Spydoll Inc. – Destiny Approves

by Tek

Here my first tale after the epic story we did (Clockwork Revenge, Parts 1, 2, 3) . it falls a little after that story has ended. There's also a complete index to the Tuckerverse stories, if you want to catch up.

Chapter 1: Odd Beginnings

The Effects Club

December 7

               The Effects Club is a new club that had recently sprung up out of nowhere; still that didn’t stop it from quickly becoming popular with the local clubbers and drinkers. For the most part it catered to all that came: high class; low class didn’t matter so long as you dressed the part. One of its many great features was its variety in beverages and a lavish bar, which a now lonely and still heart-broken Jamie Mosley sat.

               “What am I doing here?” Jamie thought as she looked down at her soda, swirling her straw in the cold drink. Her friends had insisted she come with them to this new club, which really wasn’t her thing to begin with. Even then it had only been a week since she broke up with her girlfriend, Maggie. She didn’t feel right, somehow, to be already looking again in such a short time. Although her friends begged to differ, as they want to lure her back to dating men again, as they felt Jamie would be better off if she did.

               Of course, given how the break up with Maggie went; she couldn’t blame how her friends reacted to this news. They had probably been banking that the relationship was going to fail as Maggie didn’t seem to be the most mature person. Now that she thought about it, it probably wasn’t a smart idea to introduce Mags to them as they were highly critical of anything she did. They even thought the bookstore was a bad idea; ironically that was actually going rather well, though Jamie had recently backed from that too.

               Still it was strange how it all ended; she got a call about Tucker being in trouble and flew back, disrupting her family plans. She had all this weird stuff happen to her while trying to get to Maggie, then she discovered her ex in a French Maid’s outfit, talking French, and even had the accent to go with it; to top that off Maggie acted like a totally different person who didn’t seem to recognize her at all.. It was the final straw that broke the camel’s back, thought Jamie, as she was tired of it all, Maggie just wasn't mature enough to handle the kind of relationship Jamie was searching for.  She was then comforted by Haley at Tuckers apartment.

               Truth was, she had been trying to hard to make Maggie into the woman of her dreams, which pretty much backfired on her. All the yelling and so on only ended with her being just tired of it. When Maggie came by finally, in her right senses, she just decided to end it more civilly then she had at Tucker’s. To make it easier on them both, she decided to leave Gloria running the store from now on. Sure she would pop up now and then to check on things. But that would be the extent of her involvement of the store she had taken over from her sister.

                With this thought, she let out a sigh of relief as she placed her head in her hands, trying not to think about the whole situation too much anymore. She was really wishing now she stayed home. It would be easier to bury herself in her hobbies than sit here alone while her friends were out there dancing, mixing it up with others on the floor.

               As she got up to leave, a man stepped in her way; she almost bumped into him she sidesteps to her right to leave again when he taps on her shoulder.

               "Hey girly, you Jamie?" The redhead looked back at the man, getting a clear view of him. He wore a flared purple 3-piece suit set, that glittered in the lights, a pair of what Jamie thinks are disco shoes, which are white; his hair is slicked back, with curls in the back and it looks like he over-moussed his hair. His fingernails, although well trimmed, extended a bit and looked like they had glitter nail polish on them.

Her first thought was to run away, screaming in terror into the night. Her next thought was to strangle whichever soon-to-be-ex-friend tried to set her up with this joke. Ever the angel she was, she decided to let him down easy.

               “Oh I’m sorry, my friends must have put you up to this,” she said, brushing a bit of her hair over her right ear, something she did only when she was nervous and trying to lie at the same time.

               “Nah, you’re good little lady! I’m here to bring you back to the world of men!” he proclaimed as he snapped his fingers into guns, pointing both fingers at her.

               Trying to contain her laughter, she waves a hand at him, “I’m ok as I am, really, it’s time for me to go anyway, and I have work tomorrow.” Just as she was about to turn and go, he gently touched her shoulder again.

               “Now, now, babe, how can you leave so soon? You just got here and old Mel wants to party with you!” once again doing his finger motion which in turn wants to make Jamie gag.

               “Look, Mel; I’m flattered you want to party with me, but I really should be going,” Jamie stated more openly, giving him a light shove away from her.

               She turned once again to leave, only this time with more force he grabbed her shoulder, almost to the point of hurting her. “Hey!” he shouted in anger, “Fucking dyke, I’m trying to be nice here and all you can do is spit in my face?” he said grabbing her other shoulder.

“Let go of me!” she exclaimed as she slapped his hand away.

                Even more angered, he raised his hand, “Stupid dyke, I’ll show you not to make fun of Mel!”

               Jamie raised her arms in defense as she heard a noise and followed by wild clatter. Opening her eyes, she saw a young woman holding down the rude man; she had him pinned to bar. He was yelling in pain, “Didn’t learn from the last time, did you Melard?” She accosted, pushing him harder on the bar. “Don’t cause trouble, you loser!” she hissed, while giving him a knee into his side.

               From where she was standing, Jamie had a good view of the woman’s back; it was obvious she was in good shape, judging by her ability to easily restrain a man much bigger then she. It looked like she was starting to let her dark hair grow out some more, which also had some colored streaks in it. She wore a leather biker’s jacket and shirt bottom, her legs were covered in sheer black stockings with biker boots. She had this one larger ring of all the ones she had on that seemed out of sync with the rest of her.

               “Are you…” said the woman as she turned to look at whom she’d defended and that’s when the destiny of Jamie Mosley changed as she first looked into the jade green eyes of Choi Lee Noi, better known as Chloe.  Letting the cowed man go, she turned around, “I, Uhm are you ok?” a now spaced-out Chloe asked as she walked closer to Jamie who was equally lost in space as she took in the sight of her rescuer: well shaped legs, a nicely toned tummy, breasts that you could grab without trying, and an exotic Asian face and those deep eyes. You could get lost in them for a long time, she thought; her fascination was interrupted as Mel stood up only to come crashing down as Pete the bartender finished the job Chloe has started. The two looked as Mel crumpled to the floor, followed by two bouncers carrying what left of old Mel away.

               “Thanks Pete, I think I can handle the rest,” waved Chloe as she turned around, grabbing Jamie’s hand, hurrying her to a nearby staircase leading up to the private lounge rooms.

“Wait, I…” Jamie tried to protest, but in the end followed her savior up the staircase. They entered a room that was kind of small and had a love seat for furniture; off to the side was a mini-bar that had just enough fixings for two, maybe three if you pushed it. Many of the small bottles were for mixing, which were accompanied by two shot glasses.

               Chloe led Jamie in; sitting down they both sat in silence for a moment until Chloe broke the silence, “I’m Chloe Noi, nice to please, I mean, to meet you.” Chloe said, silently beating herself for not keeping her words straight. Giggling a little, her companion offered, “I’m Jamie Mosley, thanks for saving me back there.”

               “No problem. Mel’s a jerk; I don’t know why they keep letting him in,” replied Chloe, sounding a little more confident this time, tilting her head with a smile that Jamie could only describe as something both innocent and naughty at the same time.  “What’s that world-of-men business he was spouting?”

               “Long story, maybe later I can tell you,” Jamie tried to put that incident behind her.

               “So, is it true?”

               “True?” Jamie asked curiously as she brushed her hair back onto her left ear, trying not to embarrass herself for some reason she was still trying to figure out.  Something about this lovely young woman seemed to pulling at her heartstrings as if telling her to stay with her.

               “Silly girl; that part about not liking men?” proclaimed Chloe, laying her arms on the seat top, while crossing her legs and arching her back just enough to make her breasts jiggle in Jamie’s view.

               “oh, OH!” Jamie said, blushing a bit, “ Well it certainly is true, not that I advertise it though,” she spoke, trying not to stare at the still-bouncing pair of breasts. “Still, not sure I’m quite ready to jump into another relationship,” she calmly said as she lowered her eyes thinking inwardly, don’t be so hasty…

               “Awww,” Chloe moaned, pouting at Jamie, as she crossed her arms, “Well at least we can share a drink or two!” she deflected, suddenly reaching for the shot glasses and small bottle of alcohol. Much to the surprise of Jamie, who was still trying to figure out this sexy and direct woman who sat next to her watching, Chloe expertly mixed two shots. Looking at the glasses, she casually hands one to Jamie.

               “Oh, no, I can--” Jamie was about to protest.

                “Oh, don’t be such a prude!” teased Chloe as she practically shoved the drink into her hand.

               “I am not a prude!” Jamie exclaimed as she stood up, ready to leave.

               “Oh yeah, then prove it!” shot back Chloe as she glared up at Jamie. Taking a second to think about it, she suddenly tosses the shot down her throat.


               Time stopped; Jamie instantly froze into a still life with a surprised expression caught in her face.

It’s been a while since I have used the ring, thought Chloe, giving her ring hand a rub; the fingers were still stiff from whole Ashley thing. She stood up and came closer to Jamie; for the first time in her life she thinks she might have really found something worth pursuing. Maybe there was something to Ryoshi's words after all, and hopefully this girl proves to be the one. Sure it had gotten off to a rocky start now; still Chloe felt she could make it work with this red-haired beauty before her. She takes the full shot glass out of Jamie’s unmoving hand, sets it down, and looks at her closer. Long crimson-colored hair; red as fire. Green eyes that nearly matched her jade green eyes, as well. Running her hands up and down Jamie’s frozen body, she was about to strip the clothes off when a thought came to her.

               “Let's not do that now, lets try getting into your dress the correct way,” she thought as she removed her hand from the string holding Jamie’s dress up. Instead, she took one of the bottles of strong alcohol and poured the rest of the contents down through her still lips, down her throat. Sitting back down and composing herself as she had been before using the ring, she snapped her fingers again. “Ttttttheereeee…hehehe…” chuckled Jamie, now drunk from the contents. She tried to sit down only to sit and fall, wobbly, into Chloe’s arms.

               “Hehehehe… thaz must’ve been, been one hell of a drink!” Jamie said as she drunkenly tried to sit up…”Hrmm youUuuuu know what?” she said, trying to sit upright. “I thinkkkKkkk, I like you, like you style,” she leaned up against Chloe’s arm. ‘But mainly for thossssssseeeeee---” Jamie said as she grabbed at Chloe’s breasts, completely uninhibited. To which Chloe had to widen her eyes as moments later, Jamie innocently and unexpectedly passed out in her lap. Chloe smiled as she petted Jamie’s hair, she looked up and smiled.

               “Me too…”


Chapter 2: Naked Pancakes

 The Hotel

December 8

               Jamie woke up with a slamming headache; she didn’t know why or even where she is. All she cared about was not moving for a bit longer. Laying dead still were she was, she kept her eyes closed until the ringing in her head had given way to something new. It sounded like someone was singing? Mustering what energy she could, she slowly sat up, and had just now noticed she was naked. “Hell…” she thought as she grabbed the bed sheet to cover her breasts.

               She finally got out of bed and walked in the direction of the singing. The closer she got the more beautiful it got. She wondered what kind of pancakes wore being made as the aroma caught her nose. More importantly, who could be singing at this time? She took a deep breath; at once she know it was coming from the kitchen likewise the singing as well. She crept to the kitchen, stopping just at the doorway she poked her head in just enough to see Chloe, the bold woman from last night, making pancakes and singing, of all people. Jamie began to wonder if there was more then met the eye to this beautiful Asian woman.

               Chloe hadn't noticed her audience of one just yet as she slowly cooked the pancakes. At the moment she was wearing nothing more than a pair of panties and a sports bra. What little hair she had grown out was tied into a small ponytail, which made Jamie smile as she looked more cute than tough looking. What made this more interesting that the choice of song was more classical in nature and most definitely in Korean. Jamie could only understand a word or two thanks to those mini-lessons she read on disc. If she translated some of it right, Chloe was singing about love.

               Jamie couldn't help but find herself more attracted to this woman that for all intents and purposes had kidnapped her last night. At least it's worth it, she thought as she continued to watch the young Korean woman flip another pancake. She listened for a few more minutes as Chloe prepped the table and pancakes, going the extra mile she moved the chairs out, taking a step back she looked at her setup, gave a thumbs up as she continued to sing. Going back to the stove, she started on one more batch of pancakes.

                About half way thru she had closed out her song, "Don't stop." blurted out Jamie as she quickly placed a hand on her mouth.

               Chloe had reacted as expected; startling and dropping the pancake she was working on onto the floor. "I, err, damn.... fuck...." she smiled awkwardly, "Uhm, breakfast is ready?" she announced as the pan she was using fell into the sink. Chloe was silently cursing herself for not paying attention, "What the hell is wrong with me?" she thought to herself, "I'm acting like a damn school girl..." she composed herself as Jamie giggled at the scene unfolding before her.

               "She must not be used to being snuck up on," she thought as she wrapped the bed sheet a little tighter around her torso as she sat down at the table. They both sat down quietly, serving themselves a nice amount of pancakes... once again they held a pretty silence for a few moments until.

               "How are the--" they said in unison, and began to giggle, smiling at each other, "I think this is the first time I've eaten pancakes with nothing but a bed sheet on." Jamie blushed a bit as she brushed some hair over her left ear.

               "Well I hear being naked and eating pancakes is the shit," proclaimed Chloe  taking another bite out of her food.

               "Well, just have to see about that later, I suppose."

               "So there will be a later then?" piped up Chloe as she took another bite from her pancake, Jamie was mentally smacking herself, just now realizing what she just said.

               " I, well maybe," she put her fork down as she looked more seriously at the cute Asian, “Listen... I want to thank—”

               "No problem love, I'll do it as many times as you want.." Chloe spoke between bites.

               "So you'll save me, get me drunk, kidnap me and seduce me." Jamie jokingly said, making Chloe blush a bit.

                "Well it doesn't have to be in that order, love," Chloe shot back, leaning closer to her over the table, which seem to have prompted Jamie to do so. The two leaned in together on the small breakfast table, inching closer, they closed their eyes and were about to share their first kiss...

~Ding DONG~

               They quickly sat back as the doorbell went off again. Getting up, Chloe crossly stomped to the door, while Jamie just smiled as she watch the young woman leave the room.

               "She's something..." thought Jamie as she took another bite of her breakfast, "naked pancakes do sound fun..."

               Chloe felt like busting heads, kicking some ass, placing her invisible boot in someone's face for interrupting her moment with Jamie, the first time in a long while; Chloe had never really felt this mad about a kiss until now. She really wanted it, only for some asshole to spoil it by ringing the stupid retarded doorbell she thought as she angrily opened the door.

               "What the fuck do you want!" shouted Chloe, practically scaring some of the people down the hallway. Coming face to face with the newfound source of her bane, she confronted the bellboy, who backed up a bit as a look of fear came over him.

               "You're, ah, your dress, is , is ,is here..." said the frightened bellboy stammered as he shakily held up a new dress to replace the one Jamie had messed up. Honestly if Jamie was going to become her girl she should get gifts from Chloe. Snatching the bag from the bellboy, she quickly slammed the door, only to reopen it and throw a hundred dollar at the bellboy's chest and slams it again, then opened one more time. Don't fucking bother me again!" She slams it again.

               The poor bellboy just stood there, not quite sure what just happened; still he got a quick hundred out of the deal. Walking off, he whistled as he passed a Native American woman, who seem to be taking notes before leaving herself.

               "Hey love, I got something for....you...?" Chloe said she dropped the dress bag on the ground as the sight before her threw her off the game plan. If she wasn't in love before, she certainly was now. There sitting on the table dripping with syrup, whipped cream and little bits of Chloe's pancakes decorating her nude body, Jamie was laying across the table with her hands holding her up. Her legs crossed as she lowered her head, giving Chloe a come and take me look.

               "So who's the prude now?" smirked Jamie.


2 hours later...

               Jamie lay on her back catching her breath, likewise Chloe, who was halfway on top of her, her head on top of Jamie's breasts. She was listening to Jamie's heartbeat, this was the first time she ever really stop to listen to someone else’s heart beat. She found it quite soothing, she thought as she smiled. Honestly, Chloe was only looking for a kiss and got the whole four-course meal. She certainly gave her best herself, not that she was bragging or anything. Still everything seemed very right to her; she wondered how Jamie felt now.

               "I, I think I'm in love.." Jamie thought as she cracked a smile, she looked down at Chloe who was busy listening to her heart. It certainly felt good, warm and inviting even, she doubted she really ever experienced something like that before, certainly not with Maggie... oh, Maggie she thought again. She sighed as she started to sit up, forcing Chloe to sit up as well with the bed sheet falling off of them both.

               "Chloe, I, I need some more time..." she said, grabbing her new lover's warm hand. "Let's take it easier.." Pushing her finger to silence Jamie's lips, Chloe smiled, "No problem love; How about dinner, my treat!"

               "I like that," Jamie said with a small smile, more certain she made the right choice to see where this could go.

               "Good, now lets get dressed, you get the fuck gone and I'll meet you later at Fame Restaurant!" Chloe shot up, gathering up her tossed around clothes as she moved. Jamie got up, brushing her hair back on her left ear.

               "Right, the Fame Restaurant..." she then stood up, " Wait; The Fame restaurant!"


Chloe's Home

December 10

               It had been two days since she had been home; sooner or later she had to come home. As she brought her motorcycle up the driveway, she took a look around once, just in case, still not over what happened to her. She felt more cautious now than before, even with that bitch unable to do any more harm to anyone. Walking up to her door, she took a deep breath as she entered her home.

               "Baby!" squealed a chipped Vicky, who at the moment was programmed to be the ultimate girl friend and companion, well at least she had been until meeting Jamie, thought Chloe. Although she hated the chips, they had become a means to an end. She had always wanted a steady girlfriend; the control chip on the nape of Vicky's neck made her that.

               "How was fun time, baby?" she spoke cheerfully, taking Chloe's hand in her own. They had walked into the kitchen where another one of Chloe's dolls, Janna, now chipped, stood silently, a spatula grasped in one hand. She had been programmed to be the cook; when not in service, she stood idly next to the fridge, staring off into the void.

               "It was great babe; met someone really beautiful," Chloe started, giving Vicky a look-over.  The chipped girlfriend wore nothing more then a very revealing lacy red teddy and those pom-pom topped high heels she thought looked so funny on her. Although Vicky was smiling brightly and looking sincere, Chloe couldn't help but notice the empty look in her eyes. Her hair had been pulled back in to a ponytail, still some of the strands were scattered a bit on her forehead.

               "That's great honey, maybe I'll get to meet this beautiful person one of those days," Vicky said, giving an extra big smile that Chloe already knew was preprogrammed into Vicky's chip.

               "Janna, make me meal 21," Chloe called out as Janna suddenly came to life and started prepping food for cooking.  Walking into the living room, she heard some footsteps that were familiar to her. Walking into living room as well were the now chipped guards and newly made lovers, Aisha Reynolds, and her fellow doll, Ashley Tisdale.

               Aisha, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a bulletproof vest on, carried a SiG at her side. Her hair was drastically cut shorter, about to the middle of her cheeks and given a V-shaped part at the top after being colored a dirty blonde shade. Ashley had been given a helmet-like pageboy haircut with her hair dyed black.  She wore the same type of tactical gear Aisha was wearing.

               "Hey Mistress, all floors are secure; there have been no disturbances in the last 48 hrs since your departure, Mistress," Aisha said as she saluted her. The straight-laced but overly inquisitive cop and the evil woman had both been programmed with Ryoshi's tactical training; had Chloe known, the irony would have made Ryoshi laugh as it would be the second time she had the dark skinned beauty programmed that way. More interesting, though, was that the pair seemed to be eyeing each other more then Chloe.

               "Baby, she doesn't need to know every detail." Ashley said passionately to Aisha, wrapping her arms around the black woman's waist, as Aisha turned and the two kissed lustfully. The two had been former enemies, with Ashley being one of the few that had gotten away from her. However, thanks to Chloe, they had a change of mind and heart and now shared a faked life and love courtesy of their mistress.

               Chloe found it interesting that the chips could do so much, even to program completely imaginary lives for her dolls. At first she did it as an experiment using the chips; honestly she found it a little too funny to pass away at the time. She watched as the two kissed and talked about a time that never happened.

               "Hey, mistress, since you're back we were wondering if we could, you know..." Ashley spoke in a meek voice, programmed to be the submissive one while Aisha would dominate her mate in bed and on the job.

               Smirking, Chloe nodded her head yes and the two fake lovers took off to one of the rooms below.

               "Hey and keep the squealing to a low riot this time!" Chloe shouted back.

                "Yes Mistress, as you command!" the two spoke in unison before vanishing into the room below.

               "Vicky, stay here and turn on the TV, watch whatever’s on; I'll be right back." ordered Chloe as she let go of Vicky's hand.

               "Sure thing babe, I'll do anything you say!" Vicky proclaimed as she happily sat down on the couch legs crossed, turned on the tube and rest her hands on her lap cheerfully watching cartoons.

               Chloe walked to one of the closets; she opened it to find Fiona, now the maid, standing silently awaiting her next order. Chloe gave a half-hearted smile, as she felt kind of bad for leaving her doll there for two days. Still she didn't plan on finding Jamie; it seemed like destiny finally approved her wish for someone special. Ordering Fiona out of the closet, Chloe watched her as the doll robotically went about her cleaning duties. Returning to the living room, she could see that Vicky was still facing the TV, but is not really watching it, as her gaze seemed distant.

               Chloe sighed a bit as she would rather have Jamie here than Vicky, not chipped of course. Leaving Vicky alone, she heads upstairs to the bedroom where she keep the laptop that controls the programmed girls and powers it up. After a few minutes, she called up the program that runs the chips. The program came up as The Neural Interface, ver. 2.0, which loaded up all sorts of windows and pull down menus that allowed her to customize the persona and skills assigned to a chipped person, in this case all of Chloe's dolls.

               Thumbing through the various menus, she opened the window viewing what each doll was doing via a command line queue. Looking at Vicky's first, she noticed right away that she had gone into "screen saver" mode, or idle in better terms. Obviously Chloe needed to be near her for her program to be active. Looking at Janna's menu, it stated that she had already finished meal 21 and has left it on the table; currently she was back waiting next to the fridge in stand-by mode.

               Switching over to Aisha and Ashley, she saw that they had just finish finished stripping themselves as they began their programmed love making. The two were talking happily and thinking as if they were really people. Chloe wondered if she should leave them like that, lost in a fantasy.  Maybe it would be a good thing if she could reform Ashley, somehow. While those chips don't actually change a person's thoughts, they still clearly were capable of replacing their old ones; shit there was a lot those damn things could do!

               She took a deep breath and called up the master freeze command, which prompted her for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response to signal the master freeze of all the dolls. Watching the various texts go by, she couldn't help but wonder if she was doing the right thing. If letting Jamie into her life doesn't put her in danger, like what happened to Britney.  Chloe saw how empty her friend’s eyes had been while chipped, hell if it wasn't for her powers she wondered if she and Britney would have evaded being Ashley's dolls.  Brit didn’t remember anything about being chipped herself.

               Would she be putting Jamie in that same spot? No, she thought, the bitch is caged now, and in a few minutes is about to be frozen again. Mustering her willpower together she resolved to not let the past get to her, not ever again. With a puff of breath, she cracked her knuckles, called up the master freeze command and entered: yes.


Chapter 3: ...man, that seems to happen a lot lately...

December 15

               It had been a glorious few days since she had met Chloe, thought Jamie as she sat in her office doing paper work. Well at least she tried to work; between the flowers scattered all over her office and thoughts of sex with Chloe that seemed to cloud Jamie's mind, the distractions of being in love had leaked into her work as well. In fact she was excited about tonight as it would be the first time she entered Chloe's home. She wondered what it was like to live almost on the outside of the city. How lonely it must be, she thought, tapping her pen on her lips; well, she thought, Chloe most certainly won't be lonely tonight. Smiling wistfully, she imagined the scene.

               Her train of thought was interrupted by Gloria, who had knocked on the frame of her door, " Hey Jamie, can I talk to you?"

               Sure thing Gloria; what's on your mind?" she said, putting down her pen.

               Elsewhere, Chloe Noi was on the phone, speaking to none other one her long time friend and member of the super-hacker elite, Sneakers, a man she'd never met in person, but he had always been there to support her. Ever since that night in Korea...

                "I'm serious; I really want to be with her, Sneakers!" exclaimed Chloe in defense of her new love.

               Sneakers cleared his voice, "Now Chloe I know you think you love this girl, but is she really right.."

               "...For you." Gloria said as she finished closing the door, so that their chat stayed private.

               "What is that suppose to mean?" Jamie said, raising her eyebrow not liking where this was heading. "Chloe's been a sweetheart to me, hasn't lied to me once, and is interested in what I do," she sighs, "She has whole lot more than all my past relationships put together Gloria."

               Gloria cocked an eyebrow. "I see, still she seems a little too..."

               "Boring for you Chloe," remarked Sneakers, " Are you sure you can keep your powers and those dolls a secret?"

               "That's not a problem; I've already frozen them all again. They're somewhere safe," Chloe shot back trying not to show concern about that issue, switching back to the topic, " You know I made Jamie..."

               "...squeal? Chloe made you squeal?" Gloria asked quizzically as Jamie placed her hands over her mouth, not believing what she just said. "Oh don't be shy now! It's getting good. So she's that good to you?" Jamie just simply nodded as smile formed behind her still covered mouth.

               "It's not just the sex Gloria, well it's partly the sex, she’s filling in what I need, no, what I want out of a lover."

                 "She hasn't let me down, Sneaks," Chloe spoke, "And I don't plan to do that anytime myself." affirmed Chloe as she entered her large closet. She turned on the light seeing her dolls, frozen; she just treated them as they weren't there, and for the first time in her life, Chloe actually picked out a dress for her date with Jamie.

               Thought not in the same room, equally not realizing they were engaged in the same kind of argument, the two lovers spoke in unison, "I love her..."

               Gloria had really no choice but to smile; it'd been a while since she really seen Jamie shine like that, even when she was dating Maggie, it just seemed like something clicked with this woman her boss just met. Hopefully it would last for long time she thought. "Well just as long as she makes you happy dear, just remember..."

               "You can always just chip her babe," Sneakers spoke and though Chloe couldn't see it, she knew Ryoshi would be smirking about that.

               "Sneaks!" exclaimed Chloe as she tossed the dress on her bed.

               "Alright, alright; I'm happy for you Chloe. Have fun on your date." Sneakers said with a light laugh.

               "Thanks Sneaks.." Smiled Chloe as she hung up the phone to get ready for her date with Jamie. Hoping the house was clean enough for her when they came back here for more fun. Chloe smiling her dirty angel smile.


A few hours later...

Chloe's home

               It had been a great evening and looking to make it even better, a few minutes later they nearly stumbled thru the front door, kissing and touching each other, which is what they had been doing since they got out of Chloe's BMW; another first for young Asian woman since she loved to mainly drive her motorcycle.  But obviously going on a bike in a dress to a fancy restaurant was clearly a bad idea. Still she was loving every second of being with Jamie as she semi-forced Jamie in to wall. Going into a deep kiss, Jamie grabbed Chloe's tight behind as she was grabbing Jamie's breasts.

               "Hrmm, you taste like strawberries, you know that right, angel?" Chloe said, slowly drawing away from Jamie who was equally looking somewhat flushed from the making out they did coming in. It would have taken a minute to get to the door, But Chloe had other plans, which turned into minutes.

               Smiling back at her lover, "I'm your angel now?" Jamie glowed.  Chloe nodded as she dropped the car keys on the table next to them.  They both giggled as they leaned in to kiss again, taking some extra time before breaking the kiss.

               "You head to the bedroom, angel, I'll get the champagne," whispered Chloe seductively to Jamie as she walked off towards the kitchen, pointing upstairs to Jamie; who didn't take long ascend them.  Stepping into the bedroom she could tell right away that Chloe’s cleanliness could use some work.  She also noticed a strange life-sized maid doll standing silently in the corner.

               "Wow, this place can use some extra cleaning," she remarked.  With that, the life-size doll known as Fiona came to life.

               "As you wish, mistress." said the doll automatically as she began to clean.

               Chloe was about to walk into the room with the champagne in hand when she heard Jamie’s scream.  Dropping the wine, Chloe slammed the door open and with her trained hand snapped her fingers at any moving target, which happened to be Fiona who was in the middle of dusting.  Fiona froze in her tracks, looking like a mannequin in a lingerie shop.

               "Oh shit.." whispered Chloe; she had just realized she had forgotten to put Fiona away. She had used her earlier in the day to clean a bit.  She turned to see a frightened Jamie with her back pressed against the wall.

               "Angel, are you ok?" Chloe said, touching her lover's hand who had just noticed her there.

               "That, that girl was acting strange just like Maggie, and, and what did you do to her?" Jamie said in a still panicked state.

               "Jamie, you got it all wrong!" Chloe tried to clarify, snapping her fingers again, so Fiona started moving again. "If you calm down, I'll tell you my big secret, please..." Jamie looked at Chloe; up until now she hadn't lied to her, still something told her to trust Chloe, at least for now.

               "I... alright... you've been honest with me and wonderful since I met you Chloe, I'm going to listen to your story, but it better be the truth..." she said, sitting on the bed. Chloe took a deep breath and began telling Jamie everything from the start, leaving out Tucker and, if she remembered correctly, Maggie who was his roommate. She told about Ashley’s treachery and the battle about the cargo ship along with Chloe’s role in the rescue. Jamie sat quietly, taking it all in, even seeing her lover perform some of things she talked about, about the chips and what they did to people, and why she had more dolls like Fiona in her closet; it seems their cruel misdeeds didn't go unpunished.  The more she thought about their ironic fate, the more she seemed to like it.

               It was then she realized she was going out with a super-heroine, a real life, honest to god super-heroine. Albeit, she didn't totally approve with how they were punished, well, maybe with the exception of this Ashley she spoke of; that one seemed to be the super villainess of all this. Luckily she lost, otherwise Jamie wouldn't be here with her very own sexy super-heroine. Jamie felt the only thing Chloe lacked was guidance; though she was still bit weirded out. Seeing that maid again kind of scared her a bit. She gave a half-hearted smile to Chloe who sat silently.

               "Chloe, this...this is a lot to take in, " she breathed out, looking at the programmed human robot that was Fiona, obediently cleaning the room. "I just found out my girlfriend is a super-heroine; that's going to take some time getting used to. Chloe, you have all this power; think of all the great things you can do with it." Smiling wider, she proclaimed " I love you, I do; still you need to better use your powers baby." She looked over at Fiona.

               "Fiona, please stop; it's clean honey." Jamie said, watching the chipped young woman pause in her effort and returning to attention.

               "Yes, mistress." Fiona robotically spoke to Jamie, unaware of the events transpiring around her.

               'Thank you Fiona; you can go back to your corner." Jamie said with a smile, giving Chloe her own version of the dirty-angel look. They both watched as Fiona followed her orders exactly, returning to her corner. There she stood silently awaiting orders. Chloe looked at Jamie, gauging her reaction and saw her looking back; they let out a sigh of relief followed by some laughter.

               Sitting down next to Jamie, they placed their foreheads against each other. They as a couple just got past one of their major hurdles, as insanely strange as it seemed. They shared a kiss or two before sitting back. They sat for a few more minutes trying to let more of what happened sink in, more Jamie thinking than Chloe...

               "Marry me!" Chloe suddenly spoke, catching Jamie off guard, A look of shock crossed her face which then slowly softened into a smile; she leaned in close to Chloe and kissed her on the forehead, looking into Chloe's eyes.

               "I'll give you my decision in a few days, Choi Lee Noi; please give me some time to think about all this.  It’s a lot, all at once." 

               Lowering her eyes, her lover agreed, "Alright, just take the BMW. I don't want you waiting for a cab, not from out here." Chloe spoke, watching Jamie walk to the door. She didn't know what to do; there seemed to be a first time for a lot of things today. She heard the car engine roar to life. Looking out the window she saw the lights move out into the night, then she looked back at Fiona who stood idle, staring off into the void.

               "...man, that seems to be happening a lot lately..." Chloe thought.


Chapter 4: Chloe, The Super heroine!?

December 19

               It had been a few days since Jamie talked to Chloe and her doubts had settled down; to be honest she felt on top of the world. She tossed over in her bed, lazily propping up her head on her pillow, smiling at a recent news clipping she had cut out and spread on her nightstand. The story detailed a set of bizarre cases where some criminals had been foiled in random spots around LA. Ranging from a mugging in Orange County to a would-have-been rape in central LA, the reports told of a young motorcyclist, female, who would show up and somehow magically deal with the perps before vanishing again, seemingly into thin air.

               She chucked at the mentioning of the word ‘magical’; her super-heroine girlfriend had been saving the day those last few they have been apart. Jamie was still trying to wrap her head around all this and those acts she read about clearly told her that she had gotten through to Chloe. And that made her love the Asian woman even more, enough to consider her proposal from that night.

               Marriage, she thought, the concept seemed as alien to her as it did to the courts that perform them. Still, there it was, staring her in the face. Sitting up in bed, she looked at the clock and for the first time realized she didn't have to be at work. Gloria had things under control, she thought, as she lay back down on her bed smiling at the ceiling. Today she would tell Chloe her answer; it had been long enough, she wanted to be held and at the same time hold her super heroine love. But first a shower, she thought, getting up and heading to her restroom.


The LA Central Bank

               It was another business day going well for the bank, money transactions going smoothly. Young couples applying for mortgage loans, old couples seeing that their money was put to good use while they still around to spend it. Others coming and going for various reasons, or just to get cash from the outside bank ATM. Yes, the bank manager was happy that things were going so well to day. He felt that nothing could go wrong today...

               "Freeze!" shouted an armed robber as small group of them showed up. One of them fired into the air, causing everyone to panic in terror. "On the ground now!" the leader commanded; another few rounds went off as the crowd of people cowered down. Guards had come rushing at the robbers, guns drawn, ready to defend the people in the bank.

               A firefight ensued for a fast few minutes; the exchange ended with the guards hurt or worse.  They were fast and effective against the guards, and the cocky robbers cheered at how easily they had disposed of them. They failed to realize that the tellers were more of a danger than the guards when one of the tellers named Megan tapped the silent alarm, alerting police of the crime taking place.  The robbers continued to clean the vault and began taking as much as they could in their bags, laughing at how easily the heist was doing down.

               "Shit, the cops are coming! You guys need to get back now!" shouted their wheel man over a walkie they were all carrying.

               "What!' Shouted one of the robbers, "Let get the fuck out of there now!"

               Not wasting any time, the group of robbers scrambled to a modded van parked out front. Just as they ran out, the police started showing up as the van took off, followed by some police units giving chase. Their sirens blazing loudly, hoping that innocent motorists would get out of the way of the speeding van as it careened carelessly across the streets. The bumbling robbers managed to hit a couple of cars along the way to freeway where they hoped to outrun the cops.


Jamie's Apartment

               Jamie walked to her kitchen, fresh from her shower, drying her hair as she picked up the remote. Clicking the TV on and setting it to the news, She started to hum a piece of what Chloe sang their first morning together. She adjusted the towel around her body so that it didn't fall off while she made herself pancakes. Chloe was partly to blame; Jamie had really started to like having pancakes in the morning versus the plain old bowl of cereal or the egg and toast she would have had every morning. The morning dish had become the couple’s favorite meal of the morning, and for good reasons.

               The news started its usual routine of events, weather and sports, with Jamie glancing every now and then at the TV. Then they had suddenly cut from the usual to a special news bulletin of car chase involving robbers from a fouled-up bank heist. Jamie didn't think much of it, turning her attention back to her pancakes; then she did a double take as she noticed that car was an SRT8 Dodge Challenger that strangely looked like one in Chloe's huge garage. The black and blue colors looked just like Chloe's....

               "Oh my god! Chloe!" she said as she watched the car as they sped past cops. She slammed her hands on the counter as fear starting taking over her surprise.

               "Keep it steady Aisha; last thing I want to do is to crash!" ordered Chloe.

               "Yes mistress..." replied Aisha with her eyes still on the road. Evading cars here and there as if she had been doing so for years, Ryoshi's tactical programming was at work. The black woman's eyes showed very little signs of intelligence beyond what she was programmed for. Pushing around the cops, they started to catch up to the speeding van as Chloe wanted a better view of the idiots panicking inside the van.

               In their frantic state, the robbers began shooting at anything moving behind them, taking out a few cars along the way.  The Charger roared past the bullets, seemingly unharmed from the hail of gunfire. Suddenly the back doors of the modded van fell off at the hinges; shocked, they turned their attention towards this new menace, about to fire again. It was at that moment when they're weapon fell apart at the seams.

               Jamie couldn't believe her eyes at the amazing things that transpired during this chase the news was covering. Still, she still had a right to be concerned; Chloe was still risking her life. Glued to the television she laughed at some of the silly theories the news reporters were making up when Chloe did something to the van and the people inside of it.

               "I love that woman..." Jamie thought as her fears began to die down, knowing that Chloe had the problem well under control.

               Chloe cracked a smile while trying to contain her laughter; apparently there were some crooks that just didn't know when to quit. They had lost their guns, were nearly forced off the road by Aisha. Down to one good tire left on while the other three wheels were on their rims, throwing up showers of sparks from the road below. Even the normal cops had to slow down. The media were making fools out of the robbers as their van had somehow lost its exterior and now was really just a sad show. Chloe decided to finally end it by freezing the motor, causing the van to come to a slow stop as she sped off, laughing...


A few hours later...

               Jamie pulled the BMW into Chloe's driveway; parking the car, she turned off the engine and got out of the car.  She tried to contain herself from the rush of feelings she felt for Chloe. Hearing, reading and even seeing her girlfriend do some real good in such a short time, just seem to her now that this was right. Walking up to the door, she knocked on it, only to be greeted by Fiona, the chipped maid.

               "Evening, Mistress Jamie, welcome home," announced the chipped woman, stepping aside to let her in.

               "Uhm, hello, Fiona, where's Chloe?" asked Jamie, brushing a little bit of her hair onto her left ear.

               "She is in the living room Mistress," responded Fiona with a fake big smile, closing the door behind her after Jamie stepped in. Wanting some water, Jamie walked from the hallway to the kitchen, where once again Janna was at standby awaiting orders.

               "Welcome home, Mistress Jamie," spoke Janna as she detected the visitor moving closer to the kitchen. Jamie greeted the young woman back, admiring the sexy chef uniform she was wearing. Grabbing a glass of wine instead, Jamie moved into the living room; there she found her girlfriend sleeping on one of the sofas. A peaceful look was on her face while Vicky sat obediently next to her, holding a bowl of grapes in one hand and in the other a small vine of grapes.

               "Hello mistress Jamie; Mistress Chloe is sleeping, would you like me to wake her?" chimed a rather robotically cheerful Vicky as she spoke without moving from where she was stationed at.

               Not even bothering to answer Vicky, she leans in close to Chloe, giving her a soft wake up kiss. Opening her eyes slowly, Chloe smiled as they started kissing some more. Soon they had gone from the couch to the bedroom. Chloe, still in her tee shirt and jean combo, slowly peeled off her top, exposing her bare breasts to Jamie as she sat on the bed. Not giving her lover the chance, she ripped the button-up blouse off Jamie, pushing her slowly down as the buttons hit the floor. Their kissing was getting more and more heated with each minute that passed.

               Lying on the bed, the two engaged in more hands on, touching here and there. Jamie giggled as she felt her bra suddenly fall apart, feeling more like fine grained sand on her chest where a bra used to be. Moving her hands down, Jamie unbuttoned Chloe's jeans; opening the zipper she pulled down the tight jeans down over her lover's cute little ass. The jeans went down to Chloe's knees; then Jamie felt adventurous and yanked off the flimsy little bikini panties, tossing them aside as she enjoyed the sight before her as Chloe arched her back to let Jamie explore more.

               After a few minutes, Chloe turned the tables on Jamie, stripping off the mini-skirt Jamie had come to the house in expecting to lose it.  Tearing the sheer pantyhose from Jamie’s legs, she laughed at the fact this was the first time she had known her lover not to wear panties. Touching the trimmed area, she began exploring her lover's womanhood. Cooing, Jamie starting moaning, panting, hitting high notes here and there.

               It wasn't long until she screamed in pleasure from the climax, "Choi Lee!" Jamie shouted as she relaxed back into the bed. Still not done, Chloe began caressing her way up again, only this time with her pussy to Jamie's face. Inviting her to play, after a small pause, Chloe moaned as Jamie began working Chloe's womanhood. Furiously pleasuring Chloe, it wasn't long until she dropped to her side as Jamie followed her.

               Trying to hold it back, Chloe cooed, moaning, and finally gasped..."Jamie!"

               The two collapsed in bed, Chloe crawling sexily back upright to Jamie before settling on Jamie's left breast as the two lay in bed catching their breath. "Yes..." Jamie moaned between breaths. Chloe's eyes widen as she knew what that meant, instantly catching her second wind she pounced onto Jamie with freshened purpose....


Four hours later...

               The two had just stepped out of the shower together; what should have been a short cleanup turned into a heated hour-long watery lovemaking. Who knew soap could be so erotic for being so clean? Chloe stepped out of the bathroom, tightening her towel around her waist, while Jamie busily reapplied her makeup. She giggled at her wife-to-be’s explanation, stating she had to be pretty at all times for her super-heroine.

               She never really thought of herself that way, but now that Jamie had mentioned it, the truth was obvious. She sort of was one; granted she'd never were a silly skintight suit in public. Well, maybe at home, with all the dolls frozen, after some alcoholic drinks and with a toy or two; she snickered at her last comment. Chloe said down at the little table she had in her room. On the table sat the laptop that ran the programming software for all the dolls in her house. Opening up the computer, she wondered how much more useful they could become; Aisha had proved to be quite reliable this morning. She couldn’t help but think there's more she could be doing, but what, she thought.

               Walking into the room, Jamie kissed Chloe on the cheek, leaving an imprint of her red lipstick-covered lips for all the world to see. Leaning on her shoulder, she took a look at the monitor of the laptop and asked, "What's that, honey?"


Chapter 5: Here comes Christmas

December 23

               It had been maybe a day at most, and suddenly the whole world knew Choi Lee Noi had married Jamie Mosley. Mostly it had been just best wishes, then phone calls for interviews from art related blog critics or her father calling to welcome Jamie into the family. Even some of the employees from Jamie's business called to wish her well via Gloria who had been the "maid of honor" for their little impromptu ceremony.  In all honesty the events had gone much better than the couple had hoped for, that day and more.

               The couple had been at home decorating their home, as Jamie had fully moved in that same day they were married. The dolls had been busily putting up their assigned Christmas decoration, while Chloe set up the tree. Something she had done with her old flames, and now for her wife every year; a new tradition for her. She smiled as she looked at Jamie sitting at the dinner table, busily going over the "Spydoll" network as she proclaimed it to be, still going along with her super-heroine ideals. After being introduced to the doll the evil woman, Ashley, had become, Jamie deemed it fair – given her past – that this woman would be the subject for her tinkering with the persona maker that she found so interesting.

               The evil Ashley stood motionless at attention, a long firewire cable connected to her chip, awaiting new settings as Jamie continue to randomize her programmed persona traits. Sweat had broken out on the chipped woman as she had been put thru her paces, doing things from running in place to other stylized workout routines, even taking on stereotypical pre-defined personas. To say the least, she had been in more use now then she had ever been when Chloe first got Ashley from Ryoshi.

               Speaking of Ryoshi, the couple didn't know what to quite make of her wedding gift to them. That gift being in the immobilized form of a small-time Brazilian drug dealer that she and Scott didn't want living in their complex, since that the drugs she was selling were far worse than Type-7. True or not, they knew very well they couldn't let her go, so chipping her as a gift solved two of their problems at once.

               Chloe and Jamie opted to turn her into a living decoration, dressed in a teal bodysuit under a dark green micro skirt and top; she also had on knee-high green leather boots on, green gloves with a fluffy trimming on them.  Her hair had been cut short from its original length and gelled-up to the point it looked like plastic, with her bangs forming a swirl both on her forehead and at the back of her neck. She wore heavy eye makeup with large red circles on her cheeks, making her look very dollish.

               They had posed her near the fireplace, legs together, bent at her hips with one arm posed straight going along her upper torso. Her hand bent backwards palm facing down, while her other arm was bent out, holding up a stocking for Scott and Ryoshi. The other stockings made for other family members and friends hung nearby on the fireplace. She had this cute little elf hat on, completing the look. Frozen permanently by Chloe's ring, she would have no trouble being a holiday decoration for a long time, or anything else for that matter.

               Jamie giggled as she couldn't believe one of the buttons she found on the chip control program, "Hey babe, watch this!" Jamie said, maneuvering Ashley into a better view for Chloe, who had turned away from the ornaments she was hanging.

               "What did you find this time?" Quizzed Chloe as she looked in their direction. Jamie hit the enter key on the laptop and instantly Ashley's nipples hardened visibly.

               "No way; you can make them do that?!" she said, getting down from the steps.

               "Apparently so, look;" she hit enter a few more times, watching Ashley's nipples soften, then harden a couple of times, until Jamie had enough. Ashley stared into infinity, a living puppet oblivious to the commands being issued to her body.

               "Wow, that's hot, I wonder..." Chloe said, turning to Aisha, "Aisha, pull down your top!"

               "Yes, mistress!" chimed Aisha as she put down what she was doing and pulled down her tank top, exposing her breasts to the couple.  Facing them, she stood at attention, obediently waiting for her next command.

               "Chloe!" Jamie said, trying to cover her laughter.

               "What? you started it." she chuckled, commanding,  "Aisha, harden."

               On cue, Aisha's nipples instantly hardened, pointing outward to the couple like two little bullets coming out of her breasts. She stood proud and silent as Chloe walked over and inspected her nipples. "Yup, hard enough to break glass."

               The two burst out laughing, with Chloe then ordering Aisha to finish putting up her decorations with her top back on; only now they could see her nipples thru the thin cotton top. Aisha was not the least bit concerned about that, only that she had to finish hanging up what she had been given, as quickly and organized as possible. Setting up a sprig of mistletoe, she quietly strung up a fake tree lining vertical to the mistletoe. While she did that, Chloe and Jamie played more with the "Spydoll Network" concept, still using Ashley as the experiment.

               The real fun began when they found the arousal commands. Sending Ashley into heat on command made them laugh harder as they couldn't help it, hearing the robotic moans coming out of Ashley's mouth. It sounded so faked; even the really good fakers would be pissed hearing it come from this mindless woman's mouth. She continued to moan in fake pleasure as the pair found it funny that she remained at attention, looking at nothing in particular and still was being aroused.


December 24: Christmas night

               It was a cool night, the loving couple was cuddled up together, they were sharing a vanilla shake Jamie had made, while watching the Christmas specials that went on during this time of the year. The Christmas lights and the light over the living room area were on, just enough that they didn't need to fish for the remote or something else when they needed it. The two decided to spend Christmas quietly alone as their honeymoon getaway.

               Being their first Christmas together, they wanted to make it special. Cuddling together, watching Charlie Brown's Christmas was a nice start. Holding hands, they watched quietly as they wait for midnight to come. Their foreheads pressed together, drinking one at a time from the same straw, they laughed and giggled at some of the things that happen to Charlie Brown. Taking a glace at her wife, Jamie couldn't help but think of how they first met.

               She knew her relationship with Chloe would be magical; she didn't count on it being truer then that. Here this punk Asian girl stole her heart, not just with her looks and charm, but her secret self as well. She had become just as much devoted to Chloe as her wife was to her, maybe even more so now then before. They had jumped a massive hurdle, and now look where she was, in a home more homely than her own, with a girl that loved her deeply like Jamie loved that woman, for who she was and more. 

               "Something wrong babe?" asked Chloe, noticing Jamie was looking at her.

               "What, oh nothing honey; just thinking to myself," she smiled going back to watching the Christmas special.

               "Hope it's about me," Chloe said, cracking her dirty-angel smile.

               Later that night, it was time to open up the presents; bringing up the lights more, the couple went to the tree.  There stood all of the dolls. Dressed as wonderful toys was something they thought would make sense for them; they stood proudly by the tree with ribbon bows around their waists, flanking the actual presents that were under the tree. Chloe thought it would be fun to using them for extra presents since they had been such a good bunch of dolls. Even Ashley was there, after being such a good sport about being Jamie's experimental doll.

               Standing at in a ballerina pose, Fiona Diaz stood, her arms up and gracefully encircled over her head; she was looking straight ahead with a wide smile on her face, slightly glittered up, she had her hair pinned up in a French bun. With light pink makeup on to match her costume, to further enhance the idea that she was a "toy" fairly large-sized pink circles graced Fiona's cheeks. A dark green and red bow and sash were wrapped around her waist, with a tag saying ‘to Jamie from Chloe, with love’.

               Next to her was the former cop turned Chloe doll, and now temporally a toy solider was none other than Aisha Reynolds. Posed more stiffly then Fiona, Aisha was standing stock still with a toy rifle cradled on her left arm, an old nutcracker solider-looking getup on, complete with a black long hat with a feather plume coming out of the top. Unlike Fiona, Aisha was done up with copper-toned makeup and smaller amount of glitter. Her face was expressionless with only her red-circled cheeks to give any sign of toy aspect to her appearance. Much like Fiona, she also had a dark green and red bow and sash tied to her waist, only this time it was addressed ‘from Jamie to Chloe, with love’.

               On the other side of the tree stood Janna Brinwells; the bitch was now dressed up as an adorable fairy tale princess in a white chiffon hoop skirt.  Posed more elegantly than her other fellow dolls, she held her back slightly arched, with her head tilted upward and regal looking. Her white opera-gloved arms were posed bent at the elbows up with her hands facing away. Her hair was done up in lots of curls, a change from her usual straight hair.  Perched atop her head was a sparkling diamond tiara.  Janna’s make up more heavily applied, making her seem more artificial-looking than her fellow dolls, along with her own red-circle cheek spots as well. She too, had a red and green bow and sash tied around her waist, addressed to Chloe again.

               Standing next to her was Vicky Sandrois, the busty blond, who stood with her weight shifted more to one side, her back slightly arched to perk up her already impressive cleavage. She wore a cowgirl outfit complete with toy guns and wide cowboy hat.  Her arms were bent forward at the elbows; she was holding the toy guns in each hand, with a sexy come-and-get-me look on her dolled up face. Sporting light blue makeup that matched her outfit's colors, only the two large red cheek circles were out of place on this otherwise sexy cowgirl.  

               Finally there was Ashley Tinsdale, dressed up totally opposite from her evil self. Made up as a Fairy, the woman stood posed to touch someone with her fake star-tipped wand. Wearing a green "leaf" covered one-piece bathing suit with transparent lacy wings attached to it, she looked almost as if she could fly.  The woman's feet now had a pair of elf-like curled-toe shoes on, complete with the tiny bells on it. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail with her bangs cut to match the look. Light green make-up adorned her face, along with the red circle spots; she smile proudly into the void. Like all the others, she had a bow and sash on that addressed her as being ‘to Jamie from Chloe’.

               "This is the best Christmas I ever had." thought Chloe as she handed Jamie her first actual present, granted she knew what the effect would be. As soon as Jamie unwrapped her gift, there was a loud squeal followed by her pouncing onto Chloe.


The Effects Club

               Trisha was having a lousy night; on all nights she thought, her date for tonight bailed on her before they even met up. Some bullshit about family he claimed, even after all they planned he pulls this shit on her. Family – what a joke – thought the young brunette as she spun the straw in her cocktail slowly.

               "Sorry, Trish, time to kick you and everyone else out. We're closing to be with our families," announced Pete the bartender.

               "What!" exclaimed the drunken woman, "That's not fair, I want to get fucking plastered!" shouted the irritated, frustrated woman.

               "Well, go do it elsewhere, we're closed; you’ve had more than enough already," he said, snatching the cocktail out of her hand, "Now get lost."

               With that the girl stomped off, so pissed off she didn't noticed the strange woman who had been spying on her from afar following her. Almost kicking the door open so it flew violently against the wall as Trisha stormed out to her car; she was too drunk to see the alcohol had clearly affected her ability to walk in a straight line.

               Trying to grab her keys out of her bag, she fumbled and dropped them on the ground. She stood up only to be frightened by a tall Native American woman who appeared out of nowhere. "Shit, girl, don't do that."

               "You shouldn't drive so drunk," the strange woman spoke to her.

               "What do you care if I do?” she said, looking her up and down, the woman was dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweater top, a feather was attached to one of the belt loops on her hip. "You're not some fucking cop, are you?" Trish said, trying to single out her car key.

               "You shouldn't drive so drunk," the strange woman spoke again.

               "What are you, talking like some kind of broken doll?" retorted Trish as she placed her key in the door, only to have the world black out.

               "No, but you are now, my lovely, lovely Trisha doll..." said the woman as she placed the needle back in her bag and quickly made off with the rapidly stiffening young woman.


To be Continued.... with the Twin Return

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