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United Kingdom?? Planet of the Amazons
By Pluto22
45-page story. Pictures in photostory format.
Produced and rendered in Poser5. November 2003.

Planet of the Amazons Part 1
Part 1
 Planet of the Amazons Part 2
Part 2
 Planet of the Amazons Part 3
Part 3

OK, stop me if you’ve heard this one before... there’s this planet - well, actually the moon of a gas-giant planet - inhabited by natives armed with bows and spears, who have to fight off an invasion from a highly-advanced society armed with high-tech weaponry. Come to think of it, that’d probably make quite a good movie.

In this case, however, the natives are a race of naked warrior-women whose world is threatened with invasion by naked gynoids. In other words it’s female-on -female combat, but the clever part is that there’s no blood. The gynoids obviously don’t bleed, though some of them do get dented or worse, and the women only get shot with non-lethal ray guns. And when I say “non-lethal”, I mean they induce an orgasmic paralysis. And did I hapen to mention that all of the characters are
******HOT NAKED WOMEN???******

The original author, Pluto22, seems to have vanished from the net. Becuase of its size the story was originally posted on three separate free webhosts, now believed to be defunct. Fortunately I cached the entire story before that happened. The webhosts were British, which is my only evidence as to the author’s nationality. As always I acknowledge his copyright, and if anybody knows his current whereabouts would they please pass on my formal request to continue hosting this material.

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