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Egyptian girls
Edward Onslow Ford, The SingerAlbert Toft, Spirit of ConemplationJeanne Itasse, Egyptian Harpist

France Jeanne Itasse
also known by her married name of Jeanne Itasse-Broquet
Bacchante and Egyptian Harpist
Artist Biography

Jeanne Itasse - BacchanteJeanne Itasse - Egyptian HarpistEdward Onslow Ford - The Singer (included for comparison)
A couple of vintage photos of Itasse’s works, remastered for your viewing pleasure and reduced eyestrain. I suspect that Bacchante might have seemed like a shockingly erotic subject, especially for a female artist at the time, while her nude Egyptian Harpist obviously invites comparisons with Edward Onslow Ford’s The  Singer, exhibited just two years earlier and included for comparison.

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