pretty tame. Have the times changed, or was I just sheltered? The work was done entirely with colour pencils, and the pseudo-Greek “Medusa” added a few days ago when I scanned the art in Photoshop.

You don’t want to know what was the most frequently asked question about this piece.

...Which didn’t stop people asking, of course. You can find the discussion on the aforementioned FurAffinity page.

It’s interesting to contrast this with the two later Medusa pictures with female victims, here and here.

Taral Wayne - Medusa

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