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Taral Wayne
The White Lady
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
This image also relates to the short story Case of the Stoned Client.

See note below picture
Taral Wayne - The White Lady
Note by Leem: I guess you could describe this as suicide, but the definition
would depend on whether she’s really dead or just in suspended animation.
(Not that she’s ever likely to be revived in either case.)

This pose is a close mirror image of the female figure from The Client on Taral’s Furaffinity site,
the chief differences being her nudity, the goblet, and of course the position of her other hand...!!!
Anyway, Taral has written a short story, Case of  the Stoned Client, which neatly ties the two images together although Taral originally conceived the characters as human. For a human version of this idea check out The Apertiff.

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