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Taral Wayne
Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Note by Leem: This picture and its descriptive text feature erotic asphyxiation, which is pretty extreme for my taste. (Admittedly some of Taral’s other pictures might imply that the victim is encased and asphyxiated, but if they don’t state it outright then I can feel free to draw alternative conclusions.) If you feel the same way you might wish to avoid this one.

Taral sent this one to me with a note:
“This one may be too weird, I dunno... But I had fun writing it anyway. The art is an old convention sketch. Given the roughness, I didn’t think colouring it was worthwhile, so embellished it with words instead.”

I told him: “ ‘Mishap’ is slightly extreme for my tastes - as you might guess, I’m not into erotic asphyxiation. But after some consideration I’ve decided to post it with a note to that effect.”

Taral replied:
“I understand. When I was writing it, I was aware I was pushing the envelope some, but thought enough ‘stories’ had been written that led up to this point but hadn’t yet gone past it. As well, I’d recently read a description of drowning by survivors in which they do describe a final euphoria. (I suppose it wasn’t altogether ‘final’ or they wouldn’t have written about their experience.) I doubt I’ll write anything that explicit again.”

So if all that hasn’t put you off, here it is. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Taral Wayne - Mishap

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