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Living Doll House - Galleria of the Living Statues 

Living Doll House

The room is dark, and you hesitate: am I supposed to be here? Am I trespassing? But in the darkness lingers the unheard sound of a repressed breathing, the hint of a halted heartbeat. Your sixth, seventh and eighth senses cry out at you: THIS ROOM IS NOT EMPTY. Your left hand moves to the wall next to the door. You feel the frame of a painting, tapestry. How high do they put the light switches in these old houses? Then - CLICK. Merciful light, desperately trying to reach into dark corners, from weak bulbs in fake chandeliers.
The chalk on her limbs glows with frozen life. No twitch of the eyelids, no ... Berlin 1989, you think. She was there. High on a crate, wrapped in sheets: Venus of Milo, Aphrodite Anadyomene,
jetzt wird alles anders but she ... unmovable. She is even better now.
As your eyes lock: embarrassment. She looks back and does not say:



Living Statues in FranceLiving Statues in France

While I browsed through that stuff that during the last half year accumulated in my `Have to put these up next week' directory I found this adorable picture. I believe it is a French group on the festival in Avignon.




Living Statues in AMSTERDAM

Jack, living statue 29 Kb `Jack the Construction Worker'

Mikey, a female living statue from Japan. Mickey, a female living statue 56 Kb

Classic Hero living statue 103 Kb Yuri, just not your average classic hero.


Recently I received some mail from Italy. Being a living statue in a country where solid Michelangeloes, Cellinis and Canovas crowd on every street corner (o.k., I'm exaggerating a bit, but you'll catch my drift) can't be easy, so I'm happy to include the link to some work of an Italian living statue performer here, and it's a convincing one too.

Italian living statue performer


Anybody fancy some Christo? Just let me know.

YOU COULD GO TOLiving statue being mounted on a pedestal

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Living statue act, somewhere in Germany 

Meanwhile, somewhere in Germany ...

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