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Taral Wayne
Saara Mar: Ice Box
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Taral Wayne - Saara Mar - Ice Box
Note by Leem: You could consider this a companion piece to Tangel’ Frozen. In that picture Saara’s Teh Langgi friend Tangelwedsibel got frozen on an ice planet because she forgot to put on her space suit, but Saara was unaffected. This time even Saara (nude for some reason, though who’s complaining?) gets iced. My question is, was it an accident, or was she deliberately experimenting to see what the effect of cold would be on her body? (And if so, who or what was going to thaw her out afterwards?)

This was originally posted on FurAffinity (log in to view Mature content), with the comment:

I’ve done a number of drawings of Saara Mar on Mars. Cold as the red planet is, the average temperature is no more than dry-ice-cold. The giant moon of Saturn is another matter though. Titan is not only far colder, but the thick atmosphere conducts the cold far more effectively than the thin air of Mars. So given enough time, even Saara would eventually become sufficiently cold on Titan to freeze.

Fortunately, with her people, freezing is only a temporary state. Like a radio or TV that stops working because it’s too cold, the Kjola need only warm up again to “work.” Humans, like any meat, undergo irreparable damage when frozen.

And yes, the picture did elicit the inevitable “frozen Kjola” gag.

This picture uses a similar pose to Cheers! on FurAffinity,
and also has some similarities to Formal Occasion, Job Security and others.

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