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Detail from Pygmalion and Galatea (front version) by Jean Leon GeromeThe                  
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Detail from Pygmalion and Galatea (rear version) by Jean Leon Gerome
Art Link: Two versions of Pygmalion and Galatea by Jean Léon Gérôme. Click here or on the above images to visit a page about the artist

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***NEW STORY: KETRIN Part One***


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At first you are disoriented. You can’t tell where you are or what’s happening. Gradually you become aware of your surroundings. Birds are singing, the leaves are rustling on the trees, and you can hear quiet speech and laughter. As your vision slowly clears you realise that you are in some kind of park or garden. People are milling about, singly or in groups, enjoying the warm sunshine. Even as you become aware of the sun’s warmth on your own body, you realise that you are naked, and all these people are looking at you. But when you try to cover your nakedness with your hands you suddenly realise something else. You cannot move. No matter how you try, your limbs remain frozen like stone. You want to cry for help but your lips seem to be literally sealed.

This cannot be happening, you tell yourself. You must be dreaming. But then, as the sun slowly warms your body, you feel another kind of warmth welling up from your loins, building slowly, inexorably, until you wish you could cry aloud with pleasure. And you can feel the passers by caressing you with their gaze, and you feel beautiful and erotic, an object of worship, and even though you are physically helpless you never want this feeling to end. It might be a dream, but at last you realise that it is not a nightmare.

On this site you’ll find the final, definitive versions (although in practice, “final and definitive” tends to mean “subject to revision without notice”) of science fiction and fantasy stories I’ve written which feature the concept of living statues. All of these stories contain eroticism, but some are more explicit than others, as indicated by an X in the listing below. All stories marked with an X are linked from this page via warning messages, and have gibberish URLs to prevent anyone stumbling across them by accident.

I’m always in the process of tweaking and revising this site - in that sense it’s always ‘under construction’ - so be sure to check back as often as you like.

If you enjoy these stories please feel free to let me know at the address below. If you do not enjoy them, please don’t let me know at any address. Thank you.

In addition, because I’ve used pictures of works of art throughout the site I’ve also decided to include some background information and links related to the works in question and their creators:

Antoine-Denis Chaudet
Jean Léon Gérôme
Antonin Idrac
Hippolyte Alexandre Julien Moulin
Albert Toft


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All stories are copyright © 1999, 2000 by Leem. All rights reserved. All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons living, dead or petrified is entirely coincidental.

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Art Link: Spirit of Contemplation by Albert Toft (click for detailed views and link to artist biography)
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Art Link: Mercury Inventing the Caduceus by Antonin Idrac (click for detailed views and summary of the legend)
Jaskri’s Story PG

Jaskri and the Maiden
Jaskri’s Child

What is the relationship between an ordinary girl, a mysterious healer and an enigmatic statue? And what of the girl’s desire for motherhood?
Naked to theWorld PG

Our spaceship was a write-off. Our only hope of returning home was to get frozen. Not that I minded all that much....
Flotsam (Original Female Version) X

Jenette and Alyssa become lost in a “Bermuda Triangle” of space, and find themselves facing an eternity of sexual bondage to a primitive alien species.
Flotsam (Male Remix) X

Jenarr and Alainn become lost in a “Bermuda Triangle” of space, and find themselves facing an eternity of sexual bondage to a primitive alien species.
Pleasure Trap R

The same basic plot as Flotsam, but only a thousand words in length.
On Display X

An account of how I became a statue by day and a sex object by night. Tastefully illustrated with images of nude sculpture.
Teacher’s Pet R
[later renamed The Hours After]

Or, how we stayed behind after class and got stoned!
The Sculptor’s Model X

Or how I not only modelled for the greatest statue ever created, but actually took its place upon the pedestal!
The Chosen R

The island seems like the perfect spot for a tropical holiday, but when Kendra’s boyfriend cheats on her with one of the native girls she soon discovers that the local Goddess would like her to stay a little longer...
Ketrin Part One R

When Ketrin, the long lost son of a village woman, walks naked out of the jungle, his reappearance is greeted with joy by some, but with lust and greed by others....
(Author thinks: I can’t believe it’s taken me ten months to write this story, and it’s not even half done yet!!!)
More stories will be added in due course. Just hang in there.
Detail from Pygmalion and Galatea (front version) by Jean Leon GeromeIntroduction

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Detail from Pygmalion and Galatea (rear version) by Jean Leon Gerome
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