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Taral Wayne
Peasant Girl in Marble
Art Taral Wayne.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Taral Wayne - Peasant Girl in Marble
Note by Leem: Taral e-mailed me this picture along with the coloured version, noting that “ ‘Peasant Girl’ is actually for a jam label (when you add the pupils to her eyes.)”

I wrote back and said, “The Peasant Girl is cute. Was it actually used for a jam label or was that just an exercise?” to which Taral replied: “I haven’t heard back yet on that. But knowing the mediator involved, I wouldn't be surprised if nothing comes of the idea.”

Well, regardless of whether she makes it onto a jam label, as a statue she’ll be well-preserved (groan...)

The loose dress makes it saucy rather than openly erotic, but the fruit is an obvious symbol of fertility. The girl could very well be the title characters (both of them) from my story Jaskri and the Maiden (just imagine a flesh-and-blood version of the girl examining the statue and wondering why she’s grown up to look just like it), although the Maiden statue in my story is nude.

The version with pupils is on Taral’s Furaffinity pages.

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