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In response to a number of queries, I must remind you that this is NOT a professional art site. I do not own copies of any of the works illustrated (I only wish I could afford to), and I regret that I can not offer assessments concerning the values of works of art. Thank you.

Gallery Introduction
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I originally set up The Pygmalion Syndrome as a showcase for my adult stories about men and women turning into statues or becoming statue-like. Because I’d used some art images as page decorations I decided to include one or two pages about the art involved, and it just sort of snowballed from there. I’ll keep on adding pages and links whenever I find pictures I happen to like.

Note that pictures I like is very much the operative phrase here. This is not meant to be a serious analysis of the works involved, although I have tried to include a bit of historical and biographical data. Mostly these pictures are just my favourite flavour of eye candy. I know how frustrating it can be when you find a potentially interesting picture on the web and it turns out to be a pokey little pixellated thumbnail, so I’ve done my best to obtain big images (c. 100k) wherever possible.

It probably won’t have escaped your attention that all of these images have another thing in common. None of them depict people wearing clothes. I make no apologies for that. I do happen to like nude pictures, and I believe I’m not alone in that, and since these particular nude images are art they can’t arrest me for displaying them! Also, since I write stories about statue-like people, it’s nice to have pictures of statues that I can fantasise about myself or other people turning into.

So in order to appreciate these works of art in the same way that I do, please try to imagine that the statues are actually living people...who can never move, whether they want to or not...!

I couldn’t decide whether to use text-only links or thumbnails, so I’ve used both. In March 2005 I replaced all of the original thumbnails with new labelled images for clarity. The links are divided between female and male subjects although several articles fall into both categories. Thanks for your time.


Harry Bates - PandoraJean Antoine Carlès - JeunesseJean-Baptiste Carpeaux - Girl with ShellFrancis Derwent Wood - AtalantaAlexandre Falguière - Leda and the SwanEdward Onslow Ford - The SingerJean Leon Gérôme - Pygmalion and GalateaJeanne Itasse - Egyptian HarpistFrederick William Macmonnies - BacchantePaul Manship - DianaHarold Parker - AriadneAlert Toft - Spirit of Contemplation
Harry Bates: Pandora | Jean Antoine Carlès: Various | Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux: Fisherboy and Girl with Shell | Francis Derwent Wood: Atalanta Preparing for the Race | Jean-Alexandre Falguière: Winner of the Cockfight and various female sculptures | Edward Onslow Ford: The Singer, Linos,  and Other Works | Jean-Leon Gérôme: Pygmalion (paintings and statue) | Jeanne Itasse: Bacchante and Egyptian Harpist | Frederick William Macmonnies: Bacchante, Pan and other works | Paul Manship: Diana, Indian Hunter and other works | Harold Parker: Ariadne | Albert Toft: Spirit of Contemplation

Jean Antoine Carlès - A Boy of GaulJean-Baptiste Carpeaux - Fisherboy with ShellBenvenuto Cellini - Perseus with the Head of MedusaFélix Maurice Charpentier - L'ImprovisateurAntoine-Denis Chaudet - Cupid and the ButterflySophie-Victoire Debry - CockfightCharles Degeorge - Young AristotleDonatello - David (main page)The Bronze David of Donatello (poem by Randall JarrellAlexandre Falguière - Winner of the CockfightFalguière - Winner of the Cockfight and Moulin - A Lucky Find at PompeiiEdward Onslow Ford - LinosJean Leon Gérôme - CockfightAnne-Louis Girodet - EndymionAntonin Idrac - Mercury Inventing the CaduceusSusan Kliewer - The SinaguaFrederick William Macmonnies - PanPaul Manship - Indian HunterHippolyte Moulin - A Lucky Find at PompeiiHenri Peinte - Orphée endormant CerbèreGeorge Rennie - Cupid Rekindling Hymen's TorchFrancois Rude - Neapolitan FisherboyBertel Thorvaldsen - Shepherd Boy
Jean Antoine Carlès: Various | Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux: Fisherboy and Girl with Shell | Benvenuto Cellini: Perseus with the Head of Medusa | Félix Maurice Charpentier: L’Improvisateur | Antoine-Denis Chaudet: Cupid and the Butterfly | Sophie-Victoire Debry: Cockfight | Charles Jean Marie Degeorge: The Youth of Aristotle | Donatello: David | Donatello: poem by Randall Jarrell | Jean-Alexandre Falguière: Winner of the Cockfight; and various female sculptures | Musée d’Orsay: Falguière and Moulin | Edward Onslow Ford: The Singer, Linos,  and Other Works | Jean-Leon Gérôme: Cockfight (painting) | Anne-Louis Girodet: Endymion (painting) | Jean Antoine Marie Idrac: Mercury Inventing the Caduceus | Susan Kliewer: The Sinagua | Frederick William Macmonnies: Bacchante, Pan and other works | Paul Manship: Diana, Indian Hunter and other works | Hippolyte Alexandre Julien Moulin: A Secret from On High and A Lucky Find at Pompeii | Henri Peinte: Orphée endormant Cerbère | George Rennie: Cupid Rekindling Hymen’s Torch | François Rude: Neapolitan Fisherboy | Bertel Thorvaldsen: Jason, Ganymede, Shepherd Boy, and others

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