Tucker’s Wand XXIII – Tucker’s Nightmare

by Zero

This tale of the wand occurs after the epic story (Clockwork Revenge, Parts 1, 2, 3) and sometime after Tucker's Day In The Park. There's also a complete index to the Tuckerverse stories, if you want to catch up.

Day 1

               Tucker shifted in his bed and opened his eyes, surprised to find himself alone. His room was empty, not a single frozen woman in sight, which was odd as not only did Tucker normally go to bed with one of his living dolls at least next to him if not just standing nearby, plus he could of sworn he’d had Tatiana with him when he’d fallen asleep the previous night. Tucker then looked at his clock and saw it was frozen at 10:07 AM; the second hand wasn’t moving. Tucker’s alarm clock displayed the same unchanging time.

               “Damn it Maggie,” grumbled Tucker, reaching under his pillow to grab his wand but then surprised to find it gone. “Oh, come on…” Tucker sighed, reluctantly getting up while completely naked. Time was frozen so Tucker figured maybe two other people could be not frozen at this point at most, and more than likely they’d seen him naked already.

               “Mags? You here?” called out Tucker as he stepped into the hallway. Receiving no reply Tucker wandered into the living room and spotted an interesting yet totally motionless scenario. Maggie was standing in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit, the one she frequently wore for photo shoots, and her hair has been fixed up in a raised ponytail, her arms resting on the hips of another Asian girl Tucker knew as Cindy, Maggie’s modeling friend, who was dressed like his cute roommate except she wasn’t wearing glasses and her hair was in a low braid. Cindy’s arms were extended slightly forward as if reaching for something on a table in front of her, her eyes focused ahead. Sitting on the twin couches were their four mannequins, all of them dressed the same as the two Asian women with their faces blank, their gazes straight ahead and their hands folded in their laps, Leslie and Rebecca were on one couch while Tatiana and Candice were on the other. Even Hitomi, the girl that Haley technically had the right to possession of, or as close as it came in these situations, was here, dressed the same way as the rest, standing with her hands cupped in front of her by the door, keys collected inside her palms.

               “Okay, did you drop the clock again?” asked Tucker with a grin, glancing around. Something similar had happened before with Maggie dropping her time-stopping clock, only to have it freeze time upon impact; since she hadn't been touching the clock at that point she'd ended up frozen too. If Tucker hadn't been in the next room that scenario might of meant time may have been frozen potentially forever, a scary thought for both of the roommates. An inspection however revealed the clock was nowhere to be found, nor was Tucker's wand.

               “Okay, my wand and her clock are gone,” noted Tucker, suddenly worried and sitting down in between Rebecca and Leslie, groping both to help him think. “It can't be Tasia or Erika because I wouldn't be aware, unless they stole the wand and clock... I guess that's possible. Plus there's Chloe. I guess I need to go to Malibu. Shit.” Normally traveling while time was frozen wasn't a big deal for Tucker as he had his wand, which he could just use to unfreeze his car and drive, only being careful to avoid hazards but with no worries about anything changing, including the weather. Now however it seemed Tucker's only option would be to steal a bike, and riding one all the way to Decker State College as well as Erika's apartment complex would take a while.

               “I'll be back girls, you stay safe,” offered Tucker a few minutes later after he'd clothed himself and thrown together a small travel bag. Even though there was maybe one other person in the world not frozen at the moment Tucker elected to lock the door to be safe. Once in the hall Tucker headed for the stairs but stopped when he noticed his neighbor Lisa's door was open.

               “Oh, what the hell?” muttered Tucker, walking into Lisa's apartment. Over a dozen women, all gorgeous by the traditional magazine standard and clad in trendy clothing, were frozen in the middle what appeared to be a party, which didn't make a lot of sense as it was ten in the morning, technically. Lisa herself stood by a stereo chatting with Haley of all people, both mannequin-still blonds gesturing at each other with glasses of a red liquid that looked somewhat like wine in their hands. Haley's friends Kayla and Ginger were around as well, the pair stopped in mid-conversation on a couch. Miss Zoe Hollander's assistant Kathryn Summers was also present, along with Haley's fellow model Amanda Burns. Lisa's little party was practically a who's-who in the fashion industry in terms of upcoming talent, with at least two talented rookie models and the personal assistant to one of the world's biggest fashion designers. Still, there was no logical reason for the party to exist at ten in the morning, so Tucker was left baffled.

               “I don't know how you did it Lisa, but I love you,” laughed Tucker, glancing around. “Once I get my hands on a way to get time moving again I'll come back because this really is the most wonderful time of the year!” Tucker then glanced over at Haley, his heart skipping a beat once again over the thought of being with the woman he still loved. Unfortunately the feelings of romance were buried for the moment under feelings of rage. “You had to leave Hitomi with me because you were going to New York were you?!” snarled Tucker, furious at an apparent lie Haley had told him. “When I get back, I'm going to town on you, deal or no deal.”

               Staying only a short while at the party to load up on appetizers, because Lisa only bought the best for her guests since they would eat so little, Tucker then resumed his journey. Downstairs Tucker practically walked into Officer Regina, who was standing immobilized in mid-step quite close to the complex's doors, holding her radio to her lips with her left hand resting on the Taser in her belt. A short distance away Tucker spotted Denise, the girl who worked at the convenience store down the block, in the middle of walking her ten-speed bike the last little bit of distance to her workplace. The Latina didn't so much as wobble when Tucker removed the handlebars from her soft hands, the tight-outfit wearing woman continued to stare straight vacantly ahead, a hefty bag slung over her shoulder. Tucker lacked a helmet so it would be risky but at least Denise's bike was in top condition. “Thanks for the loner; there's a party I should take you to later,” Tucker told the dark-haired beauty, giving her a kiss on the nose due to losing his balance slightly, and promptly hopping on the two-wheeled vehicle so he could depart and hopefully set things right.  With luck, Denise would never know he’d borrowed her bike.

* * *

               “Quiet day on campus, especially for exam time,” noted Tucker with a slight grin, glancing around the main quad of Decker State College. Tucker had only made it a couple of miles before ditching Denise's high-quality bike for a vehicle that he wouldn't risk his life riding, instead snagging a tricycle-driven family tour vehicle and ditching the family inside to make it lighter. It could seat eight and ideally everyone should pedal but with only one person riding it wasn't a bit deal for Tucker. Not only was the vehicle less likely to get him killed if he crashed but it had room for supplies in case the search ended up taking days. Tucker had stashed his bag in the back rack of the transport and also stopped at a couple of burger restaurants where he'd loaded up on as much cooked food as was available. Since time was frozen there was no worry about food spoiling, but it was impossible to cook either, thus fries and burgers were in the minority while items such as chips and salads were more common. Tucker had even stopped in Santa Monica to see Madison, Maggie's sister, and decided to take the lawyer with him on his trip for company as he hadn't seen her since he'd helped her hook up with her old friend Alana. Since that pair had become a couple they'd moved out to Santa Monica to be closer to the beach, plus their new place was bigger, though it was further from work for both of them.

               “Ugh, this could take days,” sighed Tucker, glancing around the campus at the dozens of students that were frozen in mid-walk. DSC wasn't a huge college but it did field national-level teams to the point where it had rivalries with the neighboring universities that treated it like a lesser school, though technically it was. Sighing again, Tucker turned around and glanced at Madison, who was still clad in her dark green business dress and seated with her arms at her sides, her head bent over and her eyes closed to make it look like she was sleeping. “I think we might have to find a place to camp out and get a fresh start tomorrow,” remarked Tucker, smiling at his companion.

               Knowing how the school schedule was set up, Tucker didn't have any trouble deciding where to go and soon enough pulled the vehicle into the school stadium's main field. Two years ago DSC had nearly been forced to axe its football team thanks to UCLA’s aggressive recruitment efforts but the Lady Raptors soccer team were a big draw and had saved the college's sports program. Due to this the field was configured with soccer in mind and extremely well equipped, team benches having plexiglass shelters and such. Sure enough the Lady Raptors were on the field, all dressed in their orange and white uniforms with shorts that tightly-hugged their athletic thighs, though their shirts were a bit on the baggy side. The team's key staples were all present for once: team captain and center offense Katherine Vaughn; left and right offensive players Britney Summers and Ayane Nakamura; Diane Cruz the principle mid-fielder; defensive line-up Justine Zimmerman, Chrissy Pak, Tess Vole and Sarala Rohit; and even both Mel Donavan and Sunny Dakota, the team's goalies who were rarely seen together at practices. Watching from the sideline was Veronica Parker, an old player who'd graduated the previous year and thus another rare sight, as well as coach Glenda Peyton.

               “Beautiful, but where are the cheerleaders?” asked Tucker aloud, getting off of his tricycle and heading towards the showers, ignoring the fantastic static scene around him as Tess had just kicked the ball nearly across the field towards Sunny, who was floating in the air while attempting to catch it.

               “Oh hell yes,” Tucker muttered as he entered the locker room showers, immediately dropping his pants as he walked and removing his shirt. Steam was billowing out from the room as head cheerleader Rachel Xanders stood under frozen droplets of hot water, completely naked. The cheerleader squad's six veterans were all showering together, totally nude naturally, so also frozen in almost sensual and wet poses were Pamela Flipspatrick, Kelli McAdams, Brianne Walsh, Michelle Gim and Tucker's girlfriend Julie Vaughn, Kat Vaughn's twin sister. Out in the locker room the other six girls were also visible, each one in their underwear or less. The stadium had been set up to allow the cheerleaders their own locker room with way more than enough lockers, though ideally half would be used by visiting opponents, but there were only six showers as most of the space had been left for the sports teams, hence why the squad was so divided, though the difference between being rookies and veterans was also an issue.

               “Hello ladies, what do you say we play 'make Tucker fall Asleep?'” asked Tucker with a grin, moving to pull Julie from her frozen stream of hot water, which left a hole in the waterfall where the shapely girl had been standing.


Day 2

               “Oh yeah, best sleep ever,” gasped Tucker, walking up to find himself literally laying on a bed made of cheerleaders, Julie, Rachel, Kelli and Brianne acting as a soft mattress while he had cuddled in the buff with Pamela and Michelle. Tucker wasn't sure how much time had passed since he didn't have a way to unfreeze a clock, plus he hadn't been wearing a watch whenever time had stopped, but he knew he'd slept for a while so it was technically a new day for him. “Thanks for the company,” smiled Tucker, kissing his two 'blankets' on the forehead before rolling them off of him so he could stand.

               “Thank goodness for sweaty pep squads,” quipped Tucker as he stepped under the frozen shower of water, letting the jello-stiff moisture soak his body. It wasn't quite the same as a real shower but it was enough to moisten his skin and thus let some of the germs get scrubbed away when he proceeded to borrow a towel. Following this Tucker proceeded to dry Julie and dress her in her proper uniform, finishing by standing her at attention and shaping her face so her lips were parted enough to slip either his tongue or junk into it. Once both he and his girlfriend were clean Tucker tucked the light Julie under his arm and carried her outside where his vehicle was still waiting.

               “Later girls, keep that ball moving!” laughed Tucker after he'd sat Julie next to Madison. With that Tucker got back on the tricycle and rode out, leaving the sporting field behind.

* * *

               “Well... shit,” cursed Tucker hours later from his point of view, finding something rather unfortunate. Chloe Noi, a woman that he knew wore a ring allowing her to freeze time like him, was standing frozen just outside the cafeteria. The leather-clad Asian girl was wearing quite a bit of jewelry but none of it was the magic ring he knew of, which meant not only was she not the source of the temporal disturbance but her powers couldn't be used to fix it.

               “Thanks a lot,” grumbled Tucker, circling the human statue in a huff. “I'm trying to fix this and you, you're no damn help at all. Just for that you're coming with me. If you're faking it I want to be able to know right away.” His short tirade over, Tucker proceeded to as he promised and plucked Chloe up off of the ground, sitting her in his transport in front of Madison, taking a moment to feel up the woman's breasts before wandering back into the cafeteria.

               “God dammit, I guess that just leaves Erika and Tasia,” groaned Tucker, walking through the silent reaches of the school mess hall, ducking under the arm of a culinary student who was serving some pasta to another student so he could eat a handful of fried mushrooms, a favorite of his. “Well, at least the food is good,” mused Tucker, proceeding to head from table to table and steal all the food he could, a great deal of it going into his backpack. Once again chips and salads were commonplace along with cold sandwiches but a few other items like pasta and pizza were taken as well before the young man had loaded his bag and stomach to their capacity.

               As Tucker arrived back at his transport with his bulging back he realized he was tired again, having spent what was probably over twelve hours on the campus looking for Chloe. Tucker knew he'd never make to Erika's place before falling asleep, thus he'd need to set up camp again. “I stayed in the showers last night, tonight I should probably get a real bed,” mused Tucker, glancing back inside the cafeteria before spotting the perfect solution to his decision.


Day 3

               “Morning already?” yawned Tucker with a half-chuckle, rolling comfortably around in the queen-sized bed in between Chloe and Julie. One of Tucker's teachers, Sandra Packlin, had a house on campus and she had just happened to be in the mess hall so he'd stolen her keys and made himself at home in her abode. Madison was on the couch downstairs, Tucker having plowed her there before going to bed the 'night' before, following that up with the two he was in bed with before falling asleep. Normally when Tucker stopped time it was to help his financial situation in some way or just plain get lucky with women he'd normally have no shot with, but now thanks to the predicament Tucker had spent most of the last two days just trying to stay alive, almost as if he were the lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic world filled with people turned to mannequins.

               After using bottled water in his teacher's fridge to wash himself, dressing and putting his women in his carriage again, Tucker proceeded to rummage around the house for items that could be of use. A bit more food was scavenged, as were a few useful items like a screwdriver, but what Tucker wanted most and found was a map of the greater area, which would help him find the best bike-capable route to Erika's apartment, as Tucker usually drove. The young man also planned to look for a Star Maps booth later on if his memory failed, as it was most likely that Erika’s penthouse would be on one.

* * *

               “Shit on a cracker with a piss dressing,” cursed Tucker upon entering Erika's apartment.  The situation was worse than he'd feared: not only was Erika Stone and her entourage of Mary, Caitlin and Monica all frozen stiffly around the pool on the top-story deck, but so were Tasia and Lucienne, two International Temporal Enforcement Agency officials Tucker knew that were friends with the time-stopping blond billionaire. Caitlin was posed near the glass screen door, carrying a circular tray that held six glasses of what was most likely Tequila Sunrise, wearing a red bikini top and a black and white zebra sarong around her hips while her red hair hung loosely around her head, a smile plastered on her lips. Indeed all six women were smiling in almost the exactly same way, Erika as she floated in mid-air held motionless doing a pencil dive while wearing a pink bikini, Lucienne and Tasia while they sat beside each other on beach chairs in matching one-piece white swimsuits, Mary as she half-emerged from the pool via a ladder in a two-piece green strapless number and Monica who appeared to be flashing people over the side of the ledge, her top piece removed from of a leopard suit as she flashed a giant white smile.

               “Fuck, fuck, fuck...” groaned Tucker, almost ready to cry as he walked out to the pool among the motionless tableau of gorgeous women, taking a drink from Caitlin's tray. “Shit soup with a side of crap-kers, what the hell do I do now?!” Tucker screamed, throwing the drink into the wall, where it froze in place before splattering. Letting out a roar in fury, Tucker leaned back and fell into the frozen water, slowly sinking beneath the jelly-like pool liquid as he closed his eyes to think. With Maggie, Chloe, Erika and Tasia all out of the picture, Tucker had no idea who could possibly be the one who'd stopped time for so long.

               After spending a short while underwater, Tucker climbed out and decided he'd need to make the most of it. With no way to unfreeze time and no way of knowing if and when it would ever unfreeze, Tucker was left with just making the most of it. “I guess I need to just have fun, if I can find a way to do so,” mused Tucker, walking onto the diving board and pulling Erika out of the air while reaching to remove her bikini top.


Day 11

               Tucker quietly rode his bike-powered carriage down a mansion-covered street of Manhattan Beach, searching for the house he'd circled on the guide paper he'd taken from a Star Maps booth. His passengers now consisted of Julie, Madison, Chloe, Erika, Tasia, Haley, Maggie and Nina Nichols, the last one having been found in a sorority house back at the college when he'd headed back for another night. In addition to the girls Tucker had collected six duffel bags full of food, which were on their laps, and four suitcases full of supplies which were strapped to the back of the transport, containing items like soap, toilet paper, clothes, tools and even an axe.

               After giving into the situation, Tucker had spent the night at Erika's place and promptly left the next day, returning to the college to have some more fun with the cheerleaders as well as the soccer players before crashing in Nina's sorority. Tucker had gone to the house just expecting the girls that Julie and her friends had nabbed a while back for a calendar contest but had instead lucked out and found another girl he'd carried a small crush for. The day after that Tucker had returned home to familiar surroundings, sleeping at Lisa's place, surrounded by frozen party-goers. After that Tucker had started gearing up and traveled most of the beach area west of Los Angeles, including Long Beach and San Pedro, but now he'd finally found a place he figured he would be able to live, at least until time unfroze. In spite of realizing he had been stuck in a frozen second for almost two weeks, Tucker still wasn't about to accept that it was going to be like that forever, convinced that eventually time would resume. He recalled even seeing something like it happen on TV in the past.

               Finally Tucker pulled up to one of the largest mansions on the block, a mostly Spanish-styled estate with a red roof and white walls, the front featuring Greek columns and the fence's front gate luckily wide open to allow for a limo to pull out. Opening the vehicle Tucker glanced inside and saw it was Nigel May, an action-movie director that had put the starlet who lived in this mansion on the map. Tucker had arrived at the home of Megan Wolff.

               Tucker pulled his carriage into the mansion's motor pool and noted at least two gardeners, both out of shape Latinos in their fifties, standing as still as the statue of Aphrodite in the garden area, causing him to smile and shake his head. Like most of the men in the world Tucker had spent many nights fantasizing about the sultry model turned actress, who'd made millions off of a recent spread for an adult magazine and two different movie franchises, and now he could live in her luxurious mansion, at least for a few days. “I guess I'm home,” sighed Tucker, preparing to unpack and go inside.


Day 42

               Tucker awoke in the sheets of Megan's super-sized bed, so big it could easily sleep ten, sandwiched between Haley and Megan herself. The black-haired woman with many tattoos, sparkling eyes and curved lips lay naked on Tucker's left while his ex-girlfriend mirrored the other woman's pose on his right, both laying with one arm slightly extended towards the man in the bed, the other across their body as they leaned towards him, soft smiles on their faces.

               Taking a moment to enjoy the silk sheets of the bed, Tucker then proceeded to rise, naturally naked himself, and admired his collection of statues in the room. Since settling down Tucker had decided to spend his days collecting more and more women to fill the mansion as well as to find supplies to survive on. So far Tucker had been forced to keep his trips light as he considered food a priority so on the days he'd traveled he'd never returned with more than four new women, his collection now stood at an even twenty-four. In this room alone Tucker had, besides Megan and Haley, Julie, Rachel, Madison, Erika, Tasia, Lucienne, Monica, Caitlin, Mary, Chloe, Nina, Pamela, Michelle, Brianne, Lisa, Kathryn, Amanda and Ginger. Granted, the room was getting crowded with so many naked women up against the wall, all of them standing at attention with cute smiles on their faces and their hair down, if their hair had needed to be let down, but Tucker had been spending more time sleeping with them in the giant bed than worrying about where he'd put them. The Wolff mansion was large but so far he'd only been mostly storing his collection of women in the one room.

               Exiting the bedroom, Tucker walked down the hallway a short distance and peered into another guest room, one where a naked Maggie lay atop a bed while Jamie her ex-girlfriend sat on top of her, Cindy was on her left and Rebecca on her right, the latter two with their mouths around Maggie's big toes. “Morning Mags,” Tucker said softly, feeling a bit sad. In spite of the joy of living in a frozen world not being able to be with his best friend or the women he loved in a real way had really taken its toll on Tucker's mental state, though he was finding ways to cope.

               The mansion was only two stories high, but massive in floorspace, the top floor holding six bedrooms plus the master suite, the latter being the one Tucker was using. In addition there was a bathroom for each room across the hall and a balcony as well. At the west end of the second floor there was a small kitchen and bachelor suite combination, most likely where the butler Tucker had seen near the front door lived, and at the other end was a similar set-up that appeared to be for the maid, who was too old for Tucker thus he'd left her in her room on her bed. Downstairs there were two sitting rooms, a private theater, a massive storage room for food and wine and a giant kitchen with a connecting dining room plus a small area for cards and two pool tables. Outside there was a large lawn decorated with Greek and Roman statues of gods and goddesses, plus out back there was a large flower garden that led to the beach, which included a volleyball court and an enclosed pool with a hot-tub and sauna installed.

               Living in the mansion had been an interesting experience for Tucker. First of all the toilets were no good as the water was frozen, so flushing was out. Tucker had thus decided to use one bathroom's tub as a toilet, then using the toilet water to wash up along with hand lotion. It seemed gross, but the process appeared to be working. Another issue was the kitchen was nearly useless save for dishes and such, so Tucker simply used one of the downstairs bathroom toilets to clean his dishes if he needed to, again using soap to avoid sanitary repercussions. The large cellar-like storage room was where Tucker stashed his food, and whenever Tucker wasn't playing with his women or out on errands he ended up reading the books Megan had in the small library she had on the shelves in one of the sitting rooms. Most of the books were ones Tucker had read before so he'd resorted to reading titles he'd never considered himself checking out, anything to keep himself from getting bored. A large sand castle was also being built on the beach and Tucker was also working on carving some wood he'd found by the fireplace into little figures.

               “A brand new day,” laughed Tucker, shaking his head at the lame joke as he urinated into a bathtub. “Well, what shall I do today? I think I need to complete my set of cheerleaders...”


Day 377

               “Ah, nothing like some good solid sack-time,” Tucker self-narrated as he had taken to doing, waking up in a bed literally stuffed with women. Besides his regulars of Megan Wolff and Haley Leone, Tucker had expanded his sleeping experience to include Tasia, Erika, Nina, Julie, Sarala and Chi, the last one an Asian model that worked with Haley for Miss Zoe. Also in the room but not in the bed was the entire Decker State cheerleader squad, Lisa, and movie stars Angel Jenly, Jessica Alfa, Cammie Domingo and Jordan Tressly. Tucker had made good use of his Star Maps guide, spending timeless days tracking them all down in their homes and bringing them to his new one.

               After wrapping himself in his robe, Tucker visited the urination bathroom where he happily emptied his bladder next to Nigel May, deciding to get his revenge on the director and his crappy movies by leaving him in a room that smelled of piss. From there Tucker exited and started his morning ritual, which consisted of checking the other six bedrooms for any problems.

               The first bedroom Tucker checked contained several of Miss Zoe's models that he wasn't sleeping with at the moment as well as the cougar herself, all posed like nude mannequins, Tucker deciding to keep everyone naked in his new dream house. Miss Zoe was at the door to the room, posed so she held the door open with her right hand, her left seeming to invite Tucker in. Besides Amanda Burns and Kathryn, the latter standing so she was attempting to hand her boss a cup of coffee, there were Amy Spring, Lola Mateo, Diedra Sawyer, Vera Graham and Tonya Cash; the last of which who was technically not a Zoe Hollander model, but the pair had worked together in the past. Charlene Masters also present, as she'd been one of the fashion icon's photographers in the past. Charlene, along with Zoe's usual photographer Diane, were standing with “air cameras” pointed at all the models, who were posed on the bed sensually. Amanda, Amy and Vera had formed the base for a pyramid, which held Lola and Diedra in the middle and finally Tonya on top, the oldest of the models and the most famous blowing the motionless photographers a kiss.

               In the second bedroom were the sorority sisters from the Phi Sigma Delta sorority, which was the one Nina had been found in almost a year ago. Sorority president Amber Prescott stood front and center, holding the door open like Zoe had been to reveal all the girls laying on the bed chest-down, seemingly in mid-gossip as they all had their mouths open and appeared to be using gestures to add to their stories. On the bed were Kelsey Wick, Jaki Newborn, Susie Kim, Hannah Kai, Leslie Chun, Roxana Ruiz, Vanessa Marx, Kalania Scholvo, Rose Mazza, Angel Mathews, Tami Tyler and a girl Tucker only knew as Phoebe.

               The third room contained a handful of random women he knew from around Decker State college like Sandra Packlin and Samantha Ross, two professors, as well as Fiona Diaz; the girl known only as Friday and Sandy Vanholt, plus two girls he'd found in the cafeteria that he knew only as the Wisconsin twins as they were from that state. Packlin held the room's door open and Samantha was squeezing the other professor's breasts from behind while Friday, Sandy and Fiona formed a three-woman sandwich on the bed, Sandy on top and Friday on the bottom, the latter being the only one with her tongue not in someone's business. The twins, blonds with pigtails and perfectly proportionate breasts as well as even mild tans, were naturally placed to be making out next to the bed.

               The next room, the fourth one behind where Tucker slept, contained Maggie and her lovers, including Tatiana, Hitomi, Leslie and Candice as well as the already placed Rebecca, Jamie and Cindy. The young Asian girl was still where she'd been before, but Leslie and Candice flanked the four that were already in place while lying on their sides with their heads propped up with their hands. Tatiana and Hitomi were both holding the door open, Tatiana from behind the Japanese girl with a sensual leer on her face.

               The fifth room contained girls from Persephone's Books; namely Gloria, Calista, Faith and Joy. The busty barista Gloria was in charge of the door while Faith and Joy formed a sixty-nine on the bed, Calista touching herself in the corner as Tucker figured she did.

               The sixth room contained random women Tucker had played with in the past, including officer Regina as well as neighborhood clerks Denise and Kelly, the local lifeguard Heather, restaurant workers Tabitha and Brooke and Lauren the dance instructor. Regina, being the cop, was made to be the doorstop, lying on the ground while Lauren was on top of her, her feet being the door prop in this case. Denise, Kelly, Tabitha and Broke all sat on the bed; the frozen four forming a groping circle by touching the breasts of the girls to their left. Heather stood in the middle of the circle posed like the statue of David. Madison's girlfriend Alana Herrera was also present, sitting all alone in the corner, posed like a ballerina for the sake of art. Finally there was Ginger and Kayla, Haley's two best friends, posed in a classic Tango position, their right arms extended with their fingers locked together, their left arms around each-other's backs.

               Laughing at how wonderful his bedroom dioramas were, Tucker practically skipped downstairs, passing several more naked women he'd posed to be standing at attention. After completing his collection of women he knew Tucker had decided to start collecting random ones on the street, using them to make sure he'd never enter a room without seeing someone naked, save for the bathroom where he actually urinated of course. Joggers, cops, street vendors, business people, they were all stripped where they were found and taken back to Tucker's mansion.

               With a towel over his shoulder Tucker exited out to the back where he'd posed the Lady Raptors to be playing volleyball, Kat about to spike the ball at Brit. It wasn't the team's sport but after considering posing them in the front lawn Tucker had instead elected to leave them on the beach so he could masturbate while bathing in the ocean, as was his custom. Shower and bath supplies were waiting on the beach, a redhead with really pink nipples posed to be a towel rack. Enjoying the view of the frozen and naked volleyball game, Tucker ended up taking quite a while to wash up.

               Back inside Tucker wandered into the kitchen, which was where he'd put Monica, Caitlin, Mary and Lucienne, like everyone else all in the buff. Lucienne held the fridge open with her right hand, a big and fake smile on her face while her left gestured towards the contents within. Monica and Caitlin were taking up half of the island counter with the dark-haired woman leaning back while the redhead's face was buried in her crotch. Mary was by the main counter with her arms extended, tea towels hanging from them. “I love practical women,” Tucker noted, having said the same line for the past few months. “Now, what to eat today...?”


Day 11, 772

               Tucker's eyes slowly fluttered open, his beard tangled up again and pinched under his elbow. “Ouch!” exclaimed the man of over fifty years of age, pulling the gray hairs free from his arm. Tucker's beard wasn't the only thing that was gray, nearly all of his body hair the same color and most of it extremely shaggy. Due to a lack of barbers and an increasing lack of worry about hygiene, Tucker hadn't cut his hair or shaved in over four years.

               The once crowded room Tucker slept in was now reduced to merely four women: Tasia, Haley, Julie and Megan. Tucker had since moved the remainder to rooms that best fit them, the cheerleaders meanwhile were posed in an incomplete pyramid outside the front door.  The movie stars were with Miss Zoe as well as Erika and Chi, Sarala was back with her team, Lisa was with Regina and the rest and Nina rejoined the sorority girls. After so many years of the same thing, Tucker was getting tired and had only just recently started sleeping in his main room again.

               Climbing out of bed, Tucker casually paced out of the room, deciding to just go in the ocean while he washed up rather than see Nigel May's face again. Yawning and smacking his lips, Tucker was half-awake when he started to head down the stairs. With his vision blurred, Tucker didn't notice his leg hairs had swooped out under his right foot. “Ouch!” Tucker screamed in agony, nearly pulling hundreds of hairs out of his leg as he fell forward in pain. His body numb from the shock, Tucker couldn't even brace himself as he tumbled down the rest of the stairs, hitting his back hard and knocking over at least four girls.

               Coming to a halt on his back at the bottom of the steps, Tucker didn't try to move for a few moments. The shock of the hair tension had been bad, as were the new scrapes he'd gotten from falling, but something else was wrong. Tucker could feel a warm feeling in his lower back, one that also felt a bit like a fire. Lower down, he couldn’t feel a thing. Reaching down, Tucker felt the spot with his left hand. Lifting the hand up to his face, Tucker was alarmed to see it soaked in red. It seemed Tucker had managed to seriously hurt his back and he was now bleeding very badly.

               “Oh fuck... no...” coughed Tucker, his eyes going wide as he glanced around, seeing only the frozen faces of dozens of women he'd collected over the years. “Help me, help me you stupid bitches!” Naturally no one made a move to help the bleeding older man, no one even aware he was there.

               “Oh god, Kronos!” cried out Tucker, losing the feeling in his legs. “Hey, God! Allah! Zeus! Someone! For fuck's sake, someone unfreeze time! I'm sorry I abused it! Please, help me! I'm dying!” Nothing continued to occur, save for the rising pain in Tucker's back and the growing pool of blood.

               “No... no...” moaned Tucker, starting to feel his breath slow. “I don't want to die alone, not like this...” Tucker felt tears running down his eyes as his fingers stopped twitching, his arms going limp.

               “Haley... Maggie... Julie...” gasped Tucker, feeling his eyes fluttering closed as the warm sensation continued from his lower back. “I... I love you...” Tucker's last words came out weakly as his vision went dark. There was a short pause before Tucker's consciousness failed and, moments later, so did his heartbeat.


Christmas Day

               “Holy shit!” screamed Tucker, sitting up with eyes wide. Looking around in surprise, Tucker turned to see his clock said 9:16 AM, and that Leslie was in bed beside him. Tucker was back at in his room in his apartment in Los Angeles, and time was definitely moving forward as he could hear the faint sound of the apartment below with running water in the bathroom.

               “I'm alive!” Tucker shouted in glee, jumping out of bed and hopping around, stopping by the motionless and naked Rebecca to give the stoic-looking woman a long and happy kiss. “I'm...” continued Tucker, suddenly stopping as he made a realization.

               It was December twenty-fifth, Christmas Day, a day Tucker celebrated every year even though he was a lapsed Christian, the power to freeze time doing that to a man, but Tucker remembered he'd gone to bed feeling depressed. His girlfriend Julie and her sister were back home with their family for the holidays. His friends and co-workers Lance and Bianca were spending Christmas in Hawaii, burning up a good portion of their profits from the store they ran. His neighbor Lisa was up north in Canada visiting her aunt. His ex-girlfriend Haley was doing a holiday modeling gig in New York. His romantic stalker Tasia was away with Erika Stone on a beach somewhere, possibly Australia. Even his roommate Maggie was gone, she and her sister Madison having both gone to San Francisco to see their mother. Tucker, having agreed to work at the store on the twenty-sixth, was in his apartment, alone, on one of the most important days of the year where you typically spent time with the people you loved.

               “I'm... alone...” sighed Tucker, sitting down on his bed with a heavy heart. Tucker sat in silence for a while, contemplating his situation and coming to understand just what his recent nightmare had meant. His fears of being alone had coupled with the classic science-fiction idea of time being frozen forever due to an accident or something of the kind, leaving one man alone in a frozen world.

               After what was apparently almost twenty minutes Tucker heard his laptop, which was sitting on his small bedroom desk, chirp, and he looked at it in surprise. Tucker was still logged on to Skype, and the program was letting him know that a certain special contact was trying to reach him. Eager to talk to someone, Tucker pressed the 'answer' button.

               “How's my favorite nephew on this wonderful day?” asked Scott Dawson, smiling at Tucker while clad in a purple dressing gown, his wife Ryoshi moving back and forth in the background, apparently up to something.

               “Uncle Scott, good to hear from you!” exclaimed Tucker, genuinely glad to speak to him, though ideally anyone would have been fine. “How's South America?”

               “Pretty nice as usual, but when you live in a paradise with millions to keep you fat and living a life of luxury, how can it be bad?” asked Scott with a grin. “My investments are doing pretty well by the way, and the building itself will ensure I never have to work an honest day ever again. You really should try my method of getting rich quick.”

               “You know I have morals, because I actually like not having to hide,” shot back Tucker with a grin. The pair had been having the joke argument ever since they'd re-established contact during the incident with Ashley Tisdale. The communication wasn't that often, happening every ten days or so, but Tucker thought it was good to hear from a real relative for change, even if he was hiding out and couldn't even tell him exactly where he lived.

               “Well, I did get you a gift, and it should be arriving shortly,” revealed Scott, waggling his eyebrows. “Don't worry, there's a note that will explain everything. Just... try to enjoy the holiday, huh my boy?”

               “Honey, you forgot to tell him to settle down with a nice girl!” called Ryoshi from off-camera.

               “I would, but I didn't so why should I tell him to do it?” remarked Scott, glancing away to seemingly look at his wife. A pillow went flying over Scott's head as he laughed and, off-camera, so did Ryoshi.

               “You're terrible!” called out the Japanese woman.

               “I know,” agreed Scott before turning to face his web-cam again. “I should probably head out now Tucker, but I'll most likely call you around New Years. Take care of yourself, and try to keep out of trouble. You really don't want the ITEA looking into you again, they're generally good people after all.”

               “I'll keep that in mind Uncle Scott, thanks,” nodded Tucker with a smile, at which point Scott disconnected. It seemed Tucker's uncle had uncanny timing, as just then there was a knock at the front door.

               Exiting his room with pants and a shirt hastily pulled on, Tucker opened the door to find a redheaded woman of average height standing in his doorway, a smile plastered on her face. The woman was wearing a simple yellow business dress with a white blouse and pantyhose, her shoes flats and white with a matching purse over her shoulder. An envelope was pinned to the woman's lapel and she stood idly in the hallway, looking at Tucker intently. “Uh, hi?” offered Tucker.

               “Hello, I see you are Tucker Holmes,” fired off the woman almost mechanically. “I am currently programmed to come and find you, so I may seem a little like a robot. This is because I am chipped and under orders, not acting like I normally do. If you'll let me in and open the envelope you'll learn everything you need to know. I am programmed to obey you.”

               “Oh, okay, I guess that makes sense,” shrugged Tucker, a bit surprised. “Come in.” Upon hearing the words she'd been waiting for the redhead did as she was told; Tucker closed the door behind her. The redhead casually glanced around the apartment absentmindedly while Tucker removed the envelope from her lapel and opened it. Inside were a check with many zeros following the digits, along with a hand-written note.

Dear Tucker,

               Merry Christmas! I figure you, like me, are a bit lapsed due to the whole apparent power of God thing. It happened to me years ago so I don't blame you, but try to remember that it’s important to celebrate family and loved ones, even if your faith is in question.

               I thought to thank you for your help back around Thanksgiving; you should get more than just Leslie, even if she was one of my better slaves. I recently acquired this girl, Jennifer Yates, from her hideout in Chicago. She was a personal secretary to a corrupted board member of the Paradise Foundation who'd been trying to get into Type-7 dealing, which would mean even low-life scum could use it commit crimes, which I can't allow. Since Jennifer seemed like your type I figured you'd appreciate her. Her background means she'll have skills in cleaning and cooking as well as administrative functions, making her a great all-around flunky for your home or business. She also has a really nice ass, but I digress.

               I also took the liberty of giving you half of the money from my Paris account. If you end up being responsible with this I might turn that account into a sort of allowance fund for you. I know it seems odd, a grown man getting an allowance, but read the check before you scoff. That's only half and the account's been active for only eight months. The money's all from legitimate real estate deals so it is clean, don't worry.

               I hope you enjoy Jennifer and the money. Have a great holiday season.

Love, Scott


               Jennifer is twenty-five so she isn't much older than you. I did add a new program to her chip, the remote's in her purse. The program is pretty simple, it’s just the ultimate hand-job. Thank me on my birthday, maybe with a virtual flower?

Love Ryoshi

Happy Holidays from the Tuckerverse Gang!

...To Be Continued with One Hell of a Day...

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