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The Pygmalion Syndrome Logomania Logo
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By absolutely no public demand, here are some of
my favourite logos from the past 5 years....

Original Pygmalion Syndrome Logo
One of the earliest designs, flanked by two versions of Pygmalion and Galatea by Jean Léon Gérôme. Not a pictorial logo - the lettering was originally positioned using HTML.

Pygmalion Syndrome Statuephile Logo
The first logo to use Harrington font. Quite stylish, I feel, especially with the subtle use of shadows, but maybe a bit too dark.

Pygmalion Syndrome Helpless Romantics Logo
This is where I started using dark letters on transparent backgrounds,
and inventing amusing(?) slogans for the front page logos.

Pygmalion Syndrome Upwardly Immobile Logo
Introducing Canova’s Three Graces, who’ve been on the logo ever since.
You may have noticed that the Pygmalion Syndrome logo wasn’t a solid block - the words were repositioned each time I changed the size of the logo.

Pygmalion Syndrome Never Mind the Jubilee Logo
For the Queen’s Jubilee and soccer World Cup in 2002 I referenced Never Mind the Bollocks by the Sex Pistols, and wrapped the girls in the flag. The flag was hand-drawn by me, and is accurate to the extent of having both broad and narrow white stripes in the diagonals. The only mistake I made was putting them back to front - with the “flagpole” side on the right instead of the left.

The Pygmalion Syndrome Animated logo segmentThe Pygmalion Syndrome 2003 Life Imitates Art Logo
One of a series of “stitched” logos consisting of an animated section on the left and static section on the right. The Dedicated ASFR Site logo is based on a design by Argo Forg. As for the right-hand section, I’m really proud of the ingenious way I managed to incorporate the year into the lettering! The slogan uses an art deco font that I always associate with cafés. Next time you’re on a tour of coffee-drinking establishments, just take a look at how many of them use this very font or variations on it.

The Pygmalion Syndrome Animated logo segment 2The Pygmalion Syndrome Doing Nothing Logo
Another stitched logo. You’ll notice I added some rotation and overshoot to the Dedicated ASFR Site logo for effect. Possibly just as well not to enquire where it’s emerging from....This was also one of a few logos where I experimented with putting things behind the lettering. Why a big black blob? I don’t exactly recall what possessed me, but the negative lettering works quite well.

The Pygmalion Syndrome Nobody Move Logo
Another page redesign gave me more space for the logo, and a new server
gave me my own domain name for the first time as well as lots more file space.
This logo also has one of the simplest and most effective slogans I ever came up with.

The Pygmalion Syndrome XMAS 2003 Logo
Christmas 2003. At my trial for intolerable cruelty to statues I was acquitted on the grounds of insanity. I always knew my insanity would come in handy one day.

The Pygmalion Syndrome No Worries Logo
The first major logo redesign for years retains the Three Graces, adds a statue of Cupid and Hymen by George Rennie from the Victoria and Albert Museum to indicate that male statues are also catered for, and changes the main lettering to Black Magic font.

Pygmalion Syndrome 4th Anniversary Logo
The next version of the logo stretches the lettering horizontally so that the statues on either side overlap with it. For the 4th Anniversary logo, I incorporated the years in Harrington font as a tribute to the old design. I also discovered that once I’d replaced the a of Pygmalion with a 4 the word Anniversary fitted in very neatly. A nice bit of serendipity.

Pygmalion Syndrome Olympics logo
Then I came up with the idea of adding a yellow glow effect to the lettering and figures. This proved a bit more complicated than I originally thought, but it worked.
To celebrate the Athens Olympics in August 2004, I came up with my own version of the Olympic logo, using Argo Forg’s freeze-type diamonds instead of rings. Although the result was a bit cluttered I quite liked it...

Pygmalion Syndrome Olympics logo 2
...and then just as the Games were finishing I had a sudden flash of inspiration based on the fact that the 2008 Games were scheduled to be held in Beijing!

Pygmalion Syndrome XMAS 2004 logo
Christmas 2004: Last year it was fairy lights, this year it's Santa hats. And next year? Well, I’ll have to see if I can rustle up some reindeer antlers. Though as to just where I’m going to put them......!!!

The Pygmalion Syndrome - Five years of progress through standing still
Sometimes I amaze myself with my own ingeniuity. Once I’d changed the S in Syndrome to a 5 for the 5th Anniversary logo, I realised that I could use the adjacent y as the first letter of the word years, since the tail of the y dropped down and there was space for the rest of the word behind it. And did anyone congratulate me on my creative brilliance? Did they heck.... I suppose the slogan Five years of progress through standing still could be seen as slightly redundant, but I was in party mood.

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