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Cindy Jackson
LDH - Living Barbie Page - Cindy Jackson 


Living Doll House - BARBIE LIVES

More than any brand or type of doll, this one has caught the imagination. When we started to look around on the net and elsewhere, SHE was everywhere. So, a separate room for her, in all her possible incarnations: Claudia, Carlie and unknown others.



Cindy Jackson - before and afterSpecial update: meet Cindy Jackson, boss of the Cosmetic Surgery Network, a consumer organisation of people who undergo plastical surgery. She ought to know all about it and she does: in the course of countless every bit of her body has been modified to make her look as much as Barbie as possible. She has been a Barbie fan since her youth. Did she succeed? See for yourself on her website, highly recommended. Anyway, she looks better, much better now. You will find her story in the book Barbie Forever, by M.G. Lord.

Meanwhile, it seems, there is a Cindy Jackson lookalike too, as well as a Ellen Barkin lookalike (I love that nose of hers) - their stories and pictures are on Cindy's own website as well.

Contrary what the caption to picture on the right says, it was taken in c. 1993, as Cindy kindly pointed out to me. Oops ... I failed to spot that one for more than a year. The pictures on her site are better, by the way. Browse around, because they are all over her site. The one on top of this page is her as well.


A German band with a good sense of camp. As a part of one of their shows, this was their entry, no comment needed. Now, if anybody could deliver me a good .mpg of their 'Don't you want me...' clip ... (*sigh*)

[Note by Leem: According to their Wikipedia entry the band are Swedish, not German. Their official website has photos and streaming clips.]

Alcazar - Tess doll 1 Alcazar - Tess doll 2 Alcazar - band of dolls

Living Barbie performer


A living Barbie performer -
[Obsolete link deleted] Nice picture, I love the feathers.



Living Barbie, don't know who ...All THIS and furry too ...

Claudia Schiffer seems to have a thing for Barbie dolls, but strangely enough the last time I saw a doll of her, it was a Sindy ... However, those precious few of you who read my Pink Fluff stories (about a not so little fuzzy type of doll) will understand I am rather excited about this one.

Claudia Schiffer as and with a Barbie doll, New York '94. 57 Kb And then there is this nice
picture by Ellen von Un werth
(1994). No caption needed ...


Claudia Schiffer, another Barbie poseClaudia Schiffer, yet another Barbie pose

And two pictures from an earlier Barbie-series. If you look hard enough you will see another pair. 

Virtual BarbieAn Italian Fashion Ad

I don't know much about this one. I believe it is an Italian fashion ad or the title of an article in a fashion magazine. Anyhoo, thanks James for sending me this one!

Pamela Anderson Barbie posePAM lives

Friends & relations of mine who know my tastes, will perhaps be surprised to meet no one less ... hm ... no one else than Mrs. Pamela Lee Anderson in these quarters. She has earned her presence here not by the rumours that some parts of her anatomy are of non-organic provenance or by her Barbie-like intellectual capacities, but by posing as a Barbie doll. OK, there you go. (Courtesy of Window Dresser. Thanks to him and James ML.)

The picture comes probably from the February issue of the German magazine Petra. Their adress is:

Jahreszeiten-Verlag GmbH
Pösmoorweg 5
22301 Hamburg
An US-distributor-adress is
German Language Publications Inc.
153 South Dean Street,
Englewood NJ 07631

The photographer is David LaChapelle and he has published a book with his photographs:
LaChapelle Land.

Barbie Art

Barbie has been an inspiration to some artists, among them performers. You will find a sample of Barbie Art collected on the site Living Vicariously through Barbie [site now deleted]. Does this quote have a familiar ring to any of you?: 

"Barbie was more than a doll to me. She was a way of living: the Ideal Woman. When I played with her, I could make her do and be ANYTHING I wanted. Never before or since have I found such an ideal method of living vicariously through anyone or anything."

Professional `Barbie' and `Ken' in Epcot centre.
Professional `Barbie' and `Ken' in Epcot centre
Artist doing a Barbie inspired performance

Artist doing a Barbie inspired performance.

Barbie ... sorry, Carlie musical

A new Dutch musical, called Carlie; the protagonists are two dolls, Dan and Carlie, living in a doll factory. The story is about what happens when Carlie falls in love with a real man, I mean a man of flesh and blood. Sounds nutty enough to be a musical, doesn't it? 
carlie.jpg (26624 bytes)  carlie2.gif (18587 bytes)

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