Tucker’s Wand XXII:  Day at the Park

by Zero

This tale of the wand follows the epic story (Clockwork Revenge, Parts 1, 2, 3), falling a little after that story has ended. There's also a complete index to the Tuckerverse stories, if you want to catch up.

               It had been more or less two weeks since Tucker’s uncle had come back into his life, which at the same time had been when he’d gotten tangled up in an international kidnapping case that had ended with a mad woman getting brought to unusual justice by a girl who was, like him, in possession of a magical item that could bend time. Tucker’s experiences from the ordeal hadn’t done much, save remind him again just how important those he loved were to him and to get him a new human mannequin for his collection.

               Leslie Schulz lay motionless in Tucker’s bed, the blond naked and posed on her elbows and knees, staring straight ahead at the wall. Leslie had been the reward Tucker’s Uncle Scott had given him for helping deal with Ashley Tisdale, and the new blood she’d pumped into Tucker’s collection had been greatly welcomed. Tucker smiled at his new favorite statue as he finished pulling on a plain black T-shirt and quickly fixed his hair before exiting his room.

               Maggie had cleaned the apartment today, wanting to make it look the best for one of the guests who would be arriving shortly. There were no comics of any kind on the ground, no garbage in need of picking up, no discarded clothing and no dolls left where someone would notice them, all of that having been gathered up and shoved into their largest closet. Julie had asked to come over, wanting to see her boyfriend on a Sunday for some reason instead of doing her usual studying, and Britney Summers was coming with her, the soccer player looking for more tutoring with Maggie. Tucker’s roommate, however, had other plans, having recently broken up with her girlfriend and she was now in search of love, with Brit being a prime candidate.

               Walking into the living room, Tucker saw that Maggie had laid out her text books on the coffee table, suggesting she was serious about the tutoring, but her outfit said otherwise. The petite Chinese girl was essentially wearing a green-themed Catholic schoolgirl outfit, slightly modified thanks to her black heels and librarian glasses to give the look more that of a teacher. “Hey handsome, are you as excited as me?” asked Maggie, winking at Tucker as he walked in.

               “Probably not, actually,” noted Tucker. “Julie said she wanted to talk, not fool around. Something might be up.”

               “Aw, well, if things don’t pan out I can always help you discipline her,” offered Maggie, waggling her eyebrows and holding up a three-foot ruler.

               “Erotic, but I doubt it’ll help,” shrugged Tucker, then alerted by a knock at the door. “Well, no use worrying anymore, they’re here.”

               Opening the door, Tucker was surprised to see Julie in her orange and white cheerleading outfit, which was also holding in a hint of sweat, her hair was in a hastily-done upper ponytail. Brit, meanwhile, was wearing tight red bicycle shorts and a white tank top that showed her midriff, her book bag being the only thing that detracted from how blatantly sexy she looked with her hair styled back behind her ears. “Ladies, come on…” Tucker began, only to notice that neither was moving. “Maggie!” groaned Tucker, leaning forward and pulling a stiff Julie into the apartment.

               “Sorry stud, I got excited,” shrugged the female roommate, walking over past Tucker with a grin on her face as she casually dragged her pupil into the apartment, kicking the door closed behind her. “I’m just going to lie and say she got her picture taken by that camera of theirs again. She keeps eating it up for some reason. Be sure to have Julie back me up on that.”

               “Yeah, just give me a minute to get her into the office,” insisted Tucker, lifting Julie up and balancing her on his shoulder, her arms behind her back and her face frozen in anticipation. “And lock the damn door!” added Tucker as he walked off, Maggie meanwhile removing the heavy book bag Britney was wearing and stroking the soccer player’s tight body.

               “Makes you wonder why she bothered with the costume,” sighed Tucker, entering the special office within the apartment where he and Maggie did most of their work related to their anime goods company T & M Productions. Tucker had his wand in his back pocket but decided to just leave Julie standing in front of him until Maggie unfroze time with her clock. Tucker didn’t have long to wait and soon enough Julie was blinking and looking around in surprise, barely giving him a chance to enjoy her frozen state.

               “Can’t you just greet people like a normal person?” asked Julie with a half-amused, half-annoyed sigh. The cheerleader then proceeded to give her boyfriend a hug and kiss in greeting, but an unusually short one.

               “It was Maggie, not me; she couldn’t contain herself,” explained Tucker, concerned. “Is something wrong?”

               “I’ve had this on my mind since Thanksgiving,” confessed Julie, taking a step back. “Look Tucker, when we were all there… I noticed something. I… boy, I hate saying this, and it really is awkward…”

               “Whatever it is, let it out,” insisted Tucker. “I don’t care what it turns out to be; I just prefer stuff out in the open rather than bottled up.”

               “I know, it’s just…” continued Julie, clearly having a hard time talking about whatever was on her mind. “Tucker, I think Haley wants you back.”

               “What?!” exclaimed Tucker in surprise, but any response he could of given was suddenly stolen as he found himself laying on his bed, a familiar woman on top of him with her legs around his waist, his mouth tingling from the familiar sensation of being kissed. “Hello again, Tucker Holmes,” greeted Tasia Spiro.

               “Um, hi,” offered Tucker, instantly feeling his face go red and his loins go hard. Back in the summer Tucker had first met the woman when they’d teamed up to take down a rich prick that had kidnapped Haley and Jamie. Like him, she could stop time, but unlike him she could do it with the power of thought alone, while he had to rely on his wand. A member of the International Temporal Enforcement Agency or ITEA, she knew a lot about such matters and was a skilled spy, but after the ordeal with Ashley Tisdale she’d been suspended, or so Tucker had heard. All Tucker knew right now was that she was sitting on top of him in a white fluffy mini-skirt and a red tube top, her hair in a partial ponytail, and his wand tucked into her cleavage.

               “Is that all?” pouted Tasia, running her finger up Tucker’s face. “I figured you’d be wondering how a Greek goddess got you into this position.”

               “No, I know that, I just want to know why,” fired back Tucker, starting to sweat a bit as he felt the heat from Tasia’s body. Tucker knew she’d been involved in a serious relationship with another woman, her boss at IT in fact, but she’d made no secret of the fact that she was bisexual, having even kissed him once in the past while they were both conscious.

               “I’ve been living in Malibu for the last week and I haven’t had a chance to have any real fun,” complained Tasia, promptly leaning in so her lips were practically kissing Tucker’s left ear. “Why don’t we go out and play a little?”

               “I was… well, kind of…” stuttered Tucker, failing to make a coherent point when Tasia began kissing his neck. Moments later their lips met and Tucker was lost, practically blacking out due to the euphoric nature of the whole situation. It was minutes later, at least by their perception, that the pair was laying on the bed side by side, both out of breath but still clothed. It was then that Tucker finally noticed Leslie had been moved to be standing in the corner, saluting for some unknown reason with a giant fake smile on her face. Julie stood in another corner, standing as she’d last been seen by Tucker, her left hand extended, her mouth formed in concern, worry in her soft eyes.

               “Alright, here’s the real deal,” sighed Tasia, breathing hard. “After the whole Tisdale debacle, I got suspended for two months and I wanted to have some fun while I was off duty. Erika Stone was nice enough and grateful enough to get me an apartment in her building, but we haven’t seen each other much since she’s been busy working to help with Christmas sales. I need some real companionship, someone who gets what I can do, and you’re that someone.”

               “Right, and the making out…?” asked Tucker, starting to understand what Tasia was doing. In spite of her free spirit Tasia had always been a strong woman, but with her girlfriend not speaking to her and her job in possible jeopardy she seemed vulnerable, which had brought out a more child-like mentality.

               “Like I said, you seem to get me, granted we don’t know each other overly well,” explained Tasia, rolling over to face the young man. “Plus you’ve got this kind of energy that really makes you feel sexy… I think it’s the confident geek thing. I bet before you started dating hot girls you had little luck with women in general, but now you’ve got enough confidence that it’s practically pouring out of you. You’re mentally strong, and damn it, it is sexy.” Tucker was going to say something in reply but Tasia’s tongue entered his mouth before he could, resulting in several more minutes lost.

               “Whew,” breathed Tucker later on, sitting on the edge of the bed with Tasia next to him. “So what’s up? You want to just leave time frozen and play around somewhere?”

               “Exactly, it’s been too long since I’ve done that with someone,” confirmed Tasia, squeezing Tucker’s thigh. Tucker in return reached for his wand, which was still in between Tasia’s breasts, but she caught his hand and kissed it. “I want to hang on to this for now, since it’s what’s keeping time frozen and I don’t want you to cut short our fun.”

               “Oh, I guess that’s fair,” agreed Tucker, in actuality troubled. If there was one thing Tucker never liked, it was someone else controlling his wand. Tasia being somewhat unhinged wasn’t helping things in Tucker’s eyes.

               “Now then, I remember there’s a park four blocks from here, so why don’t we go there?” suggested Tasia, standing and moving the wand to her purse, which had been sitting on the floor earlier.

               “Yeah, sure, I guess,” shrugged Tucker, extremely worried now. Taking him by the hand, Tasia led Tucker out of his room, the pair moving past a frozen Maggie and Brit as they headed out of the apartment. Both women were now naked and posed sexually, with Brit lying on top of the coffee table with a massive fake smile on her face, her gaze squarely upwards, while Maggie’s head was planted in her crotch.

               As the couple neared the elevator, Tasia moved to take the stairs but Tucker held her up. “We can just unfreeze the elevator you know,” Tucker told Tasia, surprised she didn’t think of it.

               “Really, how?” asked Tasia, clearly not full aware of the wand’s functions.

               “Here, I’ll show you,” offered Tucker, reaching for Tasia’s purse only to get pulled up close so his face hit her breasts, his neck suddenly in a sort of death squeeze when her left hand moved to touch it.

               “Nice try sweetie, but I told you, I’m not letting you touch it in case you try to abuse it,” Tasia reminded Tucker, stroking his hair and planting a kiss on his forehead. “Just tell me how.” Tucker groaned in spite of the pain and pleasure he felt and obliged, allowing the elevator to quickly arrive. The doors opened and the pair was surprised to see Lisa, who was standing in white pajamas that had yellow ducks on them, a laundry basket in her hands. The sandy blonde was frozen so Tucker just stepped on, but Tasia hesitated before joining him. “I thought I unfroze the elevator,” remarked Tasia.

               “You only unfroze the machine, not anything inside,” explained Tucker, indicating that Tasia had tapped the buttons. “To do that you’d have to tap the elevator box itself. It’s weird and kind of complex, but it isn’t that hard to master.”

               “Clearly,” agreed Tasia, stepping onto the elevator. As the transport began to descend, Tasia kept glancing over at Lisa and had a gleam in her eyes. “You know, when we get back… we should bring her in, too,” suggested the former IT agent.

* * *

               The park Tucker and Tasia had arrived at was Thespian Park, known primarily for its large outdoor stage near the center, though it also had an artificial pond and a few popular jogging paths. It was nearly mid-day so it was fairly crowded, with many people and birds frozen all around the couple that was exempt from the stopping of time. Vendors stood like statues, touting their food, families stood still as they held hands and joggers looked like the freeze-frames from Road Runner cartoons. Tasia wasted no time in stealing a hotdog from a fat boy’s greasy hands and taking a bite, mustard dribbling down her chin. “I love American cuisine,” laughed Tasia, and Tucker smiled as he watched her. While it was true she was stealing from a child, which was cruel, Tucker couldn’t fault her because she looked so incredibly beautiful, even with imperfections like mustard on her chin.

               “Here, let me…” offered Tucker, leaning in and licking the excess sauce from the woman’s face. Tasia smiled and returned the favor with a kiss, and before either knew it they were on the ground making out again.

               “Okay, this is easily the best day I’ve had in months,” breathed Tasia after a pause arrived.

               “Glad to be of help,” grinned Tucker, getting one final kiss before they both stood.

               “Come on, lets go have some more fun!” exclaimed Tasia, once again practically dragging Tucker by the hand as they skipped through the frozen world. More food was taken, balloons were handed out, people were corrected from falling and birds were even plucked out of the sky and placed in unusual places, one pigeon even replacing a hot dog another man had been carrying.

               After a while Tasia and Tucker ventured further into the park where they found someone Tucker knew: Kelly, the dark-haired girl with blue eyes that reminded him a bit of Megan Wolff. The cell phone salesgirl was suspended in mid-run while wearing a green tank top with matching shorts, a water bottle and Velcro-wallet strapped to her hips, her hair floating freely behind her head, her left foot forward along with her right arm. Like many others it seemed Kelly was a jogger, possibly getting in some exercise before an afternoon shift.

               “She’s cute,” noted Tasia as Tucker circled the immobilized jogger. “You know her?”

               “She works near my place, I guess she lives around here too,” remarked Tucker. “Her name’s Kelly.”

               “Think Kelly could like to come back to your apartment?” asked Tasia, waggling her eyebrows.

               “Well, I guess we could do that, but how would we-“

               “Easy, my boy,” interrupted Tasia, pointing. Turning, Tucker saw a large and empty rickshaw being pulled by a guy who’d wandered a bit further north than Chinatown, which wasn’t that far away. Unlike traditional ones, which were pulled by a single guy, it was more like a tricycle-drawn carriage, a bike-like seat on the front with a large wheel underneath it. It was also huge supporting a front seat and back, the latter facing the opposite way, thus easily allowing for six people to fit, perhaps more if they were squeezed in.

               Working together, Tucker and Tasia carried Kelly by her head and feet over to the rickshaw and promptly removed the driver, adjusting the girl so both of her arms were pumping forward and she was sitting on the front seat. Tasia then proceeded to cuddle up next to her. “Onward, Tucker-boy!” exclaimed the Greek with one arm around Kelly. “Let’s go find more people to play with!”

               “This is not a good sign,” Tucker muttered to himself as he started peddling, Tasia’s mental state very alarming. Tucker had known the woman to be playful, childish at times even, but this was a whole new side of her that he didn’t fully like. Unfortunately with Tasia in control of his wand Tucker was more or less screwed at the moment, unable to really make a move against her wishes.

               A short distance later Tasia spotted something else and yelled for Tucker to stop. Against the wall of a public restroom was a guy in a dark green jogging suit holding a pink vinyl purse in one hand, his body pressed against the wall by a sultry-looking police woman that Tucker knew as Regina Brennan. The blond had her forearms pushing against the man, pinning him to the wall, wild intensity frozen on her face. Whoever the purse belonged to wasn't in sight, but it clearly wasn't the man. “A purse-snatcher in a park, how cliché,” remarked Tasia as she climbed off of the rickshaw, walking over to the pair. “Sexy blonde cop too. Makes me think of TJ Hooker.

               “That was William Shatner,” Tucker reminded Tasia jokingly as he walked over to join her.

               “Smart guy, you know what I meant,” huffed Tasia, examining Regina in detail. The blonde wasn't wearing a hat and her hair was in a low ponytail but her figure still shown through, even with a bulky belt on it. “Yes, she'll do nicely,” decided Tasia, wrapping her arms around the cop's waist and dragging her backwards.

               “Wait, what about the crook?” asked Tucker, worried. While in the past he'd kidnapped the patrolwoman a few times himself, he'd been fairly responsible about it, or at least as much as a time-stopping kidnapper with a serious libido issue could be. Tasia was still a wild card however.

               “No problem, that trash can is bolted down,” pointed out the suspended IT agent, standing Regina upright and removing the handcuffs from the blonde's belt. Moments later the thief was secured to the solid iron garbage can, so built to avoid having people knock them over. “We're fighting crime and having fun, everyone wins,” Tasia almost giggled as she resumed moving Regina to the rickshaw. Tucker shook his head and returned to the vehicle, once again mounting the bike while Tasia sat between the two collected women.

               The rickshaw continued on its way for a while, only stopping to steal some bottles of soda from a vendor at one point as Tasia was thirsty. Tucker did spot another familiar face in the form of Joy, one of his former co-workers at Persephone's Books, but Tasia didn't tell him to stop so they rode right on by. The next stop was at the center of the park where a play was being performed, or it would be were time not stopped.

               “Marco Cidela Presents A Tale of Two Sisters, an Adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare,” read off Tasia after the rickshaw had stopped just at the edge of the performance area, directly in front of a large sign. “Cidela? That doesn't even sound real.”

               “Probably a hack trying to sound professional,” suggested Tucker, with a grin that quickly faded as he scanned the area. The stage was a large semi-dome type with a cement-covered audience area, the spectators capable of sitting on a variety of benches and picnic-style tables. It wasn't exactly impressive, but it was designed to withstand all manner of abuse save graffiti. Currently on stage was a man and a woman, both dressed in modern garb, so it was clear the adaptation was done to be in modern times. Considering what he knew about Marco Cidela, Tucker figured to save money on costume design. What had caused him to start to frown however was who was on stage: Kayla, the brownish-redhead friend of Haley's that was a wannabe actress. A glance in the audience quickly confirmed Tucker's worries as Haley herself, being a good friend, was in the audience, in the front row as it turned out and right next to her dancer friend Ginger.

               “At least the actress is a hot one,” whistled Tasia as she got off of the rickshaw once again and practically skipped towards the stage. Tucker grimaced and followed, eying his ex-girlfriend with worry. Haley sat at a table with her hair in a tight bun, large sunglasses over her eyes and wearing a large coat, which was a little odd as while it was winter it wasn't that cold at the moment, especially in the middle of the day. It was clear the now-professional model was trying to keep a low profile as there were rumors she'd be the face of Miss Zoe's next campaign. Ginger, who sat across from Haley, had made no secret of how bored she was, a cell phone in her hands with her gaze focused on it. The redhead was nothing if not bluntly honest, but Tucker did know she did care for Kayla and Haley a great deal. Up on stage Kayla wore a leather jacket and jeans with stiletto boots and a brown halter top, clearly an attempt to make her character, most likely Katherina, look tough and uninteresting to men, but Tucker noted the effect made her look more like a strange biker girl or possibly even a dominatrix. Nearby a man in a leisure suit, most likely a portrayal of Petruchio, had spread his arms wide with his mouth open in a grin while Kayla was frowning and had her arms crossed, her gaze away from the actor.

               “Yeah, I definitely think we should take this one,” declared Tasia after peeling the jacket off of Kayla, which was done by lowering her arms to her sides.

               “Hang on, she's in the middle of a play!” insisted Tucker. “People will notice!”

               “Don't worry sweet, I have a plan for that,” countered Tasia, winking and blowing Tucker a kiss. “Besides, the audience looks really bored. That one girl's sending a text or something, and she's in the front row. In fact... here, you take this one, I need to go see about another.”

               Swallowing hard, Tucker tipped Kayla forward and wrapped his left arm around her waist, the actress was so light Tucker was able to carry her sideways with one arm tucked under his shoulder. After arriving at the rickshaw with Kayla and placing her in the back, Tucker turned around to find Tasia dragging Ginger towards him, having ditched the girl's pink tank top so she wore only shorts that were practically hot pants and a red bra. “Did you know your girlfriend is in the audience?” asked Tasia when she arrived with Ginger, standing the girl up awkwardly as she was still in a seated pose, her hands empty as her cellphone had been dumped.

               “She's my ex, and yeah, she's friends with this one,” explained Tucker indicating Kayla.

               “Want to get some revenge sex then?” asked Tasia, waggling her eyebrows as she lifted up Ginger and put her next to Kayla.

               “Well...” began Tucker, unsure how to answer. Tucker had promised to not do any time-stop related sexual activity with Haley, and the promise was with Julie as well as Haley. Still, Tasia was a bit unbalanced and saying no was probably a bad idea, so Tucker ended up shrugging and nodding.

               “Alright, you go get her while I take care of the cover-up,” ordered Tasia, once again practically skipping towards the stage while Tucker tried to hide a sigh and moved to collect Haley.

* * *

               A short time later Tasia and Tucker arrived back at the latter's apartment, placing six new women in the living room and kitchen area. Tasia had decided to cover up the stage disappearance by moving the male actor forward and then dropping the curtain behind him. After that they'd taken the rickshaw to the apartment and unloaded their five collected women, then grabbing Lisa from the elevator.

               “Quite the collection,” whistled Tucker, standing next to Tasia as they admired the gathering before them. Besides Maggie and Brit there was Julie, Lisa, Kelly, Haley, Kayla, Ginger, Regina, Tatiana, Candice and Rebecca, some clothed and some not. “So what...”

               “... do you-hello!” finished Tucker, exclaiming in surprise as he lay on Maggie's bed with Tasia again on top of him, this time both of them naked and his little soldier rising in an instant. Tucker barely had time to register the change before Tasia was upon him, passion exploding hotter than a nuclear bomb. Maggie's neatly tidied Wedding Peach sheets and Princess Tutu blanket were quickly twisted and contorted as the two bodies shifted around on the bed, Tucker even rolling over so he was on top. Time was still frozen so it wasn't clear how much time had passed, though after the deed was done and Tucker was panting heavily as he lay atop of the Greek beauty he guessed it had maybe been ten minutes, though a quite passionate ten.

               “Oh god... it's been too long since I've been with a man,” moaned Tasia, her eyes closed and her mouth smiling. “That was fantastic.”

               “Not to kill the mood, but I've had practice,” stated Tucker, almost immediately wanting to kick himself.

               “Don't worry yourself sweet, you know as well as I do this is pure passion, there's no lasting chemistry here,” pointed out Tasia in between heavy breaths. “If anything, I killed the mood with my line before yours.”

               “Probably,” agreed Tucker, grinning and standing, doing a post-sex stretch. “Either way, you were amazing. Plus you're one of the few people that can get me in that position so easily.”

               “I know, I tried freezing you earlier but it didn't work,” noted Tasia rolling over and sighing happily. “Why is that? Are you some kind of true owner of the wand and it cannot affect you anymore?”

               “No, nothing stupid like that,” laughed Tucker, pacing the room. “I just... gotcha!” Tucker suddenly shouted, finding his precious wand on the floor and snatching it up. Without hesitation he quickly did a motion and Tasia went rigid, almost as if she'd suddenly turned to stone. “Phew...” breathed Tucker, glad to be back in control. The young man the moved back to the bed and rolled the Greek over, confirming she was frozen as her arms remained where they were even though she was no longer laying chest-down on the bed. Tucker proceeded to clench his wand in between his teeth and stand Tasia up, fixing her pose so she was facing straight ahead with her eyes open and her slips slightly parted, her hair framing her face quite well.

               After taking the time to put the practically see-though black bra and thong back on Tasia as well as pulling on some jeans of his own Tucker dragged the redhead into the living room where he was greeted by a magnificent tableau. Maggie and Brit were where they'd been before, but everyone else was posed unusually. Julie was on her knees, naked, facing Candice, who was also naked, the two girls apparently about to make-out on the couch. Tatiana lay on the other couch with Haley on top, again both naked, the shorter blonde's face buried in the taller one's breasts. Lisa was fully clothed but bending in front of the TV, apparently trying to turn it on. Regina, clothed, had a French maid Rebecca pinned against the wall, the officer's hands rubbing against the redhead's thighs, both sporting aroused smiles. In the kitchen Ginger and Kelly sat at the table, apparently, enjoying coffee with Kayla by the counter, pouring herself a cup that had flooded over, excess bean juice staining the floor while the actress just stared at her mug and smiled.

               “Crap, that'll never come out,” groaned Tucker as he placed Tasia in the kitchen, posing her so she appeared to be using the sink to wash her hands. His fun done, Tucker then made sure each woman was individually frozen before unfreezing time to make a phone call.

* * *

               “Thanks for coming,” greeted Tucker, opening the door so Erika Stone could enter. The young man had dressed himself properly, wearing a collared shirt and dress pants rather than jeans as he owed the billionaire some sign of respect. The blonde entered, smiling as she saw the scene.

               “Tasia is creative,” noted the young entrepreneur. “She told me all about you, you know. I'm actually a little jealous, I think you're the second most popular person in her mind in terms of people she wants to sleep with. Lucienne is still the first, even if they're on a break.”

               “That explains what little I couldn't figure out,” nodded Tucker, glancing around. “Anyhow, if you could take her home, help her through this, that would be great. She was acting really weird all day. In between this practical montage of kidnappings and just her demeanor...”

               “Without a focus people tend to lose themselves in their passions,” pointed out Erika as she moved over to Tasia and produced a bottle from her purse. The blond had dressed in what was standard for her these days, at least as seen on TV: hair in a sexy ponytail, pink dress, white heels, black purse.

               “You know, you're a lot smarter than the media would have me think,” remarked Tucker with a smile as Erika carefully tipped the uncapped bottle into Tasia's mouth, emptying its contents into her throat.

               “Well, I do like to use that perception to my advantage when negotiating, so please keep that to yourself,” warned Erika with a slight grin as she placed the bottle back into her purse. “Alright, if you want to unfreeze her, I can take her home.” Tucker nodded and produced his wand from his pocket, holding it up so the blonde could get a good look at it for the first time. “Very nice, a real fantasy stick,” nodded Erika, then glancing at the people around her. “Say, why didn't you return everyone that had been kidnapped? You had almost two hours, plus you can stop time.”

               “Well,” grinned Tucker, suddenly tapping his wand on the table as he walked up to Erika. The blonde then stood frozen, puzzled with her eyes glancing to the right, her hands on top of her purse which was on her right shoulder, her lips parted slightly. “I guess I wanted a little party of my own with you present before I did that,” laughed Tucker, moving in to kiss the elegant blonde.


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