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Note: Links on this and other archived What’s New pages will no longer be updated and consequently may be obsolete.

This page is archived as “What was New in 2001”. The new 2002 page, with another new format, debuts next day.
(Here’s an earlier preview of the new format with dummy content.)

16 - 17 DECEMBER
Revisions and additions to Kipling and Ketrin and Mowgli and Me article: added some revised text, section headings, a couple of new images, and an internal navigation bar.

I had a little trouble uploading files to the Art Gallery site, but fortunately it was only a temporary glitch.

Actually what happened was that Freeservers, in their infinite greed wisdom, disabled FTP access to their Standard sites, as well as reducing the size limit from 20Mb to a mere 12. Fortunately I was still well under the limit, so all the change meant was that I had to use their proprietary file management system instead of my (quicker) FTP program.

Anyway, I’ve now uploaded a new page banner for the Art Gallery site (below), and (as the saying goes) I’m going to stay until they chuck me out!

new art galery banner

Added redesigned header logos to all pages.

Added Indices to the Jaskri and Flotsam series. They’re actually just cut-and-pasted from the main Male and Female Story Index pages, but they’ll save me having to keep updating the link information on every relevant story page each time I add another story.

Added Edward Onslow Ford page to Art Gallery site

Added preview of Female story Sondra and Veyy (PG, 2,200 words), which takes place about 2000 years after Jaskri became a statue.

Added Jean Antoine Carlès page to Art Gallery site

No birds, no bees, no flowers, no trees, no wonder: November.
Added Quick Links to Male and Female Story Index pages and made some other cosmetic alterations.

New Male Story: Mist in Stone (PG, 6,900 words).

Redesigned site logo and page headers using Harrington font.

Took a pause from writing and had a day out at the seaside. The weather was a little fresh, but it made for a nice break anyway. And then I came back home and turned on the news...and just stared at the screen in shock and disbelief.

All I’ve ever wanted to do on this site was indulge a harmless little erotic fantasy in my science fiction stories. But reality has a way of reaching out and kicking you in the teeth. It goes without saying (I hope) that I extend my deepest sympathies and condolences to the victims of the worst terrorist attack in history.

(This is being written a few days after the event, because the initial shock was just too great to come to terms with, let alone write about.)

The terrorist’s credo is, “when you kill one, you scare a thousand”. Many of us feel impotent in the face of such evil, but the first step toward fighting back is not to be scared. Giving in to fear is no answer, and nor is giving in to blind rage; the operative words here being giving in.

Any of us could walk in front of a bus tomorrow. The Earth might be hit by an asteroid. As Benny Hill said: live each day as if it were your last, because one day you’ll be right.

Normal service on this site will be resumed in due course. For now, it’s a time to pause and reflect. Take care of yourselves.


New Female Story: Flotsam: General Paralysis (X, 2,700 words).

Added new Paul Manship page to Art Gallery site...he’s the artist I’m using for the background on this page!

Added preview of Female story Jaskri and the Flotsam (rating not finalised, 1,700 words). Yes, it’s a series crossover...this is where the tenuous links between my various stories start to become clear. I hope.

Added Quick Links to the Links Pages so people who don’t like scrolling can still access all those great sites out there!
Female Links | Male Links | Male 
and Female Links | Reciprocal Links | Cool Links

Finally completed female story, Jaskri’s Story Part IV...well, HALF of it, anyway!!! (PG, 5,500 words)

(Ah, the Glorious 12th...not so glorious if you happen to be a grouse, of course...)
Added Terrorvision TV show page. NOT to be confused with the low-budget horror movie or the rock band of the same name...this was an even lower-budget, late 80’s “horror” anthology series that had one genuinely good idea involving mannequins. Follow the above link to learn more...if you dare!

Art page move in progress!
In order to free up space for stories I’ve decided to move all of the Art Pages to a new server. The new pages have actually been up for some time, so it’s just a question of reorganising all the links, which will take a few days or weeks depending on how busy I am. The transition should be fairly painless. The only change visitors will notice is a redesigned site logo, and some unobtrusive ad banners at the tops of the pages. As well as copying all of the existing Art Pages, I’ve also added brand new pages dedicated to Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux and François Rude, featuring lots of images. Why not surf along and let me know what you think?.

Completed Female story Graces (PG, 9,400 words).

Expanded Sneak Preview of Female story Graces (PG).

Added logos to some of the stories - hopefully one day they’ll all have them.

Added some extra comments to “Kipling and Ketrin and Mowgli and Me” page.

Added Sneak Preview of Female story Graces (PG).
(Yes, I know, another work-in-progress that probably won’t get finished until a fortnight past next Michaelmas - whenever that is....)

Redesigned the Links Index page in a new scroll-free format. The individual Links pages are still heavy scrolling zones, though...I’m going to have to get my Design Department (ie the right side of my brain) to think about the design some more.

I’ve added material to the female Sneak Preview of Jaskri’s Story Part IV: Silent Witness (PG, currently 4,700 words) - but I still have no idea when I’m going to finish it!!!

I’ve reluctantly been forced to remove all links to the Pygmalion Syndrome Dreambook because it was apparently being hijacked by a spyware site. So you’ll just have to E-MAIL ME instead!!!!!!!!

An Apology
I’m sorry to anyone who may be waiting patiently for new stories. I am working on what I hope will turn out to be some of my best works, but it’s taking a lot longer than anticipated to reach the finish lines. Jaskri IV is coming along slowly, Ketrin IV is going to require some tricky plot-juggling on my part, and in the meantime when I get stalled on those two series I’ve been working on a couple of non-series stories. I guess the moral is, you can’t rush these things. Just have faith and hang in there, people.

Art Pages: added new Jean-Alexandre Falguière page, incorporating some newly-found biographical information, two full-size views and four statuette reproductions of his bronze “Winner of the Cockfight”, and statuettes of four of his mythological female nudes.

Art Pages: redesigned Antoine-Denis Chaudet page, adding biographical text and replacing the original montage with separate images linked to bigger versions including one completely new image

Revisions to Male Story Naked to the World (PG, 4,800 words). This was only the second story I wrote and my first male story, way back in 1999, and when I came to take a look at it for the first time in some months I decided it was high time for a few text and format revisions

Moved some of the introductory material from the male Ketrin stories
(Part One | Part Two | Part Three)
onto a new page: “Kipling and Ketrin and Mowgli and Me”. Also moved the synopses onto separate pages, which don’t need links from this page because you won’t need to read them unless you’ve committed to reading the stories...right?

29 MAY
First Anniversary! Hooray!
I was hoping to have a new story or two completed in time for the occasion, but my muse got in a huff and told me she won’t work to a timetable, especially on the pittance I pay her.
After taking the matter to a professional conciliation service we have now reached an amicable working arrangement, which means I can now resume work on some new female and male stories that I know will knock your socks off.
This first year has only been the warm-up - now I’m really getting into my stride!!!

26 MAY
As the site’s First Anniversary is almost upon us (hooray!) I’ve redesigned the Portal page. I believe the new design is more compact and visitor-friendly....

20 MAY
Just for the heck of it, made some alterations to the design of the Female and Male Story Index pages

13 MAY
New Male Story: Ketrin Part Three (PG, 5,400 words)...the complicated jigsaw that is “Ketrin” is slowly coming along!

11 - 12 MAY
Some revisions to Art Pages Index, added new thumbnail and image link to Donatello and Donatello Poem pages, various minor revisions to Art pages

* S P R I N G     B R E A K ! ! ! *

I’ll be recharging my batteries for a few new updates or replies to e-mails until mid-May at the earliest. But by all means continue to look around, and tell all your friends about the site.
(That only applies to your real friends, not just people you spam...thanks!)

Art Pages: New image and image link added to Pandora by Harry Bates page

Male stories: Added material to Sneak Preview of Ketrin Part 3 [this link now leads to an automatic redirect to the completed story], making it bigger and better than ever...

Male stories: Sneak Preview of Ketrin Part 3 added [this link now leads to an automatic redirect to the completed story], minor revisions to introductory material in Parts One and Two, also to Female and Male Story Indexes (or should that be ‘indices’?)

20-21 MARCH
Male stories: On Display: new revisions to text and one image replaced
Art pages: two new images added to Hippolyte Moulin’s Find at Pompeii page

Art Pages: small tweaks and corrections; added colour picture to Pandora by Harry Bates page

Redesigned Female and Male Story Indexes in a new compact format

New Female Story: Flotsam: The Beginning (X, 8,700 words)

Added Cool Links Page

New Male Story: Endymion (R, 6,300 words)

General housekeeping, revised navigation on some art pages, added “sermon” to Male and Female Story Indexes and Art Pages Index

Split original Homepage into Homepage, Sonnet and Anagrams pages. Also dropped the short narrative piece from the beginning of the intro. Sorry if anyone misses it. If I get any votes for its return I may consider it...just as soon as this site becomes a democracy....

Added some material to FAQ page
Added word counts to Female and Male Story Indexes

Note: totalling up the word counts, I realise I’ve now written over 100,000 words of fiction. OK, so I have some way to go to catch up with Robert Jordan, but it’s an achievement for me anyway!

Significant revisions to the end of male story The Sculptor’s Model

Wished everybody Happy New Year...oh, wait, I haven’t done that bit yet...
Launched new “What’s New in 2001” page with improved format
Moved previous “What’s New” entries to What Was New in 2000 page

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