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The Pygmalion Syndrome Introduction

Hi. I’m Leem, and ever since I was a boy I’ve been having incredibly arousing fantasies about gorgeous naked women...and even more gorgeous naked men! Very often I would imagine being the object of such a fantasy myself.

Nothing unusual about that, I hear you cry? Ah, but wait. The thing about these fantasies that really turned me on was this:

All of those gorgeous naked people were frozen like statues. That was the erotic part. Sometimes they were hard as stone, sometimes warm, yielding flesh and blood, but no matter what happened, they couldn’t move. They all remained fully conscious, they were all fully capable of feeling physical pleasure, and above all, they were all acutely aware of the fact that no matter what was done to them, they could never do anything to prevent it...or encourage it....

Over the years I became aware that nobody I knew of shared my feelings. Resigning myself to the thought that my living statue fantasies were unique, I kept them to myself and went about my daily business...until that fateful day I was connected to the internet and suddenly discovered that I was not alone after all. There were people who not only shared similar fantasies but turned them into stories and pictures and devoted whole websites to them.

It was a stunning revelation: my epitome on the road to Domestos.
[Epiphany on the road to Damascus - Ed.]

And then I realised that I could write down my living statue fantasies, and the people who devoted websites to living statue stories would post them (which they did), so at last I could share my fantasies with like-minded people, and indulge my literary pretensions into the bargain.

It took me a little longer to realise that I could start my own website and post my stories on it, and when I finally did realise it I was a bit shy about actually taking the plunge. But I finally plucked up courage in May 2000, and The Pygmalion Syndrome was born. Long years (well, a few years, anyway) have passed since that day, and I have to say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it (except for 8:37 PM on March 18, 2001, when I sprained my thumb), so I hope you enjoy it too. Thanks for coming.

Just to recap: these stories feature the erotic concept of men and women being turned into statues, or otherwise rendered immobile. (If you’re still wondering what’s so erotic about immobility, check out the FAQ Page.)

Just so we’re absolutely clear on this point:

Some of the fictional characters in the stories on this site
sexual experiences,
or not,
often with people of the
same sex as themselves,
and often while they are
unable to move a muscle.
Sometimes the stories are illustrated with pictures of nude statues or paintings.

There are NO hardcore, paedophile or bestial sexual descriptions or images on this site.
Sorry if that disappoints you. Not.

If you think there is too much sex on this site, or too little, then please feel free to surf elsewhere with my blessing.

If you enjoy these stories please feel free to let me know. If you do not enjoy them, please don’t let me know. Thank you.

In addition, because I’ve used pictures of E works of art throughout the site I’ve included an Art Gallery giving some background information on some of my favourite works of art.

I’m always in the process of tweaking and revising this site and messing with the format, logos and graphics. In that sense it’s always ‘under construction’, so be sure to check back as often as you like and ramp up my site statistics.

Attention please: This site has a lot of external links. I try to check them all periodically, but it’s quite possible that I might miss one or two occasionally. I’d therefore be very grateful if you’d report any broken links you might happen to spot. Thanks.
PS...calling all Mac users: please let me know if you have any display problems with this site.

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