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Added A Trip to Diana (mildly NSFW).

This is where I’ll be posting rare comics and anything else I discover that’s of statuephile interest, especially if it may be hard to find elsewhere. If you know of anything that should be included here, please let me know.


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Taral Wayne: Frozen Fur and Flesh Page 1 (NSFW); Page 2 (NSFW); Taral Wayne 2nd Anniversary pictures in one place (NSFW)

Blowed Up Good (NSFW) | I Made Time Stand Still | Li’l Abner: The Blue Girl | Mannequin of Murder
My Friend is Not Quite Human | Naga: Never Take Your Apprentice for Granite (NSFW)
Nancy and the Statues | Next Time Choose Spartan (NSFW)
Planet of the Amazons (NSFW) | Saturn-Film (mildly NSFW) | Smurfs in Stone
The Strange Fate of the Statue Maker | A Study in Innocence (NSFW)
Tokyo Crazy Paradise: Tsukasa frozen (NSFW) | A Trip to Diana (mildly NSFW) | When the Lights Go Out

Idle Minds (Now complete!) | Medusa and Gypsy (semi-NSFW, login required)
Medusa Realm - Comic Books (NSFW)

Nezuya: Neogirls - Medusa’s Curse (NSFW, login required):
Page 1 | Page 2 | Detail 1 (no petrification) | Detail 2 | Detail 3

Nightshade the Merry Widow (NSFW)
Oglaf: Pork Chisel (NSFW) | Oglaf: Snakeskin (NSFW)
Les Petites Femmes: Les Tetes de Noeud (NSFW) (PAGE DELETED)
Subnormality: Prima Ballerina

Taral Wayne: Frozen Fur and Flesh Taral Wayne: Frozen Fur and Flesh
Updated January 2014
Page 1: Stone - Page 2: Metal & Misc
All the 2nd Anniversay pictures in one place
3 index pages and numerous description pages containing well over 200 images, 3 full-length prose stories, and numerous text pieces accompanying the images.
Images and stories feature varying degrees of nudity and/or sexual references

I’m very pleased to present, for the first time all in one location and in a few cases for the first time on line, a selection of Canadian artist Taral Wayne’s artwork featuring human and anthropomorphic characters frozen or immobilised by various means. Also a few wrapped or encased images of ‘associational interest’. More than 50 new images were added specially for the pages’ 2nd Anniversary in August 2009, and many more have been added since. As always, many thanks to Taral for his invaluable help and advice, and apologies for not updating more frequently.

Blowed Up Good Blowed Up Good
4-page strip
Explicit nudity and sexual references

There’s always been a strong crossover between ASFR and superhero comics, and here’s a superhero parody that I found ages ago in which the villain teaches our flexible heroine a new meaning for the word “inflation”! Unfortunately I don’t remember where I found this strip, so if anyone could supply details about the creator/artist “Zartan” I’d be grateful.

I Made Time Stand Still I Made Time Stand Still
4-page strip
No nudity or sexual references

Remember those incredibly corny science fiction and horror comics of the 1950s? In the first (alphabetically) of several examples here, a scientist stumbles across a way to freeze everything except himself. So does he use his new invention for the benefit of humanity? Oh, come on, it wouldn’t be much of a story if he did that, would it?!

Li'l Abner: The Blue Girl Li’l Abner: The Blue Girl
6-page strip
No nudity or sexual references

When Sandra Deepfreeze wants to make a name for herself in Hollywood she discovers that the only way she can get into the good old “Hew Hess Hay” without any money is to be frozen into a statue of blue ice so she can be shipped as a work of art! What’s a poor Lower Slobbovian girl to do?

Mannequin of Murder Mannequin of Murder
6-page strip
No nudity or sexual references

Another 50s comic yarn. In this one, a mannequin designer who is told that his work isn’t realistic enough decides to invent a serum that will make real mannequins! Unfortunately for him (and us) they don’t stay mannequins for long...
I’ve now managed to obtain scans of the printed comic, so you can now also view it in its original (inexpertly remastered) 4-colour glory!

My Friend is Not Quite Human My Friend is Not Quite Human
5-page strip
No nudity or sexual references

Another 50s horror strip. When a wood carver discovers not only that his latest statue is talking to him, but that he’s falling in love with it, what can he possibly do to ensure that they’ll be together forever?

Never Take for Granite Naga: Never Take
Your Apprentice for Granite

6-page strip
Explicit nudity and sexual references

Originally posted on the the Naga’s Den site, but now re-scanned in “high definition” from the original artwork, here’s Naga’s first Robin and Cindy Comic and first ADULTS ONLY story. When a witch’s apprentice is eating her out of house and home, how can she possibly balance the budget? Why, by turning her apprentice into an object and selling her, of course! Only it might not be that simple...

Nancy and the Statues Nancy and the Statues
7-page strip
No nudity or sexual references (it’s a kids’s strip, you perv!)

Nancy has a strange adventure involving a creepy old house with a door in the fireplace, a bunch of small, hairy men, and a museum full of statues, which she looks set to become a permanent part of.

Next Time Choose Spartan Next Time Choose Spartan
1-panel cartoon
Mild nudity, no sexual references

A little something I found in the archive... imagine if Clash of the Titans had starred a chibi, furry Perseus, and his encounter with Medusa had turned out just a little differently.

Planet of the Amazons Planet of the Amazons
45-page CGI strip, 223 big images
Semi-explicit nudity and sexual situations;
Moderate combat violence but no blood

So there’s this primitive tribe that’s threatened by a technological civilisation... yeah, we’ve all seen that movie, right? Well, here the tribe consists of naked lesbian warriors and the invaders are naked fembots. It’s a female combat fetish scenario, of interest here not only because of the nude gynoids but also because of the orgasmic paralysis their ray-guns induce in the Amazons. It’s cleverly written and nicely rendered in Poser.

Saturn-Film Saturn-Film
70 screencaps in SD resolution
Mild nudity

Screencaps from a couple of early 20th century Austrian erotic silent shorts which feature actresses posing as nude statues. Proving, if nothing else, that ASFR has been around for more than a century!

Smurfs in Stone Smurfs in Stone
6-page strip excerpt
No nudity or sexual references (it’s also a kids’s strip, you perv!)

Gargamel’s latest scheme involves petrifying a bunch of Smurfs (including Smurfette) so he can capture them at leisure and take them home to dinner. His dinner, that is - just as soon as he can soften them up again. Will Papa Smurf be able to organise a rescue in time?

Statue Maker The Strange Fate of the Statue Maker
6-page strip (black and white and colour versions)
No nudity or sexual references

Another enjoyably daft horror story. Mad scientist Luther Benedict accidentally invents a machine that turns flesh to solid stone and decides to use it on a real model! Unfortunately it doesn’t work out at all the way he plans. The wonderful thing about this story is that the plot makes absolutely no sense whatever!
Another comic for which I’ve now found colour scans.

A Study in Innocence A Study in Innocence
1-page humour strip.
Moderate cartoon nudity and sex.

When an artist’s wife is about to catch him having an affair with a model, the two of them have to think quickly to avoid getting caught...

Tokyo Crazy Paradise: Tsukasa frozen Tokyo Crazy Paradise: Tsukasa frozen
16-page manga excerpt
Moderate nudity, no sexual references

Tsukasa was raised as a boy, but there’s no way she can hide her true gender when she is placed on display as a living representation of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus!
She’s just one of several living works of art that are due to be auctioned off to some rich people who apparently have no qualms about letting human beings get turned into helpless objects as long as they’re good-looking. Hey, it works for me!

A Trip to Diana A Trip to Diana
Cartoon magazine cover
Mild nudity

A little gem from 1910, courtesy of the Library of Congress. When New York gets its own taxiplane service, the city’s rooftop statues will suddenly find themselves under threat from drunken lechers.
After all, it’s not as if they can run away!

When the Lights Go Out When the Lights Go Out
4-page strip
No nudity or sexual references

A moral story from the 1970s British girls’ comic anthology Misty. When Anne decides to leave the kids’ Xmas party at her mother’s department store so she can do a bit of shoplifting instead, she discovers that fate has a surprise in (the) store. Not that it’ll be too much of a surprise to anyone who’s familiar with the content of this site, but you know...

Similar material on other sites

Idle Minds Idle Minds
Complete strip (30+ pages)
No nudity or sexual references

Idle Minds is a comic by Ian Samson about a girl who volunteers to be turned into a statue so she can spy on an evil dictator. But will she be able to stay sane while her mind is locked in a stone body? I have to admit, the ending was a bit unexpected (and not quite how I would have written it), but it does work perfectly in context (and forms part of a longer story that hasn’t been written yet but I want to read when it is).

Medusa and Gypsy by Pigeonkill (still frame) RECENT: Medusa and Gypsy
Animated gif
Mild nudity and sexual suggestion

Taral Wayne sent me a link to this animesque deviantArt item by Pigeonkill. Login to view Adult content, and don’t forget to click the Download Image button to view full size. Medusa’s hair-snakes are unusually long, suggesting they can get into hard-to-reach places.

Medusa Realm - Comic Books Medusa Realm - Comic Books
Some images feature mild to explicit nudity and/or sexual references

The Medusa Realm’s comic art archive, featuring
*Original comic art by CMQ
*Various comic book scans
*The Statue-Lover’s Guide to Comics (2002 vintage).

Unfortunately there are numerous missing files, but on the whole it’s still a very useful resource.

Neogirls - Medusa's Curse Neogirls: Medusa’s Curse
2-page strip plus three detail images
Moderate nudity, no overt sexual references

A 2-page strip (“excerpted” from a nonexistent longer story) by FurAffinity artist Nezuya. You have to log in to FurAffinity to view Mature Content, but it’s a relatively painless procedure and (unlike some sites I could name) FurAffinity doesn’t appear to carry any virus risks. Click on images for full-size versions.
Page 1 | Page 2

As well as the two sepia-tinted pages Nezuya has drawn three full-colour panel details, and it looks like that’s all there are going to be. Pity.
Detail 1 (no petrification) | Detail 2 | Detail 3

Nightshade the Merry Widow LATEST ENTRY: Nightshade the Merry Widow
Explicit (hybrid arthropod/human) nudity,
frequent semi-explicit sexual references and situations

A webcomic created by Ed Kline and Kishma Danielle, continued by Kline solo following Danielle’s untimely demise in early 2014.
How best to describe the story? “A Bug’s Sex Life”? Cyeatea is a lush world inhabited by (naked!) human/insect and human/spider hybrids. Their society is based on arthropod predator/prey relationships, with one crucial difference:
predators don’t kill. When prey get caught the predators paralyse them, suck some of their vital juices and have sex with them. Afterward, the predators thank the prey, give them a meal to recuperate, and wish them luck for next time.
Seems it’s too off-the-wall for mainstream audiences (although it has occasionally made the Belfry’s top 100 Most Read in Science Fiction), which is a pity because it has some terrific character designs, gorgeous alien scenery and witty stories, even without the element of paralysis to give it an ASFR frisson.

DECLARATION OF INTEREST! As of August 2015 I am officially credited as a co-writer on the strip (as Lee M), alongside Kimber C. and Bob Partridge.

Oglaf - Pork Chisel Oglaf: Pork Chisel
Oglaf: Snakeskin
Two 1-page strips
(1) Explicit nudity and sex (2) Just explicit nudity

Oglaf is a comic featuring what its creator describes as “fairly explicit dick jokes” (plus the occasional sfw strip just to confuse people), all of which have a medieval fantasy setting. “Pork Chisel” pretty much speaks for itself, and it’s definitely on-topic for this site. There’s also a curious similarity with Les Petites Femmes, listed below, which probably proves that great dick jokers think alike. By contrast, “Snakeskin” demonstrates an unorthodox method of avoiding petrification... mostly!

Les Petites Femmes - Les Tetes de Noeud Les Petites Femmes: Les Tetes de Noeud
Complete graphic novel (link deleted)
Explicit nudity and sex

Thanks once again to Taral Wayne for pointing me in the direction of this one. Les Petites Femmes is a French graphic novel series featuring bizarre sex farces. In this story (#3 of 5 or 6) various people washed up on a remote island are assaulted by walking penises(!!!) and turned to stone. The victims can only be restored to life by sex with a normal man, which means they often wake up in the arms of a total stranger. If you can ignore the unfortunate sexual implications and some astonishingly racist “natives” you might find it amusing. It probably helps if you can read French too, which I can’t. The original linked site has been deleted, but diligent searching may turn up another... maybe...

Subnormality: Prima Ballerina Subnormality: Prima Ballerina
Single-page strip
No nudity or sexual references

I’d forgotten about this one until Taral reminded me. It’s from Winston Rowntree’s Subnormality, which is a strip with a lot of very dark humour. It also has a LOT of words - a fact which it even lampshades in its slogan. This particular strip is one of the few that doesn’t require hundreds of words to explain the joke!

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